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Hee Haw Nation Produces a Faux Cesar Chavez. #ArizonaTea

Fake Chavez, formerly Mr. Fistler. Wonkette.

Fake Chavez, formerly Mr. Fistler. Wonkette.


We should have known that the Lipton Brigade was going to regress and uncivilize the country the moment those tea bags landed on the tacky tricorns.

Complete with tags. A horde of braying Minnie Pearls. With fully loaded strap-ons.

An evil-genius Arizona House candidate in Phoenix has chosen to change strategies, parties -- and his name -- to Cesar Chavez, in desperate hopes of just getting elected in our modern  Hee Haw Nation. Arizona Tea Partier Scott Fistler decided he needed a hopey-changey transformation. He's fixing to be a Democrat.

Wonkette gave the idiot their unique full Monty.

Still, New Chavez guy tells the Arizona Republic, he’s a totally legit guy:
“It’s almost as simple as saying Elvis Presley is running for president,” Chavez, the candidate, said in a phone interview. “You wouldn’t forget it, would you?” […]

“People want a name that they can feel comfortable with,” Chavez said. “If you went out there running for office and your name was Bernie Madoff, you’d probably be screwed.”

Some weeks Dems are just relieved that Ted Kennedy passed before he could witness the devolution of politics as we knew it before Glenn Beck, Batshite Bachmann and the ditzy doyenne of the North, Sarah Palin, hijacked civility and bipartisanship as we knew it. Fistler seems perfect for Arizona.

Also, too, he didn’t want to say, one way or the other, whether he’s as Hispanic as his name: “I like to look at people as Americans and citizens of the world."

Lipton Brigade Texas and Arizona are a breed apart. It was a sobering moment last month to see a fun-loving civilian knocking back a shake at Sonic with an AK-47 slung over his dress tee shirt. And a Dem to boot!

Just wanted to make sure you were listening. No, we liberals react to that improbable scenario with REASON. Good, actionable, Not One More style reason. Dems just don't feel that same need to arm themselves to confront a hostile double cheese-burger.

Or, for that matter, change their legal name to a liberal hero in order to gain a few non-white votes.

Si se puede for us all.



VIDEO-- Romney WI co-chair: Romney would have "absolutely" won state with Voter ID law


As I've written previously, it’s the Republicans who have tried to suppress the vote in several Republican-run states, and from the reports I’ve seen, it’s Republicans who have been caught committing voter fraud.

Voter I.D. fraud is nearly non-existent, and, of course, the GOP-generated Voter I.D. laws affect mostly Democratic voters.

Yet here is Team Romney’s Wisconsin co-chair, GOP state Sen. Alberta Darling going on about how Willard would have won her state if only those voter ID laws had been, you know, constitutional.

Via Think Progress:

ABC affiliate host:

"Do you think photo ID would have made any difference in the outcome of this election?"

Alberta Darling:

"Absolutely, I think so."

There is a simple answer to Darling’s question about why voter ID cannot exist in Wisconsin — the state constitution does not allow it.  [...]

President Obama currently leads in Wisconsin by more than 200,000 votes. So Darling is suggesting that 200,000 people somehow managed to vote twice without anyone noticing — or perhaps that one person voted 200,001 times.

There's that abysmal Republican arithmetic again.


Quickie: FBI, DoJ to investigate AZ GOP Senate candidate Jeff Flake over robocall


Today's Quickie:

AZ Capitol Times is subscription only so I don't have access, but someone sent me the article:

The FBI and the U.S. Department of Justice are preparing to open an investigation into Republican U.S. Senate candidate Jeff Flake after a robocall paid for by his campaign directed some Democrats to the wrong polling locations. 

One Scottsdale Democrat said that he'd voted several times at one location, but the call directed him to vote at another one two miles away.

As you can see from the screen grab above, he was featured in a documentary called "How Democracy Works Now." He should have paid more attention.

That was today's Quickie. Was it good for you?


VIDEO-- Former McCain senior strategist: "Voting fraud, that doesn’t really exist... It’s part of the [Republican] mythology."


Hate to say we told you so, GOP, but...

"I think that one of the things you always want to be for whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, you want everyone who is eligible to vote to vote. That’s how you want to win elections. I think that all of this stuff that has transpired over the last two years is in search of a solution to a problem, voting fraud, that doesn’t really exist when you look deeply at the question. It’s part of the mythology now in the Republican Party that there’s widespread voter fraud across the country. In fact, there’s not. Both sides are lawyered up to the nth degree and they’ll all posture back and forth on it but it probably won’t come down to lawyers."

Yes, one of their own is proving a point Democrats such as myself have been making over and over again. Voter fraud is a myth.

Actually, it’s the Republicans that have tried to suppress the vote in several Republican-run states, and from the reports I’ve seen, it’s Republicans who have been caught committing voter fraud.

Voter I.D. fraud is nearly non-existent, and, of course, the GOP-generated Voter I.D. laws affect mostly Democratic voters.

Thanks for your support, sane Republican Steven Schmidt.

Source: Think Progress.


Anonymous Funder of Wisconsin Voter Suppression Billboards Revealed


Ohio won one on voter suppression. Now it's Wisconsin's turn.

Cognitive Dissodence has even more, and OWN (One Wisconsin Now) has the press release:

Milwaukee’s Einhorn Family Foundation, Recipient of Bradley Foundation Money, Confirmed As ‘Private Family Foundation’ Behind Billboards

Madison -- A joint investigation by theGrio news service and One Wisconsin Now has uncovered that Milwaukee’s Einhorn Family Foundation is the “private family foundation” that anonymously funded voter suppression billboards in Wisconsin in September 2010 and again this year. A review of IRS documents also showed Milwaukee’s Bradley Foundation, headed by Scott Walker’s campaign co-chair Michael Grebe, and one of the largest sources for right wing funding in America, gave the Einhorn Family Foundation a $10,000 grant, at the time the 2010 suppression billboards appeared, “to support a public education project.”

One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross said, “This was not an act of free speech, but an expression of racism as despicable as the ‘whites only’ signs of the Jim Crow South. We said we’d find out who was behind this, and we have.”

The comprehensive story that includes background and the findings of the investigation, as well as more about “Wisconsin’s Dark Money,” authored by theGrio Managing Editor Joy-Ann Reid, is available at:

“Let this be a lesson to anyone who would attack the sacred right to the franchise,” said Ross. “A broad coalition of progressive organizations fought tirelessly to bring these billboards down and they are ready to ensure everyone in Wisconsin who is eligible to vote and wants to vote, gets to vote.”

Ross noted that extensive on-air comments by Milwaukee radio talk show host Charlie Sykes, attempting to put a positive spin on the foundation demanding anonymity in sponsoring the racist, voter suppression billboards, was instrumental in the investigation.

“We want to thank Bradley’s marquee personality, Charlie Sykes,” said Ross. “Sykes’ big mouth over the radio about his conversation with the then-anonymous donor and his long and personal ties to Bradley’s half-billion-dollar, right-wing empire led us to also scour the Bradley Foundation IRS records and find the Einhorn gift. So, thanks a million, Charlie.”


"Retired NSA Analyst Proves GOP Is Stealing Elections"


The following is cross-posted with permission from an article by Denis G. Campbell and
Charley James at UK Progressive. They offer up some reasons why Mitt Romney is "so confident":

A retired NSA analyst has spent several sleepless nights applying a simple formula to past election results across Arizona. His results showed across-the-board systemic election fraud on a coordinated and massive scale. But the analysis indicated that this only happens in larger precincts because anomalies in small precincts can be more easily detected. [...]

When Duniho applied a mathematical model to actual voting results in the largest voting precincts, he saw that only the large precincts suddenly trended towards Mitt Romney in the Arizona primary – and indeed all Republicans in every election since 2008 – by a factor of 8%-10%. The Republican candidate in every race saw an 8-10%. gain in his totals whilst the Democrat lost 8-10%. This is a swing of up to  20 point, enough to win an election unless a candidate was losing very badly.

Since sifting through and decoding massive amounts of data was his work for decades on behalf of the National Security Agency, he wanted to understand why this was ONLY happening in large precincts. [...]

The idea of examining large precinct results came via a link to a report written by Francois Choquette and James Johnson....  Choquette then looked at all 50 states and found roughly a 10% switch in votes from Democrat to GOP. This was noted in every state except Utah, where the presumption was, as it was Mitt’s religious home state and very conservative, there was no chance of Romney losing and no variance was found.

Choquette even saw in Maricopa County, which is Phoenix and its suburbs, that in 2008 Romney used this technique against John McCain. But McCain beat him by too much for a 10% fraud gain to matter. McCain tried to do the same thing in the general election to President Obama but 9 million votes nationally were too many to make up. [...]

He looked at every 2010 race in Arizona from Governor Brewer to Senator McCain and Congresswoman Gabby Giffords. The trends lines all did the exact same thing. Someone had manipulated the election outcome, most likely one person inserting a programme inside the system’s central computer… that flipped votes.

The results were astounding. They showed that Governor Brewer actually lost her election and Gabby Gifford’s razor thin less than 1% point re-election victory over Tea Party Conservative Jesse Kelly was closer to a 20 point victory for her.

UPDATE: There was an error in the italicised paragraph in the section titled ‘Nose Counting.’ It originally read ‘from GOP to Democrat’ and the sentence was awkwardly constructed. The correct wording is now there. We thank our readers and regret the original error. -Ed

Please read their whole report here.

The Brad Blog has been all over voter machine fraud, especially in light of that Voting Machine Company Tied to Mitt Romney and Bain Capital...


Virginia Dems ask Justice Dep't. to investigate GOP firm for alleged voter fraud


It has now been widely reported for some time that Strategic Allied Consulting was hired to register voters in Florida, Virginia, Colorado, North Carolina and Nevada. Mitt Romney paid political consultant and longtime GOP operative Nathan Sproul owns the firm.

It has also been widely reported that Strategic Allied Consulting has been engaging in fraudulent GOP registration efforts.

Someone do something already! Oh wait:

The Hill: Several Virginia Democrats have asked the Justice Department to investigate allegations of voter fraud surrounding a GOP firm working in the Old Dominion and other battleground states.

Reps. Jim Moran, Bobby Scott and Jerry Connolly say recent allegations of registration fraud by Strategic Allied Consulting in Florida — combined with last week's voter-fraud arrest of a Republican operative linked to the firm in Virginia — merit a federal probe to determine if the episodes "are connected and constitute a broader conspiracy of voter registration fraud." [...]

Founded this year by longtime Republican strategist Nathan Sproul, Strategic Allied Services was paid millions of dollars by the Republican Party to manage get-out-the-vote efforts in swing states including Florida, Virginia, Colorado, North Carolina and Nevada.[...]

"While the Republican National Committee and five state committees have severed their relationship with Strategic Allied Consulting, we are concerned that the alleged illegal practices may be continuing under its subsidiary Pinpoint," the lawmakers wrote to Holder.

It's about time someone gets busted for all these repeated attempts to suppress the vote. And it's about time we nationalize our voting laws.