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Hee Haw Nation Produces a Faux Cesar Chavez. #ArizonaTea

Fake Chavez, formerly Mr. Fistler. Wonkette.

Fake Chavez, formerly Mr. Fistler. Wonkette.


We should have known that the Lipton Brigade was going to regress and uncivilize the country the moment those tea bags landed on the tacky tricorns.

Complete with tags. A horde of braying Minnie Pearls. With fully loaded strap-ons.

An evil-genius Arizona House candidate in Phoenix has chosen to change strategies, parties -- and his name -- to Cesar Chavez, in desperate hopes of just getting elected in our modern  Hee Haw Nation. Arizona Tea Partier Scott Fistler decided he needed a hopey-changey transformation. He's fixing to be a Democrat.

Wonkette gave the idiot their unique full Monty.

Still, New Chavez guy tells the Arizona Republic, he’s a totally legit guy:
“It’s almost as simple as saying Elvis Presley is running for president,” Chavez, the candidate, said in a phone interview. “You wouldn’t forget it, would you?” […]

“People want a name that they can feel comfortable with,” Chavez said. “If you went out there running for office and your name was Bernie Madoff, you’d probably be screwed.”

Some weeks Dems are just relieved that Ted Kennedy passed before he could witness the devolution of politics as we knew it before Glenn Beck, Batshite Bachmann and the ditzy doyenne of the North, Sarah Palin, hijacked civility and bipartisanship as we knew it. Fistler seems perfect for Arizona.

Also, too, he didn’t want to say, one way or the other, whether he’s as Hispanic as his name: “I like to look at people as Americans and citizens of the world."

Lipton Brigade Texas and Arizona are a breed apart. It was a sobering moment last month to see a fun-loving civilian knocking back a shake at Sonic with an AK-47 slung over his dress tee shirt. And a Dem to boot!

Just wanted to make sure you were listening. No, we liberals react to that improbable scenario with REASON. Good, actionable, Not One More style reason. Dems just don't feel that same need to arm themselves to confront a hostile double cheese-burger.

Or, for that matter, change their legal name to a liberal hero in order to gain a few non-white votes.

Si se puede for us all.



VIDEO-- Romney WI co-chair: Romney would have "absolutely" won state with Voter ID law


As I've written previously, it’s the Republicans who have tried to suppress the vote in several Republican-run states, and from the reports I’ve seen, it’s Republicans who have been caught committing voter fraud.

Voter I.D. fraud is nearly non-existent, and, of course, the GOP-generated Voter I.D. laws affect mostly Democratic voters.

Yet here is Team Romney’s Wisconsin co-chair, GOP state Sen. Alberta Darling going on about how Willard would have won her state if only those voter ID laws had been, you know, constitutional.

Via Think Progress:

ABC affiliate host:

"Do you think photo ID would have made any difference in the outcome of this election?"

Alberta Darling:

"Absolutely, I think so."

There is a simple answer to Darling’s question about why voter ID cannot exist in Wisconsin — the state constitution does not allow it.  [...]

President Obama currently leads in Wisconsin by more than 200,000 votes. So Darling is suggesting that 200,000 people somehow managed to vote twice without anyone noticing — or perhaps that one person voted 200,001 times.

There's that abysmal Republican arithmetic again.


Quickie: FBI, DoJ to investigate AZ GOP Senate candidate Jeff Flake over robocall


Today's Quickie:

AZ Capitol Times is subscription only so I don't have access, but someone sent me the article:

The FBI and the U.S. Department of Justice are preparing to open an investigation into Republican U.S. Senate candidate Jeff Flake after a robocall paid for by his campaign directed some Democrats to the wrong polling locations. 

One Scottsdale Democrat said that he'd voted several times at one location, but the call directed him to vote at another one two miles away.

As you can see from the screen grab above, he was featured in a documentary called "How Democracy Works Now." He should have paid more attention.

That was today's Quickie. Was it good for you?


VIDEO-- Former McCain senior strategist: "Voting fraud, that doesn’t really exist... It’s part of the [Republican] mythology."


Hate to say we told you so, GOP, but...

"I think that one of the things you always want to be for whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, you want everyone who is eligible to vote to vote. That’s how you want to win elections. I think that all of this stuff that has transpired over the last two years is in search of a solution to a problem, voting fraud, that doesn’t really exist when you look deeply at the question. It’s part of the mythology now in the Republican Party that there’s widespread voter fraud across the country. In fact, there’s not. Both sides are lawyered up to the nth degree and they’ll all posture back and forth on it but it probably won’t come down to lawyers."

Yes, one of their own is proving a point Democrats such as myself have been making over and over again. Voter fraud is a myth.

Actually, it’s the Republicans that have tried to suppress the vote in several Republican-run states, and from the reports I’ve seen, it’s Republicans who have been caught committing voter fraud.

Voter I.D. fraud is nearly non-existent, and, of course, the GOP-generated Voter I.D. laws affect mostly Democratic voters.

Thanks for your support, sane Republican Steven Schmidt.

Source: Think Progress.