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"Obama wasn’t trying to profit; Romney was trying to make himself and his investors rich."


AP/Charles Krupa photo

Steve Benen calls out Willard Romney on his misrepresentations regarding the auto industry, job creation, and his own record. Are we hearing about any of this on the Tee Vee news [sic]? Why no, no we are not:

[T]here’s no comparison between President Obama’s rescue of the American automotive industry and Romney orchestrating leveraged buyouts at his vulture-capitalist firm. Obama wasn’t trying to profit; Romney was trying to make himself and his investors rich.

Second, Romney now claims to have created “over 100,000 jobs” at his vulture-capitalist firm, but he appears to have made this number up out of whole cloth. [...]

Third, Romney seems eager to boast about his record in Massachusetts, but that’s a mistake. His administration’s record on job creation was “one of the worst in the country,” ranking 47th out of 50 states in job growth. It’s one of the reasons Romney left office after one term deeply unpopular, and why his former constituents don’t want him near the White House.

And just for good measure, Benen provides the most recent edition of the now famous Bikini Graph that we love to spotlight here at TPC whenever we can:

Um, Willard? Under President Obama, things are looking up, not down:

... “A” marks where we were when the economy crashed, and the “B” marks were we are now. Why, exactly, does Romney think “B” is worse than “A”?

Because Romney is as dishonest as he is dim and inept?