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Morning Reads: Stewart Shreds Hannity for Supporting Deadbeat Rancher; Happy Earth Day


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Overnight: It's My Environment!



From YouTube's 'About' section for this video (from April 21, 2010):

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For Earth Day, we challenged people to show us something simple they do for the environment and pass along a sign declaring personal responsibility for the environment.

This video shows 41 of the submissions, but you can see all of them at

The original deadline was April 15, but the response was so good that we've decided to extend it throughout EPA's 40th anniversary year. We'll create additional compilations as we go.

Show us what you can do!

For more about EPA:

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Republicans Are Destroying Our Future - Carl Sagan Predicts in 1996


solar system

Just over 17 years ago, one of the most respected pillars of the science world, Carl Sagan gave an interview to newsman Charlie Rose. Sagan was best known to the public for his very popular television series, Cosmos, where he explored the mysteries and science relating to the universe around us. It covered a wide range of scientific subjects, including the origins of life and a perspective of our place in the galaxies.

Sagan's show made us think, to probe the questions plaguing us and to look at the future through science. Cosmos was then and still is today, the most widely watched TV series ever on PBS, viewed collectively by over 500 million people in over 60 countries.

Even today, his name has quite a bit of cache as so much of what he projected for the future and spoke about has come true. Below is that very poignant and timely (today) caution about heeding science and education or becoming a victim of it. He's both optimistic and skeptical. In under two decades since his passing, less than a year after this interview, you can see how right on the mark he was with his projections that the Republican doctines would be harmful to our future growth and understanding of how to achieve a viable future.

Think about drones, the NSA spying, the EPA, global warming, education funding and most of all, the uprising of the clueless masses (today known as the Tea Party). Though these didn't exist when Sagan spoke out about them, the dangers they present are foreshadowed accurately -- and look at us now. Maybe it's better late than never that we consider his sage words.

What we're dealing with is, as the title of Sagan's most famous book foreshadows, Billions and Billions: Thoughts on Life and Death at the Brink of the Millennium. The new millennium is here. And what Sagan projected then is so real today. It's scary and hopeful at the same time.


The World According To Maps


Flat Earth

With our US political system and so many views of the world its no wonder everyone's getting confused and seeing things differently. Take the shape of the world -- most think its round, some think oval, and in the case of the Tea Party, flat.

The Republicans say the Democrats refuse to negotiate or over the government shutdown. Democrats say they already compromised by accepting the sequester budget numbers.

The Republicans say Obama is trying to take their guns away. Obama has pushed for gun regulations. Seems those views are diametrically polar.

Many Republicans think the Affordable Care Act is taking our health care into the world of socialized medicine. It's going to cause our country to go bankrupt. Democrats point out that not one country with socialized medicine has gone bankrupt over healthcare.

So, no matter how clearly things seem to one group of people, they seem diametrically opposed to others. Who's right and who's wrong? The answer is perspective.

Here's a quick fun perspective on our world -- called 42 Amazing Maps. It's entertaining and enlightening.  You'll find different ways of looking at the same thing -- and yes, it even deals with those who think the world if flat. See GOP, this video's creators consider even the most narrow-minded, creationist ways of thinking to allow everyone to make up their own minds, not refute science, but to see it in maps.