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Sources: John Kerry to Be Nominated to Be Secretary of State


Via ABC's Jake Tapper:

Sources tell ABC News that President Obama has decided that he will nominate Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., to be secretary of state.

Everybody on the Tee Vee Machine has been saying this for days. Good thing "sources" are out there to confirm what we already know. So can we also say, some say that sources say that John Kerry's in like Flynn? Why yes, yes we can.

We can also now say, "officially" and with some certainty, that sources know stuff.


The poor favor Democrats, minorities do better under Dem administrations than Republican ones


Professor of political science and author Zoltan Hajnal and political science doctoral student Jeremy D. Horowitz wrote an op-ed for the L.A. Times that is chock full o' common sense conclusions.

They explain why, without question, minorities do better under Democratic administrations than under Republicans, and it's all backed up by raw data. Facts are facts, Republicans, no matter how you try to ignore or bend them.

Nor does it matter how many times Mitt Romney (who famously said, “It would be helpful to be Latino”) whispers to his donors at secret meetings how President Santa Obama handed out free gifts to all you not-white, not-wealthy, "illegal" people. There's a reason (or 12) why BigBucks McWrongerson lost the election, and it had nothing to do with socialist, Marxist, Kenyan handouts:

The data we analyzed show unequivocally that minorities fare better under Democratic administrations than under Republican ones. [...]

Under Democratic presidents, the incomes of black families grew by an average of $895 a year, but only by $142 a year under Republicans. Across 26 years of Democratic leadership, unemployment among blacks declined by 7.9%; under 28 years of Republican presidencies, the rate increased by a net of 13.7%. Similarly, the black poverty rate fell by 23.6% under Democratic presidents and rose by 3% under Republicans.

The results for Latinos and Asians, though based on fewer years of data, show the same pattern. [...]

More important, these gains do not come at the expense of whites... These numbers show that economic condition need not be a zero-sum game pitting races and ethnicities against one another.

This also can't be rationalized by asserting that Democrats just happen to be in power when things are looking up, or because of the fiscal policies of Republicans who preceded them.

Additionally, the longer Democratic administrations are in office, the more minorities experience economic gains, but the opposite is true under Republican presidents. The authors attribute this to education, economic, and immigration policy differences between the two parties that benefit minorities, whose population numbers are growing... one more fact that scares the pants of the GOP.

Please read the whole piece for specifics. In fact, that might be a particularly wise thing for Republicans to do.


Duh Headline of the Day- Gallup: Wealthy worry about deficit, poor worry about jobs


This is just so laughably obvious it makes me sick.

Gallup shows that there’s a direct correlation between household income and concern about the deficit. A recent survey found that the national debt/deficit was the most frequently listed “economic worry” of those earning $75,000 or more, at 21 percent. By contrast, only 8 percent of Americans earning $30,000 or less listed the national debt as their biggest economic concern.

Gallup also notes that deficit hawks are more likely to reside in the heartland, as “residents of the Midwest are more concerned about the deficit than those elsewhere.”

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BREAKING- Dep't. of Duh: Donald Trump will not moderate GOP debate


From the Dep't. of Duh:

MSNBC is reporting that Donald Trump is backing out of his role as moderator [sic] of  GOP debate number 178095. He's blaming this on something or other about not giving up the "right" aka the impossibility of a run for president as an Independent, choosing to be in denial about everyone running away from him the way Occupy protesters run from pepper spray-happy police officers.

Now Donald can officially join the Sarah Palin Quitter Club and become a regular contributor on ClusterFox, the Media Bias Sunday talk shows, and sell books.

UPDATE, an email from Politico:

Donald Trump will not moderate the upcoming NewsMax presidential debate in Iowa, the New York real estate mogul announced Tuesday. Noting that Republicans had expressed concern about his moderating a candidate forum, since he has not closed off the possibility for running as an independent, Trump said he would bow out of the Dec. 27 event.

"It is very important to me that the right Republican candidate be chosen to defeat the failed and very destructive Obama Administration, but if that Republican, in my opinion, is not the right candidate, I am not willing to give up my right to run as an Independent candidate," Trump said in a statement. "Therefore, so that there is no conflict of interest within the Republican Party, I have decided not to be the moderator of the NewsMax debate." The only two candidates who had agreed to participate in a Trump-moderated debate were Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum.

For more information...

So now it's the NewsMax debate. Got it.

And Trump will never run.


VIDEO- Rick Perry: "Well, obviously I know there are nine Supreme Court justices." Um...


"Well, obviously I know there are nine Supreme Court justices." Um, no, apparently you don't.

"I don't know how eight came out of my mouth..."  The same way every other embarrassing clusterbabble does, Ricky. You open it, out it comes.

"I can't tell ya... I don't have memorized all of the Supreme Court judges..." Good Yoda impression, Ricky. Look, you're running for president of the United States, and you only needed to come up with one name of one Supreme Court justice to answer one question, so you should have had just a skosh more familiarity with the judicial branch of the government YOU want to lead, you ignoramus.

"That's what Americans care about. Uh, they're not looking for a robot that can spit out, uh, the name of every Supreme Court justice... They're looking for somebody who's got values that are based, uhhhh, with a, with a deep, uh, rudder in the water." Okay, whaa? What was that? As for values, when you get some, please let us know.

And Ricky's right. Americans don't want a robot, they want a living, feeling, human being with a, you know, functioning brain who they can trust not to humiliate themselves every time they get in front of an audience, large or small... as in press conferences and meetings with world leaders.

As for reading teleprompters, not only can President Obama run rings around just about anyone without one, but maybe if Ricky would rely on one once in awhile, he wouldn't keep sounding like Sarah Palin without her hand notes.

And finally, Mr. Forgetful doesn't seem to think having a good memory is all that important. Good luck at those state dinners, champ. Oh, never mind. You'll never make it to the White House anyway.

H/t: Think Progress


Dep't. of Duh: U.S. Chamber of Commerce kicks off attack ads early, wants a more business-friendly Congress


It's swell that President Obama is raising more money than any GOP candidate and plans on competing in all 50 states, but there's always that pesky "however" looming overhead. And that "however" is spelled C-I-T-I-Z-E-N-S U-N-I-T-E-D generally, and U-S  C-H-A-M-B-E-R- O-F- C-H-A-M-B-E-R O-F C-O-M-M-E-R-C-E specifically. Via the L.A. Times:

The chamber's power has grown enormously in the last decade under Chief Executive Tom Donohue, who has emphasized political engagement and building the organization's membership and treasury. Because it is a nonprofit trade association, the chamber can accept unlimited contributions from corporations and then use them in independent political ads — giving it an advantage over the strictly limited donations to candidates. Like other trade associations, the chamber does not release details of the donations and it has resisted efforts to require donor disclosure.

The new ads are so-called issue ads that do not explicitly endorse or oppose a candidate, but instead urge viewers to call the official.

They're airing ads earlier in the campaign cycle than ever before. Why? Simple. They want a more business-friendly Congress.

It's hard to believe a more business-friendly Congress is even possible.

[They] expect to use a grass-roots organization, "Friends of the Chamber," to actively target 10 to 12 Senate races and 50 or more House seats, a record number. They also expect to see a boost in the number of state and local chamber affiliates becoming active politically. [...] The Friends of the Chamber program was the brainchild of the chamber's recently departed political director, Bill MillerThe organization now boasts 7 million members who have generated more than 2.3 million letters and emails to members of Congress since 2008.

Of course, their overall theme is "economic growth versus big government." I would add to that, "undisclosed donor growth versus transparency and campaign finance reform."


Find the Fox spelling error!


By GottaLaff

Can you find the ClusterFox Spelling Error*?

(click on image to enlarge)

They really need better editors over there. This isn't the first time I've posted a misspelling by Faux.

Then agenn, maybee thay hav trubbel fynding gud hellp.

H/t: Lia for sending this over!

*Hint: It's in the caption under the Camelot photo. And it has an X in it.