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Black is the New Crime


Driving While BlackiStock

Please welcome our new guest contributor Dee. Dee is a freelance writer and passionate political junkie, living in the Central Plains with her husband and three furry puppies. She is a prolific tweeter as @DAbitty, and occasional blogger at MyLittleBits

Growing up in the South, as I did, I remember hearing stories of how unsafe parts of America were for African Americans. Following years of struggle, which at times seemed futile, and the fear that racism might never end always there, we find ourselves in ever-present danger of regression. How much have we really accomplished?

Lauren Williams of Mother Jones Magazine has listed 21 things ‘done while black’ that proved detrimental. I fear these 21 are merely drops in the bucket that is racism in the America.

Williams argues that just the color of one's skin is enough evidence to raise suspicion. Unfortunately, there is ample evidence to support her theory.

Here are 21 examples from the last five years of some of the things black people can't do without others thinking they're up to no good.

1. Listen to loud music at a gas station.

2. Walk home from a snack run to 7-11.

3. Wear a hoodie.

4. Drive after swimming.

5. Drive in a car with a white girl.

6. Appear in public in New York City.

7. Walk on the wrong side of the street.

8. Wait for a school bus to take you to your high school basketball game.

9. Drink iced tea in a parking lot.

10. Seek help after a car accident.

11. Inspect your own property.

12. Show up at your job.

13. Talk trash after an NFL game.

14. Throw a temper tantrum in kindergarten.

15. Buy designer accessories at Barney’s.

16. Buy designer accessories at Macy’s.

17. Be a 13-year-old boy.

18. Enter your own home.

19. Botch a science experiment.

20. Be a tourist.

21. Lay face down in handcuffs.

I often use the snarky hashtag #winning for things I find inexplicable…  I just can’t.

Click to read more of Lauren’s article.


Cartoons of the Day- Here Comes 2014!


Clay Bennett editorial cartoon

Clay Bennett


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Video Overnight Thread- Supercut Of Idiotic Pedestrians


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Makes You Think Before You Drive



With a h/t to good friend and Young and the Restless alumni, David Winn, I'd like to share with you this thought provoking billboard. If it's true, and I'm big on statistics, from now on I'm only going to drink and drive -- and put the odds in my favor.

Grab some buds

In case the print is too small for you to make out, here's what the sign says:

Please take care of yourself out on the roads this season

A recent joint study conducted by the Department of Health and the Department of Motor Vehicles indicates that 23% of traffic accidents are alcohol related.

This means the remaining 77% are caused by assholes who drink bottled water, starbucks, soda, juice, energy drinks, and shit like that.

Therefore, beware of those who do not drink alcohol. They cause three times as many accidents.

This message is sent to you by someone who worries about your safety.

BTW, zero percent of these accidents and fatalities are attributed to marijuana use. So if you want to really assure your safety, get your buzz on. Kush anyone?


Dangers of Your Love Affair


Auto love affair

With Detroit going bankrupt, I'm reminded of what was once referred to as Motor City. It was a thriving business and a soulful sound in music. Now the banging, clanging mixed in with the Motown downbeat have grinded to an ignominious silence.

How can we turn away from the  backbone of one of our great cities?

I'm hoping that a little walk down memory lane with the major products of Detroit is appropriate at this time. So while I mourn a once great city, and pray for a speedy resolve (listen to Ed Schultz for the solution) it might be interesting to examine a few thoughts on America's love affair with the automobile. It's probably not going to end in our lifetime -- but ironically it could end our lifetime. So take a gander at these couple of questions and see what you know about our driving habits as you "See the USA in Your Chevrolet," as Dinah Shore used to sing.

1. What state are you most likely to die in a car crash?

2. What state are you least likely to know the rules of the road? (warning, trick answer)

3. What state has the worst teen drivers?

4. What state has the worst senior drivers?

5. What state has the most distracted drivers?

Get Answers1. Montana, 2. District of Columbia, 3. South Dakota, 4. Florida, 5. Tennessee

Now put that knowledge to good use.  Stay healthy, stay alive.  And help Detroit do the same.  Contact your congressperson and senator and let them know you want to see a bailout -- if we can put the cash in Wall Street, we can add some bop shoo bop and some much needed bucks for Motown. Don't let these memories die.



Cartoons of the Day- Cell Phone America



Joe Heller


Joseph Rollins


John R. Rose


The Self-driving Car


self-driving car

I can't wait for the self-driving car.  And it can't be all that far off.  A spokesman for Audi said a fully automated car would not be available until the end of the decade. That doesn't stop me from thinking about it, though.  And a lot of other people are thinking about it, too.

Last year, Jerry Brown, the governor of California, signed legislation paving the way for driverless cars in California, making it the third state to explicitly allow the cars on the road. And federal agencies are starting to consider their impact. In May the Transportation Department made its first formal policy statement on autonomous vehicles, encouraging cities to allow testing of driverless cars..  It's already got my mind racing. And here's why:

Automakers like Audi, Toyota and Mercedes-Benz have already begun making plans for self-driving vehicles. The people working on these technologies are starting to ask what these autos could mean for the city of the future. The short answer is “a lot,” Imagine a city where you don’t drive in loops looking for a parking spot because your car drops you off and scoots off to some holding area, sort of like taxi holding pens at airports. Forget struggling to parallel park or squeeze into that tight spot. Those will soon be days of the past.

When you're ready to get picked up, just whistle like the Lone Ranger and your horse, er, car will zip right over and pick you up. Think of all the time you'll save. And money on not getting any parking tickets. I'll gladly give up  not seeing another envelope stuck under my windshield wiper when I've overstayed my time at a meter.

And think about this --  ever need to be two places at once, work and picking up the kids from school.  Send the car to pick them up. You can stay at the office and get some work done. Need to pick up your wife and the big game is still going on? Just dispatch the Honda to pick her up from shopping and you won't miss a pitch or a TD pass.

Driverless cars will allow people to sleep on the way to work or going shopping. You can read a book or even exercise, watch TV, catch up on emails or... hell, you can do just about anything and not have to worry about any accidents, either.  No more passing up that "one for the road" drink when you have a self-driving car. You pour yourself that stiff one and let the car drive you home, safe and sound. Maybe even sleep it off on the way. Oh, man, hurry up already and get me into my new driverless car. I'm thirsty for a brewski and I still have to drive home.