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Could A Pro Pot, Lesbian, Women's Rights, Progressive Lead Maryland?



Heather Mizeur is everything in the headline of this post. And she's currently running for Governor of Maryland, to replace a popular liberal Democrat, Governor Martin O'Malley who's retiring after two terms to seek a run at the President of the United States office.

Right now there are three Democrats in the Maryland Governor's race. Along with the 41-year old Mizeur is Attorney General, Doug Gansler, and so far, the Democratic party's anointed successor to the throne, Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown. There’s no question, though, that Mizeur is running on the most left-wing platform of the bunch.

Here's a taste of what Mizeur, a two-term member of the Maryland House of Delegates, is expounding, according to The Daily Beast:

...criminal justice reform, drug policy reform, tax cuts on poor and middle class, tax hikes on wealth, school construction policy, minimum wage increases, anti-fracking, campaign finance reform, health care, family planning, plugging corporate tax loopholes, universal pre-kindergarten, and marriage equality, to name a few.

Well, to win with those stances, you'd have to come from a state that thinks the same way as she does. And guess what, Maryland is just such a state: recent legislative sessions, the Maryland General Assembly has passed and he has signed into law bills legalizing same-sex marriage, instituting a state-level “Dream Act” offering in-state tuition to certain undocumented immigrants, putting in place strong “common-sense gun safety measures,” and repealing the death penalty. Both the same-sex marriage and Dream Act measures were upheld by surprisingly strong margins in statewide referenda on the 2012 general election ballot.

I'm not saying that Heather Mizeur is going to win, place or show in the primaries. But she sure is a refreshing candidate and if progressives are going to make a move, she's the kind of candidate who might just make that happen. Let's keep an eye on her. Certainly she stands out. Hopefully she can get elected and run Maryland. That's a social experiment I'd love to see.


"And Hell Followed With Her: Crossing the Dark Side of the American Border"


outreach my ass reach out inclusive

Please meet an amazing writer and investigative journalist, David Neiwert, who has just published And Hell Followed With Her: Crossing the Dark Side of the American Border. I was fortunate enough to make David's acquaintance at Netroots Nation and immediately fell in like. He has put together an amazing case about what's happening at the border, one that needs to be a part of the immigration debate.

The very idea of immigration reform has made right wing extremists more extreme, and big mouths like "Big Melon Calf" Steve King even bigger-mouthed and more crass. The hysteria created in Washington and the frenzied fear-mongering by the likes of Lou Dobbs and Rush Limbaugh, not to mention the tea party mentality of those who frantically thrive on spreading misinformation, are a dangerous mix that will lead to more violence. The following case, and the people behind it, need to be understood. David Neiwert provides that understanding.

I've been provided a brief synopsis:

It began with a frantic 911 call from a woman in a dusty Arizona border town. A gang claiming to be affiliated with the Border Patrol had shot her husband and daughter. It was initially assumed that the murders were products of border drug wars ravaging the Southwest until the leader of one of the more prominent offshoots of the Minutemen movement was arrested for plotting the home invasion as part of a scheme to finance a violent anti-government border militia.

And Hell Followed With Her: Crossing to the Dark Side of the American Border is award-winning journalist David Neiwert's riveting account of the life and death of America's Minutemen--and the terrifying story and psychology of movement leader Shawna Forde. A compulsive and brilliant portrait of cold-blooded killers and true believers, And Hell Followed With Her is at once a horrifying crime story and a frontline report on America's nativist foot soldiers.

Here are some of his most recent pieces in Salon about the border and the immigration debate.


Video- The Colbert Report: Steve King's Dog Analogy


VIDEO: Eric Cantor was against the DREAM Act before he was for it, but doesn't know what it is


Panderers Box 

Think Progress:

In 2010, Cantor and 160 other Republicans voted against the DREAM Act, a measure that “would offer a pathway to citizenship for undocumented young people who attend college or serve in the military.”

Today, on Meet the Press:

See what happens when 70 percent of the Latino vote goes to a Democratic presidential candidate?

Can you say "pandering"? How about "phony"? No? What about "desperate"? Still no? Then try this: "Anything for a few more votes."

Via Think Progress:

CANTOR: I have put out a proposal. I don’t know what the DREAM Act at this point is. What I say is, we’ve got a place, I think, all of us can come together, and that is for the kids.

GREGORY: Can you bring conservatives looking to supporting a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants who are here without having to first leave the country?

CANTOR: There is a lot of movement right now in the House and the Senate, both sides of the aisle, with folks having a lot of different ideas. I think –

GREGORY: Yes or no to that question? You could really do it. If you went all in, you could bring along the right in the House, couldn’t you?

CANTOR: I think a good place to start is with children. Here’s the difficulty in this issue, I think. And it is because we’ve got families who are here that have become part of the fabric of our country. And we want to make sure that we’re compassionate and sensitive to their plight. These kids know no other place as home. On the other hand, we are a country of laws. We have a situation of border security that we have to get straight. We have to secure our borders. There is a balance that needs to take place. But the best place to begin, I think, is with the children. Let’s go ahead and get that under our belt. Put a win on the board. And so we can promise a better life for those kids who are here due to no fault of their own.

"I don’t know what the DREAM Act at this point is." Yeah, you do.

"I think, all of us can come together, and that is for the kids." No, that is for the GOP.

"And we want to make sure that we’re compassionate and sensitive to their plight." And by "compassionate and sensitive" he means "holding our noses" and "hypocritical." Did I mention dishonest and pandering? Or pandering? How about pandering? Oh, sorry, I meant pandering. My bad.

"Let’s go ahead and get that under our belt. Put a win on the board." And by "put a win on the board" that is exactly what he meant.


VIDEO: On Maddow show, Rosie Perez mocks Mitt Romney on immigration and his "joking" about how "it would be helpful to be Latino"


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The video within the Rachel Maddow Show video is brought to you by The Jewish Council for Education and Research and the American Bridge SuperPAC, and can be found at And it is excellent. In fact, so was the entire Maddow segment, both featuring my new Twitter pal Rosie Perez (@rosieperezbklyn ), who is awesome.

As I've said in previous posts, humor can get a message across succinctly and effectively, often more memorably, sometimes even better than more serious efforts.

Let's hope Rosie and company can reach the people who need reaching, and quickly. If anyone can achieve that, she and Rachel can.


So much for Romney's "softened stance" on immigration


Here's why there's a fifty point (!) gap between President Obama and Willard Romney among Latino voters:

Romney campaign confirms to NYT they will halt deferred deportations for undoc immigrants when he takes office, if elected

— Julia Preston (@JuliaPrestonNYT) October 3, 2012

Romney campaign: he will honor deportation deferrals granted but halt the program when he takes office, seek “permanent” fix

— Julia Preston (@JuliaPrestonNYT) October 3, 2012

At least Preston didn't call undocumented immigrants "illegals" like Romney did during the GOP primary debates.

Tonight's debate should be... interesting.

Think Progress has details.


Deal with it, GOP: DREAM Act could add $329 billion to the U.S. economy


Dear GOP,

Immigrants contribute to the American economy and culture. Deal with it.

Love, Laffy

In fact, as you can see by the infographic, a new report shows that there are real economic benefits to the DREAM Act. Oh, and while we're on the subject, let's get something straight once and for all: The term "illegals" is a slur. Try "undocumented immigrants," say it with me... or is eight syllables too much for you?

Details about the image above at Think Progress.