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You're Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don't


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What's pleasantly surprising is that despite Republican efforts to stall any safe jobs bill, the economy has picked up. Unemployment dropped in the latest report to 7%, the lowest number in five years.

That's forty-five straight months of improved job numbers. Now that's a great streak, but when you start in such a deep hole, it's more of a continued improvement, but not a clean bill of health.  A healthy overall unemployment number should be somewhere in the two or three percent range. Despite GOP obstruction, the President's plans, along with those of the Fed, are yielding small and steady results. And that could end up being bad news.

Job growth is bad news? Leave it to the GOP to turn improvements into detriments for hundreds of thousands. The Republicans are moving to punish those who weren't lucky enough to grab onto a job and make them suffer even more. The GOP doesn't want to renew the extended unemployment coverage for millions after their state support runs out. And of course, timing is everything. As much as it's a time of "cheer," it's also the time of great despair and the highest numbers of suicide. Being destitute, devoid of hope is a major cause. This is not the time to cut aid to the poor. Food stamps and unemployment need to be continued.

If the GOP really cares -- not that anyone believes that -- but if there's a chance there's a compassionate soul trapped in the body of a Republican, think about working on a reasonable jobs bill. Think about helping with passing a version of the Senate immigration bill. Stop your war on women and healthcare for the poor. And please don't penalize the unemployed who are just trying to find one of the few jobs out there that you haven't found ways to defund or restrict with blockage in the House and Senate.

Being a Scrooge is not only a stigma you'll be able to easily shun, but a compassionate one that you need to shed.

You can't have it both ways. You can't fight job creation on every level, then because the President's plans seem to be working, albeit slowly, slap down the job hunters who haven't been as fortunate.

Find a jobs bill and then, when enough people are working, you might consider cutting back jobless benefits. But now's not the time. Remove people from unemployment with jobs. That's the healthy way. Then the reason to trim extended funding will follow. We're not there yet.

Republicans, if you're not prepared to confess to the world that the President and his party has ushered through some steady economic growth, don't take it out on the less fortunate by further victimizing the jobless, the hungry and those in need. Increasing jobs, decreases unemployment. Don't cut essential programs. It's that simple.


U.S. Manufacturing Picks Up in June, Stocks Kick Off 3Q in Rally Mode #BlameObama


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Sorry to bring cranky Foxers more "bad" news, but this report is brought to us by an email alert from-- ta daa!-- Fox Biz:

The Institute for Supply Management’s U.S. PMI gauge increased to 50.9 in June from 49 in May, narrowly beating expectations of 50.5. The data indicate the U.S. manufacturing sector shifted into expansion in June from a mild contraction in May.

The markets are rallying on the back of encouraging data about the global economy. The Dow is up 102 points, or 0.68%, while the broader S&P 500 is up 0.76%. Nine out of 10 major sectors are in the green, led by health-care and technology stocks.

As I type this, the Dow is up about 156.


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U.S. jobless claims fall to 346K; consumer income, spending up; pending home sales jump to highest since Dec. '06


obama worst socialist ever

Fox Biz continues to send me email alerts that I feel compelled to share with you... because they prove that President Obama is the worst. Socialist. Ever:

U.S. weekly jobless claims fell to 346,000 from an upwardly revised 355,00 the week prior. Claims were expected to fall to 345,000 from an initially reported 354,000.

Consumer spending rose 0.3% in May from April, matching economists’ estimates. Personal income climbed 0.5%, more than the 0.2% Wall Street expected.

The National Association of Realtors reports signed contracts to buy previously owned homes jumped 6.7% in May, far higher than the 1% increase expected. The increase brought pending home sales to the highest since December of 2006. The gauge was up 12.1% from the same month in the year prior.

Traders are bidding equities sharply higher for the third day in a row as caution over the Federal Reserve’s exit from its bond-buying program ebbs. The Dow is up 100 points, or 0.67%, while the broader S&P 500 is up 0.61%.



PhotOH! Conservative group: Impeach Obama for "wrecking the stock market"? Dow hits record high


easy as pie

It's way too easy to show how disconnected from reality some conservatives are. Just read The Political Carnival every day and you'll see what I mean. But today... well, today it's so easy that it can be done with two images.

look how easy it is

I even did the addition for those at Capitol Hill Daily who are arithmetically challenged.

Think Progress has the story. Here's the minimalist/visual version:

obama wrecked stock market

"You see, Obama just allowed 13 new tax increases to further slow the economy, wreck the stock market and make it even harder on the 12 million Americans already looking for work.

The bigger question is this…

Is Obama’s Latest Tax Screw Up Grounds For Impeachment?"

dow record 15000

The Dow has gone up over 7,000 points since President Obama took office.

'Nuff said.


Wall Street Soars with Wealth as Wages Stagnate, Jobs Remain in a Slump


hunger and rejection corporate

dow jones march 5 2013As of 12:30 PT


The Dow Jones industrial average rose more than 100 points today, allowing the world's most-watched stock index to close at a record high.

It marks the highest daily close since October 2007, just before the financial crisis punished the stock market.

For the latest information go to

chart corporate profits highCorporate profits

graph workers wages as a percentage of the economy near record lows via Think ProgressWorkers’ wages as a percentage of the economy, which are hovering near record lows.

Your Daily Dose of BuzzFlash at Truthout, via my pal Mark Karlin:

The March 4 NYT headline lays it out bluntly: "Recovery in U.S. Is Lifting Profits, but Not Adding Jobs." ...Even those who are employed are finding that their wages are not growing relative to the explosion in corporate profits.

The grim figures in terms of the working class speak for themselves in the NYT story:

As a percentage of national income, corporate profits stood at 14.2 percent in the third quarter of 2012, the largest share at any time since 1950, while the portion of income that went to employees was 61.7 percent, near its lowest point since 1966. [...]

Corporate earnings have risen at an annualized rate of 20.1 percent since the end of 2008, he said, but disposable income inched ahead by 1.4 percent annually over the same period, after adjusting for inflation.

As BuzzFlash at Truthout noted in "A Tale of Two Economies" last autumn:

However, what is more important than the unemployment rate is the overall degradation of work and wage stagnation and decline under the current corporate and business climate that devalues labor.  [...]

This is the primary story of economic distress in the United States at this time: the devaluation of those who are paid by the hour….

After all, we have two economies – and one of them you barely hear about as billionaires whine about the threat of higher taxes on their wealth.  The second economy, the economy of the privileged, is booming.  The other day the stock market reached near record highs. [...]

The rich are making out like bandits in the booming Wall Street economy that is based on profits squeezed out of firing workers, lowering net wages (adjusted for inflation), and outsourcing jobs to exploited labor overseas. [...]

[T]he March 2013 NYT article begins with these observations:

[...] With millions still out of work, companies face little pressure to raise salaries, while productivity gains allow them to increase sales without adding workers….

The result has been a golden age for corporate profits, especially among multinational giants that are also benefiting from faster growth in emerging economies like China and India. [...]

As the stock market soars, those who labor for a living are left further and further behind.

Please read the entire post here.

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Quickie: Dow up 172 points, S & P finishes second-best week of year


Today's Quickie:

Blame Obama:

(Reuters)-- S&P 500 finishes its second-best week of the year. [...]

The Dow Jones industrial average gained 172.79 points, or 1.35 percent, to 13,009.68. The Standard & Poor's 500 Index rose 18.12 points, or 1.30 percent, to 1,409.15. The Nasdaq Composite Index climbed 40.30 points, or 1.38 percent, to 2,966.85.

That was today's Quickie. Was it good for you?


Private hiring jumps, unemployment claims fall, consumer confidence highest since February 2008


I got a few upbeat email alerts today from Fox Biz. Blame Obama:

The Conference Board's index of U.S. consumer confidence rose to 72.2 in October from a downwardly revised 68.4 in September. The results missed estimates of a reading of 72.5, but marked the index's highest level since February 2008.

And this:

The Institute for Supply Management Manufacturing PMI gauge rose to 51.7 in October from 51.5 in September, the highest reading since May. The index was expected to fall to 51.2. Readings above 50 indicate expansion while those below indicate contraction.

And this:

Several upbeat reports on the American and Chinese economies, coupled with strong earnings from oil behemoth ExxonMobil, are sending stocks zooming higher. The Dow is up 138 points, or 1.1%, while the broader S&P 500 is up 0.84%. Nine of ten S&P 500 sectors are in the green, led by industrial, technology and telecommunications stocks.

Full market update:

And here's more from CNN:

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Private sector hiring jumped in October, according to a report released Thursday by payroll processor ADP.

Private employers added 158,000 jobs in the month, ADP (ADP, Fortune 500) said, beating economists' forecasts of 143,000.

The October report is the first to feature ADP's new methodology aimed at further aligning its figures with the final monthly data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The ADP report comes out a day before the government's official monthly job report, though it has not always been a great predictor of what the BLS report will say.