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Sarah Palin is a SpudNUT


AlterNet, thank you, this is gold.

Remember when Former Half-Gov BlurtOut McNoThought said this? It was so "aspiring":

This is from one of Digby's readers:

Palin's quirky invocation of the "Spudnut Shop" here in Richland Washington as an example of American "can-doism" is far more ironic than you and most of your readers likely realize.The fact is, the town of Richland was literally built by the federal government as a part of the Manhattan Project. All of the houses that surround the Spudnut shop were built by the Army. To this day, the only employer in Richland of any consequence is the Department of Energy and the contractors that work on DoE contracts at the Hanford site, just north of Richland. As a result, virtually all of the Spudnut shop's customers are paid by tax dollars. Those that aren't are retirees, drawing government pensions and social security.Were it not for government spending, the Spudnut shop would be bankrupt in a week.

This one is from one of Andrew Sullivan's readers:

... She may not realize that the federal government buys most of those doughnuts: the annual budget for cleanup of the nearby Hanford Nuclear Reservation is more than $2 billion, employing about 11,000 workers, and spudnuts are the pastry of choice at meetings there.

That little shop is "so successful" because "patriotic Americans" were scarfing down yummy num-nums for 65 years, thanks to their very own federal government.  I'm feeling full just thinking about it.

Boy howdy, no way is Big Guvmint gonna get away with telling us what to do, nosireebob! Also. There. Too. Thank the lord for second helping remedies!

Talk about a doughnut hole... in Palin's head.

Welcome to BlurtOut McNoThought's Special Spudnutitude Moment.

H/t: RustyCannon


Checks to seniors with prescription drug bills will go out ahead of schedule


Darn that big government? What are they thinking, getting help to seniors.. and before they even have to? Why, the next thing you know, Obamastan will take over the whole wide world!

Government checks to seniors with high prescription drug bills are going out early, Obama administration officials said Thursday, plugging the advantages of the new health care overhaul law.

The $250 checks for Medicare recipients who fall into the prescription drug coverage gap are a new benefit this year, a modest down payment on gradually closing the "doughnut hole" over the next decade.

Who's getting all that money? Four million seniors and disabled people, and that's just this year. Damn those commie Marxists! I shake my fist at you! Spreading the wealth to people who need it? That's treasonous!

Next year, the law provides a 50 percent discount on brand name drugs for seniors in the gap, and a smaller discount on generics.

But... but... those are benefits of-- dun dun dun-n-n--  health care reform. How could that possibly be a good thing? See, everyone knows Republicans know best. They were dead set against "Obamacare".  They want to repeal the law, eliminating all those nasty perks. They must want to do that very badly, because they've tantrumed and yelled "Hell no!" an awful lot.

Instead, the GOP wants to go back to the good old days of BushCoCare. What a swell idea!

The coverage gap originally came about because of funding constraints when a Republican-led Congress created the benefit in 2003 during President George W. Bush's administration.