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Doonesbury: The "Hillary Clinton Frenemy Data Base"


doonesbury roland hedley hillary clinton frenemy list

I don't know how Garry Trudeau does it, but he always does. Doonesbury rarely fails to take a hot topic, especially a hot topic that infuriates, saddens, or shocks, and make it palatable, even funny. Not always "ha ha" funny, but dark humor serves a purpose. In only a few panels, Trudeau communicates messages simple enough to be easily digested by even the casual reader. Which means he's educating some who are uninformed, annoying those who disagree, and delighting those who see things his way.

This time my all-time favorite comic strip concentrates on Hillary Clinton and who is or is not "dead to" her.

Yes, he goes there, zeroing in on the ol' Hillary Clinton "hit list" talking point, courtesy of Fox's very own ace reporter (cough!) Roland Hedley. Apparently, this whole "loyalty status" thing took Hedley by surprise when he is told that he's on their radar, but not in a good way.

Hedley's aggregate score of favorable vs. unfavorable stories about the former Secretary of State have placed him way below the "on the bubble" footing as he mistakenly-- and optimistically-- anticipated. Instead, poor Roland landed smack dab in "dead to Hillary" territory.

Lists, schmists, everyone knows that if you dare to write a critical piece on any given politician (or celebrity for that matter), you'll not only end up in their bad graces, you could very well lose future access, and interviews with the offended parties become a thing of the past.

Sad but true. If only real life were as entertaining as Garry Trudeau's comic strips:

Doonesbury Hillary Clinton frenemy database


Longtime Christie pal was right there at the Fort Lee traffic jam


Doonesbury Chris Christie Fort Lee traffic jam bridgegate

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Watch out Chris Christie, Steve Kornacki is at it again. He's been digging and digging and found out that an old pal of Governor "Heartbroken" was right smack dab at the scene of the Fort Lee Traffic jam:

chris christie bridgegate friend 1

chris christie bridgegate friend 2

We have new information to report to you this morning about the George Washington Bridge lane closure scandal. The connection that has not been discovered or reported anywhere else before now. It involves a man who was apparently present when the access lanes were shut down and whose family has deep personal and political ties to Governor Chris Christie that go back decades....

We have evidence of the identity of that police lieutenant who apparently gave Wildstein a tour of the area as traffic was piling up in Fort Lee. ...

Now here is where the puzzle starts to come together ... It's an e-mail sent from Wildstein at 7:28 that morning to [Bob Durando, the general manager of the bridge] informing him he's, quote, "going to take a ride with Chip and see how it looks." ...

Why should you care if Lieutenant Thomas "Chip" Michaels is the guy who gave Wildstein a tour as traffic hell was setting in on Fort Lee?

chris christie bridgegate friend 3

When David Wildstein surveyed the chaos caused by the lane closures, his tour guide was apparently a police lieutenant who had known Chris Christie since his childhood...

[Chip's brother] Jeff Michaels [is] a major Republican player...

"I've known [Christie] for a long time. we went to high school. our families knew each other from Livingston. and just stayed in close contact with him over the years and was very pleased to help his campaign out with policy." [...]

Christie has cultivated an unusual alliance with George Norcross. He's a Democrat who is widely regarded as the most powerful political boss in the state. So the Christie/ Norcross era in New Jersey, the teaming of Jeff Michaels and Phil Norcross has been a lucrative one...

So that's who Jeff Michaels is: a powerful New Jersey Republican whose family has long and close ties to Chris Christie. Someone who has parlayed that connection into a wildly successful lobbying practice and has invested tens of thousands of his own money in Christie's political future. And it is his brother, Jeff Michaels' brother, Port Authority police lieutenant Thomas "Chip" Michaels, who is apparently on the scene when the Fort Lee lanes were shut down. And who drove David Wildstein around as the traffic mounted, and  who apparently kept in touch with Wildstein through text messaging after that ride...

There's no evidence to suggest that Lieutenant Michaels was involved in the planning of the operation. But the evidence suggests that Chip Michaels was present on the bridge at the hour the lanes were first closed, both driving David Wildstein around that first morning and texting with him at least throughout the first two days of the closures. He seemed to have an inkling it was coming, too...

In all that time did Jeff Michaels and Chris Christie ever talk about this? About how Jeff's brother was the guy who drove David Wildstein around during the closures? ... Now it appears it wasn't just David Wildstein on the scene when the lanes were closed. That he was there with a police officer who knew the governor from way back, and whose brother is a Trenton power broker who has a deep connection to Christie, as well as deep ties to the Republican party in New Jersey.


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Here is a bonus Doonesbury strip, because who can resist Garry Trudeau's snarkitude, especially when it comes to Gov. "I know nothing" Schultz, er, Christie?

Doonesbury Chris Christie Sunday strip


Doonesbury: To GOP, voter suppression "just makes good sense!"


doonesbury jim crow voter suppression single panel

Thank you, Garry Trudeau. Thank you for covering voter suppression again. Thank you for always knowing where to take your brilliant Doonesbury strip. Thank you for not allowing vital issues to die, despite an appalling lack of media coverage. Thank you for boiling it down to a premise so easy to grasp that a Republican could even understand it.

Okay, no.

Thank you for not mincing words. Thank you for making Republicans look as desperate and vindictive as they are. Thank you for pointing out their disdain for civil rights, voting rights, and anyone who doesn't look, sound, or believe as they do.

Thank you for pointing out their hypocrisy and racism. And their misleading messaging.

GOP outreach, my ass.

Thank you, thank you, thank you:

doonesbury jimmy crow is back voter suppression


Doonesbury inhales: "An unexpectedly smooth high with just a touch of paranoia"


marijuana you must be high

All week, Garry Trudeau's Doonesbury comic strip has experimented with snarktastically dealt with pot. Now that marijuana is becoming incrementally legalized, Trudeau's story arc timing couldn't be more perfect, and nobody does it better than he does. You can find archives of the last week's strips on the Evil Weed here. They're worth the effort it takes to click on the link and read through the last few that lead up to the final episode below.

Short version: Zonker and his nephew have been developing a "delightful" product that created a buzz in more ways than one. Now they have to contend with their success, including coaxing their prized plant into an early bloom in order to meet the unexpectedly high demand.

Take a moment to relax, breathe (inhale?) deeply, chow down a Taco Bell Caramel Apple Empanada, and enjoy the ride:

doonesbury marijuana


"Doonesbury" confronts rape: "Welcome to the military, ladies."


doonesbury welcome to the military ladies rape cartoon

doonesbury military rape

Garry Trudeau isn't pulling any punches in this week's Sunday offering, and for that we should all thank him. The treatment of women (and men!) in the military who reported having been sexually assaulted is abysmal. So abysmal, in fact, that women all too often will not step forward because they know how it will all turn out.

Hence, this Doonesbury strip. Standing O, Mr. Trudeau.

To refresh your memory, Think Progress reported this back in November:

A new report released on Wednesday calls on Congress to pass new reforms related to sexual assault in the military, a problem that the Defense Department estimates occurred approximately 26,000 times over the course of the last year but may in fact be even higher. [...]

In 2012, of the 26,000 military personnel estimated to have experienced sexual assault, 14,000 were men and 12,000 were women,” the report notes. The opening of new positions to women within the armed services is also dismissed as a reason for an increase in estimated sexual assaults. [...]

Anu Bhagwhati, a former Marine and founder of the Service Women’s Action Network (SWAN), also spoke to reporters on the call about her experience while serving. “As a former commander, and a Marine who saw my own share of harassment, discrimination and betrayal, I saw swept under the rug often by senior officers often enough to know that sweeping institutional change is needed to give survivors of sexual violence a shot at justice.” SWAN helped draft the Gillibrand’s bill, Bhagwhati explained, arguing that it strengthens justice for both the victims and the accused.


Doonesbury: North Carolina-- where progress is a dirty word!


welcome to north carolina

One thing Garry Trudeau knows how to do well-- really well-- is how to reduce an entire major news story down to a few panels. He did that today in his "Doonesbury" strip. He snarked his way through North Carolina's precedent-setting onslaught of extreme right wing "regressive" legislation on everything from voter suppression to privatizing education to enacting forced birth by restricting abortion rights to climate change denial.

Here's a recap of the state Republicans' dirty tricks as of April 2013: What North Carolina conservative policy makers are up to. Hint: They're up to no good.

And here is how Trudeau astutely recapped as many of these destructive, discriminatory laws as he could in one strip:

doonesbury north carolina right wing laws


The Doonesbury about stoned firefighters


marijuana you must be high

Because I lerve our readers. You're welcome:

doonesbury stoned firefighters marijuana

Garry Trudeau does it again.

Now we'll have to contend with the anti-weeders believing that firefighters regularly toke up on the job. You just know that's how they'll interpret this strip, right? They'll have to understand that in this case, they only got blazed because of the impact of what the blaze blazed.

And if you understood any of that, you're high.