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VIDEO: Donald Trump "would seriously, seriously consider" running. Again. Seriously, seriously.


(Ir)relevant segment at about 8:30 or so.

Nobody seriously seriously cares, Mr. Look At Me.

Stop interviewing this putz. Seriously.

Lawrence O'Donnell, you can take it from here, as I know you will, and as you have in the past:

H/t: Taegan


What CNN thinks is newsworthy


It's one of those days where, again, I just want the whackadoodles to go away. They're everywhere. They pop up in Comments, on Twitter, on websites everywhere. There is no escaping them. He-e-elp!

And to drive that point home, just take a gander at what CNN is reporting. Here is a list of their top few stories that they think are newsworthy will bring them ratings:

TRENDING: Trump stumbles over abortion issue

Is Obama ready to mess with Texas? 'Not a chance'

Biden's wishful Trump thinking

Huckabee defends Trump against Club for Growth

Political Circus: Obama to reporter: 'Let me finish'

Are we sensing a trend here?

So who's up for sharing a box of wine? Anyone?


Video- GOP Civil War: Karl Rove Calls Donald Trump "A Joke Candidate"


If it was D's the media would be screeching about the Party falling apart, but with the R's it's all good. Via Newshounds.