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From the Dep't. of Predictable Headlines: George #Zimmerman arrested. UPDATE: Charged with assault, battery


zimmerman trayvon misunderstanding smaller


UPDATE via a CNN email alert:

Zimmerman was charged Monday with aggravated assault, battery -- domestic violence, and criminal mischief, after an incident at his girlfriend's home, said Dennis Lemma, chief deputy with the sheriff's office.

Hey kids, what time is it?

Why, it's George Zimmerman's in Trouble O'Clock!

The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that Trayvon Martin killer, Shellie Zimmerman Combative Ex, George "Neighborhood WatchThug" Zimmerman was arrested and on his not so merry way to the Seminole County Jail.

Why? Or should I be asking, "Why this time?" Well, in this latest kerfuffle, nobody's really clear on the details, but Sheriff Don Eslinger confirms the arrest and promises more details are coming:

WESH-Channel 2 reported that Zimmerman was accused of domestic violence by a girlfriend.

The Sheriff's Office, in a short news release, reported that the agency had arrested Zimmerman after being called to a disturbance on Topfield Court in western Seminole County near Apopka.

What?! Georgie was *gasp!* violent (allegedly)?! Who could have imagined such a thing (allegedly)? Anyone think a gun might have been involved (allegedly)? Just wondering, based on previous (alleged) incidents. I mean, it's not like domestic violence is a recurring theme (allegedly) with this fine upstanding paragon of law abiding respect for all, or that has a history of run-ins with the law or anything.



George Zimmerman destroyed iPad evidence, will not be charged with domestic violence


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Awhile back, George Zimmerman got into a little "tiff" with his ex during which time he was taken into custody after an incident with a gun... again. Apparently, the gun was never found.

Looks like Georgie skated... again. This time, because he destroyed his estranged wife Shellie's iPad, the video she took with that iPad of that incident was unable to be retrieved. His violent actions damaged the evidence beyond repair, so he's free to toddle along on his merry way.

The Orlando Sentinel has the story. Here are the bare bones:

Lake Mary police on Thursday announced that they could not salvage video from an iPad George Zimmerman tore up during a dispute with his estranged wife and thus he will face no domestic violence charges. [...]

Police on Thursday released their final 30-page report on what happened. It says they do not have enough evidence to prosecute Zimmerman on a charge of domestic violence.

Shellie Zimmerman had video-recorded the altercation with her iPad, but George Zimmerman pried it open, tore it apart and threw it on the ground, something captured on a security camera at the house.

Police sent the parts to a computer expert with the U.S. Secret Service in Tulsa, Okla., hoping he'd be able to recover video, but the report released today makes clear that the damage was too extensive.

On the lighter side, a major advantage of having a Twitter pal like the wonderful Lalo Alcaraz (@LaloAlcaraz) is that he generously shares his work with us. And in a previous comic strip, Lalo zeroed in on Trayvon Martin's killer, the very same Gun-Toting George. As you may recall, Zimmerman's Criminal History Includes Alleged Violence and Temper (Audio and New Documents).

Lalo takes it from there:

la cucaracha zimmerman


Oregon festival empowers girls, promotes Planned Parenthood, anti-domestic & sexual violence groups, more



Photo via Fullbright Company blog

One of my favorite things about having taught and directed shows at a (public) performing arts high school is keeping in touch with my favorite students after they've graduated. Lucia was one of the brightest, sweetest, quirkiest-in-a-good way kids I had, and recently surprised me with a Facebook message or nine filling me in on what she's been up to recently.

I was so impressed that I asked her to write up a post. Who knew she'd end up combining her entertainment skills with politics?

This... is so cool:

The Slabtown Grrrl Front

By Lucia Fasano

When I moved to Portland, Oregon, in the Fall of 2012, part of the allure was the nostalgia of the Riot Grrrl Movement that started in the Pacific Northwest in the 90’s, along with grunge. As a young, female musician/comedian, the Riot Grrrl Movement really called to me. It was a stark contrast to 90’s pop music and girl groups, a rebellion against societal norms of how girls are supposed to act, behave, and especially perform. I was hoping to catch a glimmer of this feminist punk rock wave when I moved to Portland, and I found that people were looking for the same thing.

At the time, I was barely 20, and barely allowed in the venues that I played at. Turned out that Doug Rogers, the new owner of Slabtown, was doing his part to bring real punk rock back to Portland. He filed for licenses to make his venue all-ages. After expressing mutual interest in feminism and creating a venue that was welcoming to all, he had his booker, Melissa Meszaros, reach out to me about helping her put on an all-ages, all-inclusive music festival to revive Riot Grrrl in April. Reaching out to the community, the event became much more.

With important Portland women’s shelters being closed down due to lack of funding, and executive director of the Oregon Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence stating that Oregon shelters are funded at less than 50 percent of what they need, we wanted these issues to be prevalent in the festival, as well as responding to the attacks on women’s reproductive health in America by promoting Planned Parenthood and local feminist community center, In Other Words.

The event, known as “The Slabtown Grrrl Front” became a 4 day music festival with over 25 bands, comedians, spoken word, an art show, video-game demoing for a local riot grrrl themed game, body positivity clothing swap, belly dancing, zine workshops, young volunteers, and more, with ticket proceeds going to performer’s choice of Planned Parenthood, The Oregon Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence, In Other Words Feminist Community Center, and Bitch Media. The running theme? Empowering girls.

The Slabtown Grrrl Front was a big success when it came to bringing in money for feminist causes, but to me, the true sign of success were the performers who told me that they’ve never felt more like they belonged at a show-- and the men who said they’d never seen all-girl bands that rocked that hard before, and wondered why bands with women don’t get more notoriety in the music business. Other shows have been organized by people who met each other at the event, for similar causes. A SoCal Grrrl Front is in the works, inspired by us.

Intersectionality between cultures and movements, helping challenge gender inequality in the art and political landscape, from rock and roll to video games, by promoting feminist causes and artists is my passion and the goal of the Slabtown Grrrl Front, as well as reaching out to the youth in our community and letting them get involved with politics that affects them and their peers, their local art scene,  and create the healthy media they want to see. If we don’t do it, someone else will do it for us-- and they won’t have our best interests at heart.

The Slabtown Grrrl Front will be back in Portland next year, welcoming artists and activists everywhere to join us.

If you're interested in volunteering at the Slabtown Grrrl Front for 2014, please contact Melissa Meszaros at or


The Slabtown Grrrl Front’s Facebook Page

Lucia’s Pages:


When My Eyes Are Closed (Demo)

Some press for Slabtown Grrrl Front Fest 2013:

Coverage in the Portland Tribune

Interview in Willamette Week:

Fullbright Company blog

Mention in Portland Mercury

And just for fun:

"I Love The Lord!" by Lucia Fasano

I love the Lord,
I love the Lord,
But does the Lord- love the Lord?
I love the Lord,
Yes he's a dream
But does the Lord have low Self-Esteem?
The Ten Commandments
Kinda sound like
He'd say in his mirror
That he was given
By a life coach
So he'd feel
Hotter and thinner
I love the Lord,
I love the Lord
But does the Lord
Love the Lord?
I love the Lord,
Yes he's a dream
But does the Lord have low Self-Esteem?
"Thou shalt not have no other gods before me"
He kind of sounds like my ex-boyfriend Tony
I guess if I was all high and mighty
I'd still kind of get jealous and clingy
I love the Lord,
I love the Lord
But does the Lord
Love the Lord?
I love the Lord,
Yes he's a dream
But is the Lord eating his feelings?

girl power


VIDEO: N.H. state Rep. Mark Warden (R): Some people may "like being in abusive relationships"



Rep. Mark Warden:

“Some people could make the argument that a lot of people like being in abusive relationships. It’s a love-hate relationship. It’s very, very common for people to stick around with somebody they love who also abuses him or her. Is the solution to those kind of dysfunctional relationships going to be more government, another law? I’d say no. People are always free to leave.


During a debate on domestic violence prevention laws, NH State Representative and Free Stater Mark Warden (R-Goffstown) told fellow House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee members that a lot of people "like being in abusive relationships" and "are always free to leave".

Granite State Progress is calling on Rep. Warden to publicly apologize to victims of domestic violence and their families for these outrageous remarks. Executive Director Zandra Rice Hawkins: "Rep. Warden either has a complete lack of understanding about the very real and life-threatening situations that victims of domestic violence experience, or he is utterly cold. His belief that the victim is to blame is beyond comprehension. The year is 2013, not 1963."

For more on this and other issues, visit

Those statements are so offensive to those of us who have been in abusive relationships that I have to choose my words carefully here. Most of what I want to say is unprintable.

He clearly has no concept of the power abusers can have over the abused, nor how much control they feel they have to exert for their own sick needs. It should be very obvious that nobody "likes" being abused, and it can be extremely difficult to extricate oneself from any relationship, let alone a dysfunctional one.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to find a way to lower the abrupt rise in my blood pressure.

More at the the Concord Monitor.


Video- Fox's Perino's Advice To Women Who Are "Victims Of Violence": "Make Better Decisions"


People act like it's funny, but these are not the fights I thought we'd be fighting 50 years after the fact. And keep your skirts long too, ya slutty wenches! Via MM.


VIDEO-- Bob Costas responds to Fox News attacks: "Yeah, let's fire everybody we disagree with. It's beyond absurd!"


Via Media Matters, from the December 4 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Dan Patrick Show, where Bob Costas demonstrated (again) that he's a whole lot smarter than those on ClusterFox.

Re: Using the platform of a football game to discuss the murder-suicide by NFL player Jovan Belcher:

"If someone agreed with what I said, they would have no objection to where and when I said it."

"Sometimes the quality of the thinking of those who oppose you speaks for itself."

"Some people don't agree with what they THINK I was saying, and therefore, it would be okay if I was booted off the air... Yeah, let's fire everybody we disagree with. It's beyond absurd!"

Here's the back story Video- Fox & Friends Responds To NFL Player’s Murder-Suicide By Attacking Bob Costas For Discussing U.S. “Gun Culture”

By the way, is it time to have that conversation about responsible firearm regulation and closing gun show loopholes yet?