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Happy Wedding And I Hope You Die


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Damn those LGBT’ers. Those fascists. Them and their pink mafia. They’re an abomination and we have to do something about it before they totally take over and make us all… gay slaves.

Fortunately, James Nichols on HuffPo Gay Voices got ahold of some pretty eye-opening coverage of Pastor Kevin Swanson's latest remarks.


...Here is my advice for all Christians considering attending same-sex nuptials: hold up a sign informing the happy couple that they are an abomination and "should be put to death."

I’m not sure that Pastor Swanson goes far enough. Personally I think they should be publicly stripped naked and vivisected to make examples out of what these monsters have been doing to our Christian society. You don’t mock God and get away with it.

Here’s the oratory straight from Swanson’s mouth. It couldn’t be any clearer.

Lest you feel his words here aren't enough, remember this good, holy man of God has shouted out long and strong to us for our protections. He’s not just a “Johnny Come Lately.”

Following the repeal of the Boy Scouts' ban on gay youth members, the pastor stated that the move would lead to scouts receiving merit badges for cannibalism and sodomy. Earlier this year, Swanson claimed that the legalization of gay marriage would prompt gays to burn Christians at the stake.

And who can forget when the right-wing pundit insinuated that gay people caused Hurricane Sandy, or claimed that 'Star Trek Into Darkness" promotes bestiality?

Become active. Get your Leviticus 20.13 paraphernalia for the next gay wedding you get invited to. And bring clubs and knives to “send off” the happy newlyweds into the land of hell, where they belong. To paraphrase an old adage, “The only good gay, is a dead gay.”

… Or is it the only good loud-mouthed fanatic is a heavily medicated, muted fanatic?”


A Love Story


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This is a feel good/feel bad story. But most of all, it should make you feel.

Two people meet and fall in love. They're both 27 at the time and spend the next twenty years together. Sadly, ALS, Lou Gehrig's disease (always fatal) strikes one of the partners. Time is running out and the inevitable must be faced. Plans for burial.

The dying partner, John Arthur wanted his survivor to receive the earned benefits from his years of work. But even more pressing was the fact that the burial plots that had been purchased by the Arthur family stipulated that for John's spouse to be buried in the family plot, the two must be legally married. So, after 20 years, they applied to be married. And the state of Ohio refused them a license.

With only a few weeks left, maybe only days, the two received donations from friends as they didn't have enough money -- illness and no Obamacare to cover them -- to fly by private plane (commercial flights were out of the question as John is bed ridden) to Maryland where they could be married. But they faced their big challenge when they came home for the last time. Would Ohio acknowledge this out of state marriage? Could this loving couple spend their final hours together without worrying about the state of their future and whether they could remain side by side in the cemetery? Could John Arthur pass peacefully with his partner at his side for eternity?

But this wasn't just any marriage. It was a same sex marriage between John Arthur and his spouse James Obergefell.

Monday, the two men sued Ohio Gov. John Kasich, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine and the Cincinnati doctor responsible for approving death certificates. Obergefell and Arthur asked a judge to overturn existing Ohio law - which doesn't recognize same-sex marriage - to allow Obergefell to be listed as surviving spouse on Arthur's death certificate and for it to show that Arthur's marital status at death as married.

Monday they won. Arthur has but a few days left, perhaps even as this is posted, the end will be here. But this story goes to show you how love and perseverance, coupled with a fair interpretation of the law is now possible since DOMA was struck down. Hopefully soon there won't have to be stories like this -- but merely of two consulting adults being able to love and marry one another, in sickness and in health, and to be together, until death do they part.


Trusting Huelskamp


Kansas 1st District

Though Laffy posted this a few days ago, it's reverberations are still being felt. And with a h/t to her, I feel I must revisit this ignorant and outrageous conduct. Today I feel like fighting fire with fire. Forgive the insensitivity of what follows, but this guy just got my goat.

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Congressman, Congressman, Congressman. I love a witty quip, a snarky remark and even a pointed analogy. Certainly coming from your party, the GOP, you hear it all the time. But for a party who's killed more important Bills than the ovens at Auschwitz; whose forced transvaginal ultrasound probes have raped more women than Charles Ng or the Hillside Stalker, or who's... Oh, hell, I'm not going to waste any more writing about your inept, corrupt party (at least for today). I'm not going to lower myself to your base level.


Your uncalled for attack on both President Clinton and President Obama assure you induction and a prime spot in the Asshat Hall of Fame. Perhaps nobody's blown more hot air up the collective behinds in Kansas than you since the 2007 Greensburg Tornedo or if you want to go way back, the Udall Tornado of  '55.

President Obama supports the immigration reform bill that passed in the Senate late last month. It's a legislation that includes an amendment that would drastically increase security at the border. In fact, even Republicans like Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN), who helped write the amendment, admitted that the border security provisions amounts to overkill. Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) said the bill will ensure that the United States has the "most militarized border since the fall of the Berlin Wall." These to hawks should be enough but not for you.

So, to go along with your ignorance on Gay rights, your voting against women, your personal anti-immigration platform, and your lack of trust of your fellow Republicans, and former Presidents, I can only wish you the best -- of what's promises to be the end of your final elected term in office.


VIDEO-- GOP lawmaker, in tears: "I cast a politically expedient vote in favor of DOMA & I have regretted that ever since.”


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Via Americans Against the Tea Party:

Back in March, Lynne Osterman, who was elected as a Republican to the Minnesota legislature offered this tearful apology for casting a “politically expedient” vote for Minnesota’s “Defense of Marriage” law that outlawed same-sex marriage.

Her tears brought me to tears:

I served as a Republican because of my interest in smaller government. And it was incredibly counter-intuitive to me to then upon my arrival, tell citizens how the government wanted them to live their lives. I didn’t’ come to St. Paul to single out same-sex couples and their families. But in my only term as a member…..[long pause, tearing up] I cast a politically expedient vote in favor of DOMA and I have regretted that ever since...

Nothing in my life says it's OK to treat people differently than how I would want to be treated— fairly, respectfully, equally. And that's really what this conversation is about. Whether you believe in big government or small, do you believe in fair, respectful, equal? Is it ever OK to say "well, except for those people"? ...

I blew my vote. And I'm imploring you, please get this right. Minnesota citizens just want you to lead.

She got her wish. In May, Minnesota voted for marriage equality.

Let's hope this is another sign of things to come.

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