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GOP Trying To Rebuild Baby Tossed Out With The Bathwater


Baby with the bathwater

In their ill-conceived zeal to  repeal, or disable the Affordable Care Act, the Republicans made some missteps. They forgot to calculate what would be getting tossed or defunded if the government shut down. It's the baby with the bathwater syndrome.

Now just passing a clean CR would rectify all of that, but delusional John Boehner (who one commentator said during the shutdown, the pronunciation of his name would return to how it's spelled) has forgone that option. It would make him look weak. Really John. You, Mr. Crybaby look weak. I just can't see how that's possible.

So the plan to save face after putting over 800,000 people out of work was to rebuild the baby who got tossed. First the GOP started with national parks, or actually they started slowly. Just the WWII veterans memorial part who Fox News reported, via Tucker Carlson, as costing nothing. As I wrote on an earlier post, he must assume that the maintenance and security at the monument are freebies, all done by volunteers.


Anyway, from there, the House Republicans took to more of the Dr. Frankenstein experiment. They added legs and other extremities with their passage of bills funding all National parks, NIH, Head Start, WIC (Women, Infants & Children) nutritional program, Cancer research, Veterans benefits, NSA, and Disaster (FEMA) relief.

Oh, and let's not forget the big one, the torso for this monster baby, funding back-pay for all government officials who were put on furlough. This big body part would be kind of the torso. That got a 100% support from the House. Unfortunately, guaranteeing to pay employees their full restitution without their doing the work isn't  meeting such a staunch support in the Senate. Gangrene or tissue rejection has already begun on that one, according to senior physician, Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa.

This is resulting in the desired small government baby actually becoming a larger, oversize doll.

Large doll

Piecemeal rebuilding is not the same as just using the simple clean CR. Now we're stuck. The odds 'n ends parts aren't being synchronized and working because some of the vital organs, like the heart, liver and a brain still aren't installed.

So while the Republican, change that, the Tea Party-led medical team continues to try to stitch the government monster back together, time is wasting, big business who supports them is being hurt and losing money, the public is turning away from the Republicans and looking for a new set of doctors, the Democrats. With the right Democratic medical team, led by Chief Resident in Charge, President Obama, the patient may survive.

But this is going to involve more than taking two aspirins and calling the POTUS in the morning. It requires the Speaker to call for a vote on a clean continuing resolution and the prognosis is good that the baby patient will survive. Kids are resilient.  We won't get to know for sure until there's a vote, but if it doesn't come soon, this baby is history.

Basically, if there's no clean CR, which most of the House Democratic doctors and a small portion of GOP'ers think would be the best prescription right now, the baby will look like this:

Frankestein baby

Or, Dr. Boehner can go the clean route and have this:

Ken Doll 2


I don't know about you, but I prefer the clean CR and the doll immediately above.

Calling Dr. Boehner, Dr. Cruz, Dr. Lee. Code red. Bring a crash cart to the ER. The patient is waiting.


Retailer Tesco "very sorry" (again) for their latest "amusing" product: "The Inflatable Gay Best Friend"


disaster area smaller

tesco gay best friend dollProduct description, in case you can't read the teeny font:

"Inflatable g*y Best Friend if SEX in the City and Will & Grace taught us anything, it's that g*y best friends are in this season."

The description goes on to say, "We've had the manbag, we've had leg warmers and iPhone fever, now it's time for the new craze. Although not much can be said for his own attire, your Inflatable g*y Best Friend is ready to give you fashion advice, tell you if your bum looks big and b**ch about everyone who doesn't wear Jimmy Choo's."

tesco gay best friend doll description

Gee, that's not stereotypical at all.

Common sense rule of thumb, generally speaking: Know when to stop. Or in this case, know when to never start in the first place.

Apparently British retailer Tesco doesn't have much common sense, or business sense for that matter. They already got in hot water and apologized for selling offensive "Psycho Ward" Halloween "mental patient" costumes which reinforced stigmatization and misconceptions of mental illness. But, hey, they were "really sorry for any offence caused."

Now they're "very sorry" about their latest offering, an inflatable "g*y best friend." They added the asterisk, I didn't. Yes, they censored the Evil G Word as if it were a vulgarity.

Via Sky News:

It comes a day after the retailer was forced to remove a Halloween costume called "Psycho Ward" from its shelves after it sparked widespread criticism.

On its website Tesco said "The Inflatable g*y Best Friend" was suitable for children aged three to four and was an "amusing gift".

To put it in the Queen's English, we are not amused.

Tesco claims that the doll was "uploaded to the website by a third party seller but was removed from sale immediately because we found it offensive." Offensive? Why, whoever would find that offensive? I mean other than anybody with a functioning brain and sense of decency.

According to the article, the "amusing gift" is still on sale on Amazon.


It had to happen: Rick Perry, Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann action figures... and some talk!


Get the TALKING Regular Man Rick Perry, Dressed in Jeans, T-shirt and Lace up Sneakers.


It was inevitable. But hey, if Republicans can profit off of us, why not profit off of them? is selling GOP (in)action figures that include some that talk ...or in Ricky Perry's case, attempt to.

But wait! There's more! Hermie even comes with a "playmate!" But will they sell press conference paraphernalia?

The Herobuilders Herman Cain and Playmate only $65.95

And here's one more dropout, surprisingly without the ability to talk... and talk... and talk:

Michele Bachmann Action Figure. $34.95

What... no Marcus?

Not surprisingly, Michele goes cheap.

H/t: Buzzfeed

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Hey kids! John McCain paper dolls! Used! For under a penny each!


By GottaLaff

Once a lightweight, always a lightweight. Paper thin:

(click on image to enlarge)

Check out that last line... You can get used J Sid paper dolls for a penny. I hear Diebold has made an offer to make electronically generated ones.

Of course, we already know that he's used goods... and not worth even a red cent.