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Anti-immigration protesters are afraid of children


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"Many of them are fleeing violence and extortion from gangs..."

And many of them have been raped:

“It’s not just the heat that could kill them but there are other dangers. Officials at Lackland Air Force Base told us that one-third of young girls that come across – and they were just like little babies; 10, 11, 14 years of age. That about one third of them get raped and/or abused on the way here.

"This is about the kids, that's what it's about."

"They're destroying our country."

"President Obama has called it a humanitarian crisis."

President Obama is right.

Here's an idea, protesters. If you don't like what's happening, call on Republicans in the House of Representatives to get off their obstructionist asses and support an immigration reform bill. It would likely pass... if they'd allow a vote, that is.  Actually, this could very well happen... after the November elections. That way those Republican paragons of bravery can say they accomplished something on immigration reform just in time for the next election cycle in 2016. How courageous of them.

By the way, Boehner, how's that Latino voter outreach shaping up?

But what struck me about this particular protest was the following. Via the Los Angeles Times:

Police said about 100 to 150 people met the buses a few blocks away from the Border Patrol station, chanting "Go home" and "We want to be safe."

The detainees — many of them women and children from Central America — had crossed the border in Texas recently and were flown to San Diego by the Department of Homeland Security.

I watched Tamron Hall's reporting on this today (video unavailable), and the person "on the ground" did indeed confirm that most of the immigrants were women and children. Ooo, scary. Better get out the firearms and hide the kids, protesters. After all, you "want to be safe."

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Rep. José Gutierrez (D) of Illinois Has Personalized Immigration Reform


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There is one adult and authentic voice in the room for immigration reform, and it is getting a lot more air play these days … the Congressman from Illinois with the charming demeanor and a deep passion for this issue has taken the stage with aplomb. Meet Rep. José Gutierrez (D) of Illinois.

Speaking directly to the people about the GOP and Teabagger paranoia of anything that might be related to the curse word 'amnesty', Gutierrez is forging his own way forward in making a safe harbor for the people he fights for. Catch him on MSNBC's Morning Schmoe, from earlier this morning, Scarborough and Morning Mika were happily absent … leaving actual journalist Katty Kay to ask some proper questions for a couple of segments.

Have a gander.

The youth humanitarian crisis on the border is of huge consequence and note, and should be something we all should care deeply about. They are innocent children, sent to our fenced borders by loved ones (or for darker reasons, it's nuanced) to get a shot at the American Dream.

Image, via Cagle Cartoons

Image, via Cagle Cartoons


Seeing those small children sleeping on cement floors, hoping for a chance to be taken away by Family Services, is a heartbreaking and motivating snapshot of just how tragic our immigration system has become. You can practically feel that horrid Sheriff Joe Arpaio from Arizona drooling over the opportunity to pen up those savages. Shudder.

Just as the collective and hope-filled youth of Irish, Italian, German, Polish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian and dozens of other ethnicities came to these shores before them. We have just gotten xenophobic and absurdly self-obsessed … we were once proud of the exceptionalism of Ellis Island and our Open Door immigration policy.


Bravo to Rep. Gutierrez and his colleagues who re courageous enough to stand against the Regressive tide of fear, hate and loathing that the GOP is hell bent on encouraging as the wave of the future of 'their' ostensibly Christian and very white America.

Immigration reform isn't going away by wishing.

Get over yourselves, ghastly GOP.Teabangelcial Asshattery. The U.S. of A. is a colorful melting pot of cultures, beliefs and ideologies. We'd have made no progress since the 1600's if we weren't, and you Old White Folk are no longer at the helm.

White stains so easily, anyhow. Just look at the truly pale political examples like the Koch Broz.

Cartoon, Marguiles via

Cartoon, Marguiles via


Do-nothingest House GOP ever decides to top themselves


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chart do-nothing congress via Maddow Blog Steve BenenChart via The Maddow Blog's Steve Benen

How many ways can we say "worst, do-nothingest House of Representatives ever"? Probably about 232, and they all have an (R) attached to their name. The House GOP has made it a second career to obstruct in between recess breaks.  Their first career is fundraising. Their tied-for-second career is lying and smearing President Obama.

To their credit, they're really, really good at taking time off.

What a legacy.

Now, in an obvious effort to maintain their stellar record of doing absolutely nothing, blocking all things Obama, and creating the terrible government that they're dying for American voters to hate, this is their next Big Plan, per WaPo:

After a tumultuous week of party infighting and leadership stumbles, congressional Republicans are focused on calming their divided ranks in the months ahead, mostly by touting proposals that have wide backing within the GOP and shelving any big-ticket legislation for the rest of the year.

Comprehensive immigration reform, tax reform, tweaks to the federal health-care law — bipartisan deals on each are probably dead in the water for the rest of this Congress.

Yes indeedy, boys and girls, they've successfully divided the government-- as well as their own party-- and now they're blaming that divided government, the one that they created, for their very own failures.

*Fanfare* Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Frank Luntz (mainly because I don't want him):

“It is an acknowledgment of where they stand, where nothing can happen in divided government so we may essentially have the status quo."

Of course, there are plenty of things they can do. For example, why give up so soon on repealing Obamacare after only eleventy thousand tries? And when in doubt, pass more doomed forced-birth bills, hold more hearings on settled non-controversies, and by all means, keep on pursuing Benghazi!!!!

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