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Video- DNC's New Campaign Ad: Dancing Around The Issues


Meh, this one babbles on too long, the short more gut punch ones work better for me. From Taegan.


VIDEO: Can Mitt Romney Explain his Swiss Bank Account? Nope.



Why won't Mitt Romney explain his Swiss bank account and offshore investments?

That's funny, I've been asking the very same thing.

By the way, these Democratic attacks on Willard are working.


VIDEO: Why the Koch brothers want Mitt Romney to win


Photo by Gus Ruelas/Greenpeace

In an earlier post, the point was made that “Mitt Romney’s Koch problem isn’t what the Koch brothers are doing for him — it’s what he’ll do for them”:

Romney would gut safeguards that protect consumers from reckless Wall Street traders. And he’d end Medicare, throwing countless seniors into poverty to pay for more tax loopholes for Big Oil (which not-so-coincidentally happens to be where the Kochs got their money).

No wonder the Koch brothers are bankrolling Romney’s bid.

Exactly why they're forking over the big bucks. Which reminds me, Willard Romney is attending a fundraiser at the estate of David Koch in the Hamptons this very day, at this very time. So the DNC shot back with this, pre-emptively:

For more details about this weekend's fundraisers, go to Livewire.


Former President Clinton heads to Wisconsin to campaign for Tom Barrett in recall election


Who says public pressure doesn't work? I tweeted my hiney off for this:

(CNN) - Former President Bill Clinton will head to Wisconsin Friday to campaign on behalf of Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, the Democratic challenger to Republican Gov. Scott Walker in the state's recall election next Tuesday.

It's about time. The silence from the DNC has been deafening.

Clinton will team up with Barrett at a Milwaukee rally tomorrow. Neither President Obama nor V.P. Biden are planning to go to Wisconsin before the election on June 5th. Too bad, Biden would have been a perfect fit.

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the DNC Chair, and Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley, the chair of the Democratic Governors Association, both campaigned in Wisconsin Wednesday.

Ed's been all over this story:

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