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PhotOH! Democratic National Committee billboard outside GOP convention slams Romney's outsourcing


Democrats (specifically, the DNC) are hitting Willard Romney's outsourcing with a digital billboard that faces the very site of the very GOP convention in Tampa.

This warms my heart.

BuzzFlash has more here.


Ledbetter, Baldwin, Longoria to address DNC convention


Now this is a fun line up. And yes, Longoria will get us tons of attention. Plus, it's a nice play after all the women bashing the GOP has been doing.

The Democratic National Convention Committee unveiled a list of prominent women Wednesday to speak at party's upcoming convention in Charlotte, including Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards and Lilly Ledbetter, the woman who gave the name to President Obama's signature pay equity law.


Among the speakers are Wisconsin Rep. Tammy Baldwin, the openly gay Democratic Senate candidate; Illinois congressional candidate and Iraq war veteran Tammy Duckworth; Maryland Sen. Barbara Mikulski, the longest-serving female senator and Nancy Keenan, who heads NARAL Pro-Choice America.

The speaker who may draw the most media attention: actress Eva Longoria, who is a national co-chair of Obama's campaign.

Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown student who has been a surrogate for Obama since her showdown this year with Rush Limbaugh, is also on the list, as are Montana Superintendent of Public Instruction Denise Juneau and Caroline Kennedy, the daughter of the late president.


DNC announces new bus tour to stalk Romney


What goes around (and around and around and honks... right Team Romney?) comes around:

(CNN)The Democratic National Committee is rolling out another bus tour to trail Mitt Romney's own over the weekend through key battle ground states, harping on the Republican candidate's economic policies as throwing "the middle class under the bus."

The DNC tour will last for four days and make stops in Virginia, North Carolina, Florida and Ohio between Friday and Monday...

The bus debuted Thursday parked, as a not-so-subtle jab, outside the Republican National Committee headquarters in Washington. The tour, called "Romney Economics: The Middle Class Under the Bus," will mirror Romney's travel plans over the weekend.

America often needs "not-so-subtle jabs" to wake them up. Willard Romney wants to cut taxes for wealthy people like himself and raise them for the middle class, got that voters?

ABC- The tax-hike claim comes in large part from a study by the Independent Tax Policy Center that concluded Romney would have to roll back deductions popular with the middle class—on mortgages and dependent children, for instance—in order to pay for his proposed $5 trillion tax cuts, much of which would go to the wealthiest Americans.

Yup, Romney’s plan would raise taxes on middle class. Hence, "Romney Economics: The Middle Class Under the Bus" is based on truth and is a consistent message, as opposed to Romney's dishonest talking points and desperate campaign tricks:

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Video- Julián Castro to be first Latino keynote speaker at Democratic National Convention


Smart, good move. Sure did give wingrers alot to hate: La Raza, single mother and the last name Castro? I can hear it now. Video above is Castro announcing it.

San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro will be the first Latino to give a keynote speech at a Democratic National Convention. Castro will speak at the opening night of the 2012 convention on Tuesday, September 4th, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Castro, who is 37, is the youngest mayor of a Top 50 American city. Castro and his twin brother Joaquín were raised by a single mother, Rosie Castro, a longtime community activist. Julián Castro has been active in the Obama campaign, and was named national co-chairman for the re-election campaign a few months ago.