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Fed Up: Special Comment by my 76-year-old friend


fed up

My impassioned “72-year-old”  friend (who is now 76, but who’s counting?), who goes by the Twitter name @42bkdodgr, would like to share his feelings of frustration about the state of politics and our dysfunctional Congress. I am more than happy to oblige, especially because I feel the same way.

This rant reminds me of one I did awhile ago: We have no choice. It might be time to revive that one.

Now on to "Fed Up." But first, a personal note from 42bkdodgr:

Many of you may wonder why I chose to use the “72 year old friend” as the introduction to my Special Comments. I selected the moniker so readers could see that from my age and life experiences I give a different perspective to the issues of today.

Now for his Special Comment:


Like most Americans, I'm FED UP with the dysfunctional government we have.

I'm FED UP that there is a segment within the Republican caucus that refuses to compromise.

I'm FED UP that Republicans have more loyalty to a pledge they signed with Grover Norquist, to never raise taxes, forgetting the oath they took when sworn into office.

I'm FED UP that Republicans in Congress would rather spend government funds on phony investigations than pass a jobs and infrastructure bill, that would create jobs for millions of people, which would move our economy forward.

I'm FED UP with all the hate and racism that exists in our country.

I'm FED UP that the leaders of the Republican Tea Party don't denounce the use of racist remarks, hateful signs and pictures, displays of the Confederate Flag at rallies they attend in Washington D.C. and in their home states.

I'm FED UP with the disrespect shown President Obama and the office he holds. This has been going on since Joe Wilson yelled "You lie!" during a speech President Obama was giving to a joint session of Congress.

I'm FED UP that, after five years, there are still Americans who don't consider President Obama an American citizen or a Christian.

I'm FED UP with a party that lost a national election in 2012, that tries to use a government shut down and threat of default on national debt to force their ideology on Americans-- which the people had rejected-- and in the process, cost the country $24 billion.

I'm FED UP that a political party felt shutting down the government was a good thing, and brags about it and is threatening to try it again in 2014.

I'm FED UP that there are members in Congress who got elected with the sole intent of destroying the government.

I'm FED UP that the Republican Party is trying to defund and kill the Affordable Care Act, knowing full well it can't be done, in the process wasting more government funds.

I'm FED UP with members of Congress willing to cut funds that help those Americans in need while continuing to provide subsidies to farmers and oil companies, plus they refuse to close tax loop holes that benefit the rich.

I'm FED UP that states have or will enact laws to suppress the voting rights of Americans, when voter fraud doesn't exist in the country.

I'm FED UP that states have passed laws that don't allow women to control their own bodies.

I'm FED UP that the Evangelical Christians wanting to impose their religious ideology on all Americans and want to bring down the wall separating church and state.

I will continue to be FED UP, until these issues are addressed, or we will remain an extremely divided country pulling in different directions.

It's sad thing to say, but we are becoming a government, that unless one party controls Congress and the presidency, the chances of any important legislation getting done is almost nil.

That why it is extremely important for Democrats to vote in 2014 if we want to retain control of the Senate and possibly gain control of the House. Americans better begin to wake up and learn; the foundation of our democracy is being threatened by the radical right and it must be addressed.

Many thanks again for another thorough, relevant piece, @42bkdodgr. You often say what many of us are thinking and feeling, and we thank you for your unique perspective.


VIDEO: Oopsie! Fox-CT's TV coverage of Woman's Day at the Capitol shows mostly women's breasts


fox-CT tv shots women breasts

Women's History Month and Connecticut's Women's Day at the Capitol were reported on with a heaping spoonful of disrespect on Fox-CT, a Fox affiliate.

An apology was issued, but only after the 13 or so seconds of cleavage shots were called out. And to make matters worse, according to HuffPost, the footage was used twice. That was no mistake.

fox tweet apologize for airing breast footage

As for all the achievements that should have been lauded, the timing couldn't have been worse. At about :18, one of the questionable visuals coordinated perfectly with the words "women's accomplishments."

Leave it to Fox.

My Left Nutmeg has details.

H/t: @ceut


Video- Bill O'Reilly Blames Public Schools For The "Epidemic Of Disrespect In America"


Wonder if anyone has the cojones to tell him that they're just disrespectful to him because he's such an idiot. Via.


VIDEO- Rep. Joe Walsh: Tell your employees to vote Republican or they could be out of a job


UPDATE: Leaked Audio Captures Romney Asking Employers To Tell Their Employees How To Vote

The video courtesy of the Chicago Sun-Times and taken by the super PAC CREDO, the group behind Tea partyer Rep. Joe Walsh is running against Tammy Duckworth.

This would be the Deadbeat Dad, hostile, lowlife, bullying loudmouth who thought nothing of insulting veteran Duckworth with his now infamous, “Female, wounded veteran … ehhh” remarks. The same one who said, “Go get a job. Go get a job Sandra Fluke.”

Now he's telling business owners to "energize" their employees by informing them that their jobs will be in jeopardy if President Obama wins re-election or if Democrats win the majority in Congress:

"If you run, own, or manage a company, tell your employees! What was the CEO this week that said, if Obama is reelected, I may have to let all of you go next year? If Obama's reelected, if the Democrats take Congress, I may not be able to cover your health insurance next year. If there's ever a year where people who run, manage, and own their companies are going to energize their employees, it better be this year. We're up against it."


VIDEO- Rep. Joe "Deadbeat Dad" Walsh: "Go get a job. Go get a job Sandra Fluke."



Rep. Joe Walsh spoke to a crowd in Addison, IL, today and leveled an attack on Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown Law student who has been an outspoken advocate for no-cost birth control for women. Walsh even said that it's "embarrassing" that women like Fluke feel "entitled" to no-cost birth control.

Yes, Deadbeat Dad, hostile, lowlife, bullying loudmouth who thought nothing of insulting veteran Tammy Duckworth with his now infamous, “Female, wounded veteran … ehhh” Joe Walsh is at it again, this time telling an educated, eloquent, courageous champion of women's rights to get a job:

"How about this? This one kills me, then I’ll be done with my rant.

"So at the Democratic Convention Wednesday night their first prime time speaker was Sandra Fluke — Fluke, Fluke, whatever her name is.

"Think about this: a 31-32 year old law student who’s been a student for life, who gets up there in front of a national audience and tells the American people, “I want America to pay for my contraceptives.” You’re kidding me. Go get a job. Go get a job Sandra Fluke.

"This is what, I was offended. We’ve got Americans who are struggling. We’ve got parents in this country who are struggling to buy sneakers that their kids can wear to school that just started. We’ve got parents up and down my district who are barely keeping their house. And, and, and, we have to be confronted by a woman, the Democratic Party this is what they stand for. Their going to put a woman in front of us who is complaining that the country — you, me and you — won’t pay the 9 dollars per month to pay for her contraceptives.

"How crazy is this? In a way it’s not her fault, because we teach people this stuff. You go back to fairness, we teach young people this. Don’t worry, government will take care of you. You’re having trouble with your student loans? Don’t worry, government will be there for you.

"We are raising the Sandra Flukes of the world. We’re raising Americans who don’t know how to take care of themselves, who feel entitled. This a woman who feels entitled that we all should pay for her contraceptives. This is what we are teaching Americans? That was embarrassing. That was embarrassing."

Yes, you small-minded windbag, it was embarrassing. But not for Sandra Fluke.


Poll-itics: Tammy Duckworth leads Joe Walsh by 9 points, "at serious risk of losing reelection"


I received this press release today. Enjoy, especially the little mention of Paul Ryan's unpopularity:

New PPP Poll Shows Rep. Joe Walsh at Serious Risk of Losing Reelection  

Poll Shows Walsh's Outrageous Outbursts and Tea Party Ties Unpopular with Voters

 San Francisco, CA — CREDO SuperPAC released a poll today from Public Policy Polling showing that if the election were held today, Rep. Walsh would most likely be out of a job. The poll also shows that a majority of voters would be less likely to vote for a member of Congress who is supported by the Tea Party or if they voted for the Paul Ryan budget that would gut Medicare benefits. 

Rep. Walsh is no stranger to controversy. Just last week, Walsh said that radical Muslims in the U.S. are trying to “kill Americans every week.” It remains to be seen whether voters in Illinois’s 8th CD are turning against Walsh because of his recent race-baiting remarks.

Key findings from the poll:

  • Only 41 percent of voters support electing Rep. Walsh to another term, while 50 percent support electing Democrat Tammy Duckworth. 
  • Only 39 percent of voters view Rep. Walsh favorably, compared to 44 percent who view him unfavorably.
  • Fifty-two percent of voters said they would be less likely to support a candidate who voted for Paul Ryan’s budget that would cut Medicare benefits, compared to 30 percent who said it would make them more likely.
  • Forty-six percent of voters said they would be less likely to vote for a candidate who was supported by the Tea Party, compared to just 31 percent who said it would make them more likely.
  • Fifty-one percent of voters said they would be less likely to vote for a candidate who said that President Obama was elected because he was Black, compared to 10 percent who said it would make them more likely. Rep. Joe Walsh has repeatedly said that the reason voters elected President Obama was because he is Black.“This poll shows that Joe Walsh’s crazy, race-baiting remarks will most certainly come back to haunt him on Election Day,” said Becky Bond, President of CREDO SuperPAC.  “CREDO SuperPAC’s campaign will continue mobilizing voters on the ground in Illinois to ensure that voters in his district know just how offensive Joe Walsh is before they cast their ballots this November.”

The PPP poll surveyed 500 voters in Illinois’s 8th Congressional District and has a margin of error of 4.38 percent.  Read the entire poll results here:  

We may finally see the day when we're rid of the infamous Deadbeat Dad.


VIDEO: Sh*t Joe Walsh Says



"If I offend anybody, tough."

"Don't blame the banks and don't blame the marketplace for the mess we're in right now. I'm tired of hearing that crap."

"He (Obama) was a historic figure. He's our first African American president. The country voted for him because of that."

"The Democratic party promises groups of people everything. They want the Hispanic vote, they want Hispanics to be dependent on government. Just like they got African Americans dependent on government that's their game. Jesse Jackson would be out of work if they weren't dependent on government."

"I'm running against a woman who my god that's all she talks about. Our true heroes the men and women who served us -- that's the last thing in the world they talk about.

"Pick this president up pat him on the head and say son, son, son, Mr. President you were never ready to be president. Now go home, work for somebody, and find out how the real world works."

"One thing I'm sure of, is that there are people here in this country. There is a radical strain of Islam in this country, it's not just over there, trying to kill Americans every week."

With that last quote in mind, via the L.A. Times:

Islamic group asks for investigation of pig legs at mosque site: The L.A. chapter of CAIR asks for an investigation of pig legs thrown onto a driveway at a proposed mosque near Chino while people were praying.

Illinois man accused of shooting at mosque: Police say he narrowly missed a security guard when he fired at the building near his home during Friday prayers.

Deadbeat Dadhostile, lowlife, bullying loudmouth who thought nothing of insulting veteran Tammy Duckworth with his now infamous, “Female, wounded veteran … ehhh” Joe Walsh, again: "If I offend anybody, tough."