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Angsty GOP lawmakers: There has been a “disconnect” with leadership, "They've lost their minds."


Republicans eating their own smaller

House Republican leaders couldn't muster up enough votes to revamp part of the Affordable Care Act this week, a proposal Democrats opposed. Republicans had to pull the bill.

One veteran Republican lawmaker said this about putting it to a vote in the first place:

“They’ve lost their minds.”

Took him this long to figure that out?

House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) were at odds over the bill, and yes, they lost their minds years ago.

Via The Hill:

A number of high-ranking Republican lawmakers close to the whip operation told The Hill, on the condition of anonymity, that there has been a “disconnect” with leadership lately.

Unless rectified, that disconnect could hamper Republican efforts to go toe-to-toe with President Obama on raising the debt ceiling. [...]

When House GOP leaders schedule floor votes on legislation and then are forced to retreat, the party loses political leverage. That happened when Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) couldn’t pass his “Plan B” bill during the so-called fiscal cliff negotiations late last year.

Boehner’s fingerprints aren’t on the GOP ObamaCare measure, which some critics on the right have dubbed “CantorCare.”

CantorCare. Now that's funny.

Cantor has been thinking nationally, but many conservatives in gerrymandered districts are thinking locally. They don't want to get primaried, so they do everything they can to please voters back home.

But back to that pesky "disconnect":

[Cantor and Boehner] didn’t listen to the whip who [has] said they didn’t have the votes for this. They brought it up, then they whipped it, then they lost. This is like the fourth time they’ve done this where they underestimate when the whip’s said, ‘We don’t have the votes for this,’ ” a senior GOP lawmaker told The Hill.

Gee, Republicans failed to listen? Who'da thunk it?


That sucking sound you hear is the GOP leadership vacuum created by RomneyFail


The Republican party is in disarray, or as I like to call it, imploding. When Willard M. Romney lost the election to President Obama, he promised to remain "a strong voice for the party," something he vowed at his final meeting with campaign staffers at his Boston headquarters.

He wasn't even a strong voice during his own campaign. So much for yet another empty proMitts:

(AP) -- He has quietly weathered the fallout of the campaign from the seclusion of his Southern California home, emerging only momentarily for a private lunch at the White House with President Barack Obama on Thursday.

His loss and immediate withdrawal from politics, while welcomed by most, has created a leadership vacuum within his party. It's left the GOP rudderless, lacking an overarching agenda and mired in infighting, with competing visions for the way ahead, during what may be the most important policy debate in a generation.

The GOP is a leaderless party whose presidential candidate-- the one they swore by only weeks ago-- doesn't belong any more, and true to form, has lied once again.

Some "strong voice."

He's made no public comments about China, taxes, Medicare, immigration, his meeting with the president, and so forth, and so on, etc., etc. Nada. Zilch. Zero. Zip.

He's fading faster than his Just for Men hair color.

So what's he doing now? Funny you should ask:

The former businessman is subletting office space at the Boston-area venture capital firm, Solamere Capital, which was founded by his oldest son. Former aides expect Romney to stay out of the spotlight for the foreseeable future - spending colder months at his California home and warmer months at his New Hampshire lake house.

Gotta keep those car elevators warm. Let's hope he doesn't bring any family dogs along on his schleps between mansions.


Worried GOP strategists to Romney: Make economic case against Pres. Obama stat! Or face defeat.


What happened to that "tight ship" Republicans are supposed to be so good at running? All I've seen this election season are the Keystone Kops. The Hill:

With just five weeks before the presidential election, Republican strategists say Mitt Romney must quickly make his economic case against President Obama or else face defeat.

But party insiders are not confident he can do it, fearing he will continue to chase distractions rather than staying on message.

Worse, they don’t agree among themselves about what Romney’s tactics should be — when debating Obama, in television advertising and other areas of his campaign.

Of course, the media will declare Willard Romney the debate winner if he pops out a memorable "zinger" or two and doesn't dissolve into a puddle of 10,000-dollar bills... but I digress.

Bill Lacy, a Reagan campaign veteran, said this: "He cannot continue to flounder around.” If that doesn't inspire confidence, nothing will.

The dissent in Republican circles underscores the uncertainty about whether Romney can find a pathway out of his current predicament before time runs out on Nov. 6.

Can't seem to unify around a solution, Republicans? Nah, they're too busy working on suppressing the vote and coming up with new ways to avoid answering questions about their budget plan details.

But back to Mitt's "scattershot" approach, the one that's getting so much scattershot criticism. The suggestions are coming in from all corners about how he should handle the debate. For example:

He should hit President Obama hard, smack him silly, give him a knockout punch. Of course, first he'll have to learn how to give knockout punches.

OR, he should ignore Obama, and get his own message out, maybe even *gasp!* finally reveal some of those details he's been hoarding. On second thought...

OR, try to convince everyone that he's a warm, fuzzy, likable guy, not that cold-hearted one-percenter who dismisses 47% of Americans the way Paul Ryan dismisses questions from Fox. Oh come on, who's kidding who here?

OR, just talk policy. Wait. He can do that?

OR, as Emily Litella used to say:


VIDEO: Reince Priebus and Mitt Romney should be in a Certs commercial


Look! It's two! Two! Two mints in one!

Fast forward to 2012. Reince Priebus calls it a tax, Willard Romney and his top adviser, Eric Fehrnstrom, call it a penalty. Talk about disarray:

Look! It's two! Two! Two fees in one!

Think Progress:

Republicans in Congress, and even some top Romney surrogates, however, are still holding on to the “tax” talking point. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R), who may be on Romney’s vice presidential short list, told Fox News’ Fox & Friends Tuesday morning that the mandate is both a “penalty” and a “tax,” something Romney himself has previously claimed.

To clear up some of the misconceptions about this Big Evil Giant Worst Tax Increase Ever in the History of Ever, please go here. For what the ACA has already done for Americans, go here.