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Rich vs. Poor



I think we often take what we have for granted. That sometimes means we don't aspire for better but settle instead. Other times we accept graciously what we have but know that our privilege to so much must be shared with those not so fortunate. Knowing we can do better should be our goal. And helping others along the way is not shameful. It's joy. In Yiddish, it's called "NACHAS" -- pleasurable pride. It's a balance worth keeping in mind. So take just under two minutes to reflect while watching this split screen view of life. Being kind and generous isn't a flaw, it's a virtue. Maybe our congress can learn that someday. Flex your vote and they will. But until then, we must have hope and compassion.


India unveils prototype of $35 computer


I remember hearing about the MIT cheap computer years ago. What the hell is taking these weasels so long? Make 'em and get them out to the people whose lives they could change.

MUMBAI, India (AP) - It looks like an iPad, only it's 1/14th the cost: India has unveiled the prototype of a $35 basic touchscreen tablet aimed at students, which it hopes to bring into production by 2011.

If the government can find a manufacturer, the Linux operating system-based computer would be the latest in a string of "world's cheapest" innovations to hit the market out of India, which is home to the 100,000 rupee ($2,127) compact Nano car, the 749 rupees ($16) water purifier and the $2,000 open-heart surgery.

The tablet can be used for functions like word processing, web browsing and video-conferencing. It has a solar power option too _ important for India's energy-starved hinterlands _ though that add-on costs extra.

"This is our answer to MIT's $100 computer," human resource development minister Kapil Sibal told the Economic Times when he unveiled the device Thursday.