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Video- Joan Walsh Thumps Chris Matthews, David Corn Over Dick Armey, "Bunch of Grifters"


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The guys were soooo clueless in this.


VIDEO: "Dick Armey agreed to quit FreedomWorks in exchange for -- $8 million. Holy grassroots, Batman!"


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The Armey of Dick is marching away from FreedomWorks for a mere $8 million. People power!

Rachel Maddow:

"Dick Armey agreed to quit freedom works in exchange for -- $8 million. Holy grassroots, Batman! It was worth $8 million to FreedomWorks to make Dick Armey go away."

"For Mr. Armey's part he says that, really, his departure from FreedomWorks was just a matter of principle. That was the quote from him. "My differences with FreedomWorks are a matter of principle." Which means on the $8 million check that you write to me, please put "principle" in the memo line. Because that's why I'm leaving. Principle."

"Why would anybody think the tea party movement is in disarray..."

"The right seems to be imploding since the election, which we expected. It turns out, though, that the unexpected thing is that the implosion will happen very, very slowly. Day by day by day with new acrimonious details dripping out in every news cycle."


Next Tea Party Target: Corporate America. Yes, really.


I wonder if tea baggers will target their own corporate candidate, Rick Scott, while they're at it:

Starting next year, the huge Tea Party organizer FreedomWorks will urge supporters to punish huge corporations like General Electric and Johnson and Johnson for backing President Obama's progressive agenda.

In an exclusive review for Whispers of their plan, FreedomWorks president Matt Kibbe says: "Tea Party activists are willing to tackle progressive CEOs just as they tackled progressive politicians. Judging by the results of the midterm elections, progressive CEOs should buckle up, because Tea Party activists are going to give them a very bumpy ride." [...]

But a Tea Party boycott could be bigger and impact the political world in Washington where corporations are generally viewed as supporting Republicans. "For too long, big business elites have leveraged their special interest group politics to profit from the size and growth of government. The poll demonstrates that the days of easy money through back room deals are over," says Kibbe.

To read about that poll, go here.

I guess there is "good" corporate America and "bad" corporate America.

FreedomWorks targeting any corporation is a little like Former Half-Gov FoxPAC McBreadNButter targeting Roger Ailes.

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Bonus Quickie- Dick Armey: The Tea Party's "hostile takeover" of the GOP


Today's Bonus Quickie, courtesy of Dickle Me Armey and Matt Kibbe:

The tea party movement has blossomed into a powerful social phenomenon because it is leaderless—not directed by any one mind, political party or parochial agenda. [...]

But let us be clear about one thing: The tea party movement is not seeking a junior partnership with the Republican Party, but a hostile takeover of it.

Mr. Armey, a former House Republican majority leader, is chairman of Freedomworks. Mr. Kibbe is president and CEO of Freedomworks.

A hostile, mindless, leaderless phenom.  Yep, that just about sums it up.

That was today's Bonus Quickie. Will you still respect me in the morning?