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VIDEO- Mitt Romney waaahmbulance alert: Team Obama is "talking about me and attacking me."


An "astonished," self-indulgent (and "unhinged") Willard M. Romney was whining on CBS, once again feeling sorry for himself, being completely out of touch, in another universe entirely, lying, and generally looking foolish. Or as I like to call it, business as usual.

"The president's campaign has put out a campaign that's talking about me and attacking me."

1. Um, that's what political campaigns, do, Willard. Even yours.

2. Pot. Kettle. Attack:

And then he actually had the nerve to say, "Nobody was talking about deregulating Wall Street." Really Mitt? Think Progress:

But Romney, on many occasions, has called for the repeal of the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial reform law, the first significant reform of the nation’s financial system since the Great Depression. In it’s place, all Romney’s economic plan calls for is a “streamlined regulatory framework.” ...

Meanwhile, the House Republican budget written by Romney’s running mate, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), dismantles key parts of the Dodd-Frank law.

Seriously, Team Romney, you make exposing your hypocrisy and lies way too easy.


Quickie: Less is not more when it comes to oversight


Today's Quickie, courtesy of the L.A. Times:

An oil spill in Montana's Yellowstone River surged toward North Dakota on Sunday as outraged residents demanded more government oversight of Exxon Mobil's cleanup.

Oversight is dandy the minute you become the victim of its absence.

That was today's Quickie. Was it good for you?


VIDEO: GOP debate nothing more than a collection myth-information & right wing talking-and-talking-and-talking points


I watched most of the GOP debate last night. They offered nothing new, rarely answered questions directly (except for those really hard hitting "Coke or Pepsi" ones, courtesy of that persistent, probing master of challenge John King), offered up no solutions to their own Speaker of the House's "Where are the jobs?" challenge, resorted to the usual "blame Obama" default response, and were generally nothing more than a collection of right wing talking-and-talking-and-talking points.

Think Progress has strung a few if-only-we-could-forget memorable moments together in these videos:

Deregulation is one of the main causes of the economic mess we're in. Corporate power is off the charts, and environmental devastation is hardly a rarity. As Jerry Seinfeld never really said, "Who are these people?"

It gets worse.

Think Progress debunks the following whoppers, so click over for the truth:

Nothing appeals to Americans more than killing Medicare and putting the lives and livelihoods of seniors and future seniors in grave jeopardy. Way to go, GOP contenders! USA! USA!


Evan Bayh joining U.S. Chamber of Commerce to weaken regulations on corporations... with BushCo's Andy Card


I was just finethankyou with Evan Bayh waving good-bye to the Senate, since he was to the right of my left. He confirmed my finethankyou when he walked ran through the revolving doors of K Street to become a lobbyist.

But now he's found his way to the really, really dark side, joining forces with former BushCo official Andy Card at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Enjoy your paycheck while you help destroy what's left of the good ol' USA, Ev! Via Think Progress:

Bayh will be joining former Bush administration official Andy Card in a Chamber-led lobbying campaign designed to weaken regulations on corporations across the board, and make it more difficult to enact new regulations. The REINS Act, which Bayh will be helping to pass, will severely undercut (and effectively repeal) significant portions of the Americans with Disabilities Act, health and financial reform, the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act, and the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act, among many other laws. [...]

During the period of 2009-2010, when Bayh was still in office, he appeared to be auditioning for a job in the private sector as a lobbyist [...]

One must wonder: when did Bayh begin negotiations with the Chamber for his current job as a lobbyist? Did the expectation that he would leave Congress and join the private sector as a lobbyist impact his votes and actions while in the Senate?

Once again, it's all about money, profits over people. It just hurts even more to see a Democrat [sic] hook up with the likes of Card and the Chamber to betray his party and his country.

Think Progress has more here.