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Video- Dennis Miller On Fox: Sandra Fluke Is "Moan Of Arc. That's The Way Most Women Went In This Election"


Anyone want to try and decipher that? Via.


Quickie- Bill O'Reilly dumps Beck, takes Dennis Miller up for "Bolder, Fresher" Tour


Wow, at least Beck is amusing sometimes. Via Media Bistro.

Bill O’Reilly is going back on tour, and with Glenn Beck ensconced at GBTV these days, O’Reilly has teamed up with Dennis Miller, the former CNBC talk show host who has been a Factorregular for several years. O’Reilly and Miller’s first stop is at the Mohegan Sun Casino three weeks from tonight. O’Reilly performed at Mohegan last year with Beck.

O’Reilly and Miller will be hitting several cities over the coming weeks for the Bolder & Fresher Tour: Nov. 25 in Richmond, VA, Nov. 26 in Atlantic City, and Costa Mesa, CA on Dec. 10.


Dennis Miller: Health care enables your kid not to grow up!


By GottaLaff

Mr. Laffy was on his way home, stuck in the usual Los Angeles traffic, and started flipping through radio stations when who did he stumble upon? Why none other than Dennis Miller, former comedian.

He was so astounded at what he heard that he actually wrote down part of Miller's rant when he got home, just so he would remember enough details to tell me, so I could tell you.

And I will (some paraphrasing).

"Here's the fundamental difference between Democrats and Republicans," an astonished Dennis said. "Obama health care means your kids can now stay on your health care insurance... until they're twenty-six! That means you're enabling your kid... not to grow up!"

Yes, by caring for our children, by preventing their illness, by allowing them to, you know, live, we are turning them all into Peter Pans. Clap three times if you want them to die!

"It's Wayne's World, where your grown kid will be living in your basement... until they're twenty-six!!"

Pshyeah. Health care. Party on.

"Even the Birdman of Alcatraz made his birds leave the nest!"

So-o-o, our kids are living in prison, and keeping them well is a life sentence. Damn those pesky family values!

Republicans won't help the poor and disadvantaged. They don't even want to help their kids.

To quote Mr. Laffy, "Get your kids off the dole!"

Now let's compare and contrast. This is what our differences boil down to... It's all in the inflection:

Democrats: Now your kids can stay on your policy ::parade music:: until they're 26! (Excellent!)

Republicans: Now your kids can stay on your policy ::ominous music:: ... until they're 26!!! (Exsqueeze me? I baking powder?)

I'm gonna hurl.


Video- Dennis Miller: Biden is not Catholic, ashes on forehead are where Obama "puts his smokes out"


Okay, I'm really a hard sell when it comes to humor, but is this funny and I'm just not getting it?