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Fed up Dems are actually-- wait for it-- fighting back against something: The War on Women.


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A big sloppy-kiss thank you to Sens. Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin, my Senator, Barbara Boxer of California, Reps. Judy Chu of California, Marcia L. Fudge of Ohio, and Lois Frankel of Florida-- for having spines. They are clearly as fed up as many of us are about the forced-birth laws that so many Republican-run states have rammed through.

The availability of abortion services in these states has diminished greatly, often to the point of making it nearly impossible for a woman to have access to the care she needs, requiring traveling hundreds of miles to find help, even into neighboring states.

As we speak, South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham filed legislation that would prohibit abortions past 20 weeks into a pregnancy. Two words: Non. Starter.

The GOP hypocrisy is staggering: Small government? Not so much. Outreach to women? Non-existent. If it weren't for all those redistricting dirty tricks, Dems would be feeling awfully cocky about 2014 right about now.

Roll Call:

A group of Democratic lawmakers in the House and Senate, led by Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut on the Senate side, are calling an afternoon news conference to roll out a new measure that would effectively pre-empt state laws requiring medically unnecessary tests before receiving reproductive health services, including the morning-after pill and abortions.

“This kind of measure seems to provide a clear and certain response to these regulations and [state] laws that impose unnecessary tests, procedures … and other kinds of restrictions on these reproductive services,” Blumenthal said, calling the influx of new state laws a “cascading wave of restrictions.”

More like this, please.


Conservative women's group: More Democratic women in Senate = "less freedom"


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Video via ABC News.

One might think that a record number of women in the U.S. Senate would mean more diversity, fresh viewpoints and attitudes, and an important milestone. One might. If one were not a member of a conservative women's group who see this as a negative development, one that is harmful to government.

But only because the historic number of female Senators includes mostly Democrats.

So much for supporting ...

girl powerVia The Hill, Independent Women's Forum Executive Director Sabrina Schaeffer:

"While a lot is being made about the record number of women joining the Senate, the reality is the majority of these women are Democrats – 16 of the 20 – and as a result we are likely to see higher taxes, bigger government, and less freedom... [P]rogressive policies fail women and their families."

Damn French gay Kenyan Marxist Big Guvmint commie Alinksy-loving hippie fascist female libs!


Poll-itics: Views of Pres. Obama, Democrats improve after election. Obama has best favorables in over 3 years.


Another useless Gallup poll, but what the heck, it still made me happy. To quote one of my least favorite people, Grover Norquist, America kinda thinks Republicans are a bunch of poopy heads.

And for good reason *coughMcCaincough*.

...Americans continue to look more negatively than positively on the Republican Party, presenting a challenge for the party in terms of getting the public to back its priorities and to vote for it in elections, particularly when Americans view the Democratic Party much more positively.


Seven reasons why 2012 was the year of the women


Via UltraViolet.

Ignore the woman at the top of the post. We Dems REALLY love you, women!