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A Bucket of Ice Water


Nicole Sandler

When Homer Simpson joins in, you know you've gone viral.

Although the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has raised awareness about the disease and a lot of money, there's so much we still don't know about it - thus the need for a campaign like this one.

Homer challenged Donald Trump who actually dumped water on that thing on his head, proving that his hair really looks like that! I hope that dump also included a hefty donation!

My favorite is still this 2-year old

I'm pretty confident in guessing that most people didn't know what ALS was before this month of ice water dumping. Sadly, I knew. I knew about ALS because someone I knew and admired fought the disease and, eventually, succumbed to it.

I first met Eric Lowen in the early 1990's. He was the "Lowen" half of the duo Lowen & Navarro who wrote amazing songs and sang beautiful harmonies together. Eric was diagnosed with ALS in 2004, and lost his battle in March of 2012. 

For the past few months, I've been running interviews and performances from my music radio days on Friday mornings as a bridge to the weekend. Today, as ALS is in the news and Eric Lowen is on my mind, I reached out to my dear friend Dan Navarro and invited him to join me to talk about all of it, and share in listening to one of our in-studio sessions from December of 1999 too.

Dan Navarro has continued as a solo artist, and has worked to educate others about ALS with the goal of someday helping to eradicate this awful disease. He's also fully immersed himself (figuratively and literally) in the ALS ice bucket challenge. You can see some of his work on his Facebook page. 

It was a busy first hour of the show too. Jim Dean joined me to talk about the great work Democracy for America is doing. They've recently endorse Shenna Bellows in her race for the US Senate against Susan Collins of Maine, Mary Burke for Governor of Wisconsin (vs the evil Scott Walker), and more.

And Jason Leopold, who couldn't get to Guantanamo Bay this week through no fault of his own (damned weather gods) but has landed firmly and deservedly at Vice News, joined me to talk about his reporting on Gitmo, national security issues and the fact that his persistence in filing FOIA requests has put him squarely inside the story about Sen. Dianne Feinstein trying to delay the release of the CIA torture report. 

And with that, it's the end of the week, the month and, sadly, the summer. I'll be taking Monday off for Labor Day, but will return Tuesday to kick off the fall with GottaLaff... cuz we gotta laugh, or else we cry... and whatever else the weekend brings. Talk to you then, Radio or Not.


Bachmann: Tarryl Clark "wants to raise taxes on state fair food like corn dogs and beer!"


I get e-mails. Some are annoying, some are dee-lish. This one is dee-lish. The red bolding is mine.

Via DFA on behalf of the Tarryl Clark campaign:

Michele Bachmann attacks DFA

We've got Michele Bachmann running scared.

She's so afraid our support for progressive Democrat Tarryl Clark will put Clark over the top and Bachmann out of a job that she's using it to scare more money from her Tea Party supporters.

Bachmann sent the email below yesterday. I've copied it in full -- but I changed all the links -- so we can make sure this is one scare tactic that backfires on Michele Bachmann. Let's double down in our support for Tarryl Clark and show Bachmann what it really means to be "steamrolled" with a "liberal surge of money." We raised $22,000 in 24 hours last time, can we do it again before the end of Labor Day weekend?



Arshad Hasan, Executive Director
Democracy for America

Dear Fellow Conservative,

Today we are only 60 days away from Election Day. And while thousands of Minnesotans -- including my family -- are enjoying time together at the Minnesota State Fair, my opponent and her liberal allies are plotting new schemes to defeat me on November 2.

I'm running against a tax-and-spend liberal whose love for taxing hardworking families goes so far that she wants to raise taxes on state fair food like corn dogs and beer! It's facts like this that make it crystal clear: we can't afford to allow Tarryl Clark and Nancy Pelosi to defeat me.

I need your support in these final weeks as I fight back against the attacks they launch every day. Will you follow this link right away to make an immediate donation of $60, $120, or $180? By giving just $1, $2 or even $3 per day from now until the election, you will ensure that our shared constitutional conservative values continue to have a strong voice in Washington.

I'm the top Congressional target on the left. You may already know that Nancy Pelosi has targeted me for defeat, but did you know Howard Dean has thrown his weight behind my opponent?

His far-left liberal organization, "Democracy for America" raised $22,000 in 24 hours to defeat me and have bragged about it to media outlets. They're using this as an example of how much liberals like Dean want to see me defeated. Let's show them we're not going anywhere. I need your immediate support to fight back against this liberal surge of money in my race.

Will you follow this link to make an immediate donation to help me raise $22,000 in 24 hours? I know, with your generous support, we can match Howard Dean and his far-left supporters dollar for dollar.

Liberals see a conservative tide building across our nation. So they are pulling out all the stops to try and stop our rallies and defeat candidates like me. They will stop at nothing to silence our voices.

We must band together to send a message that we are only gaining strength in the final 60 days leading up to this election. Your immediate donation of $60 -- just one dollar per day -- will help me do just this.

Please don't sit on the sidelines and allow Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean steamroll me with their well-funded attacks. Take action today!

Your support, encouragement and prayers are always appreciated.


Michele Bachmann

P.S. My opponent and her liberal friends will be using the final 60 days of this campaign to attack me. Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean have thrown their full financial support to my opponent. Dean is the latest to target me for defeat, raising $22,000 in 24 hours for my opponent. Will you help me match this amount with a generous donation of $60 or more today? Any amount you can give up to the $2,400 legal limit is appreciated. I am confident, with your continued support, we will celebrate victory on November 2.