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Chris Christie compares the poor to petulant teens, but, see, he's the real victim here.


Chris Christie red meat

Chris Hayes and David Cay Johnston should have added the now-famous quote from Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich to this discussion of Chris Christie: He "deserves an ass-kicking":

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Chris Christie speaking to the Economic Club of Chicago:

I think that the problem we have is an opportunity gap, not an income equality gap. And I think that one of the big discussions in conversations over the course of the next two years in national politics is going to be, do you want mediocrity or do you want greatness?  You want income equality? That's mediocrity. Everybody can have an equal mediocre salary. That's what we can afford. Or do you want the opportunity for greatness? ...

Greatness is going to be based on your intellect, your hard work, your creativity. And government can play a role in helping to create that opportunity. But not in being the perpetual referee of what sounds like a fight between my 13-year-old son and my 10-year-old daughter: "You did this for him, that's not fair. Well, that's not fair, I want this to be fair." I grew up in an America that said, "Life isn't fair."

Yes, you heard right: Chris Christie is confusing income equality with salary equality. He thinks Democrats want every employed person in the country to be paid exactly the same salary.

Then he had the unmitigated gall to compare struggling families, people who are hurting, with petulant children, in effect blaming them!

family values my ass

To paraphrase Keith Olbermann, "That man is an idiot."

Here's a bonus video from The Rachel Maddow Show, just in case you're not up on the latest in the Bridgegate scandal:

chris christie bridgegate fundraise msnbc

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Maddow, on how the GOP is throwing a pity party for their guy Chris:

The New Jersey State Republican Party is now trying to raise money on the Bridge scandals. Specifically, they are trying to raise money by saying that news organizations should not be covering the scandal, and that's the real problem here.

Seriously, I'm not kidding... This is from the Star Ledger... They're quoting a fundraising email that the New Jersey Republican Party has sent out asking people to pledge $25 a month to the New Jersey Republican Party because of the Bridge scandal....

"Send us money because MSNBC keeps reporting on this story"??

To the people of Fort Lee, to the people who missed the first day of school or the first day of work, to the people who were late to appointments or their jobs by hours, for not just one day but for four days, to the person having a heart attack and the four people who were injured and needed to be moved by ambulance after a car wreck, to the parents of a missing child, to all those people who found that police and first responders could not get to them those days, to the people of Fort Lee and the hundreds of thousands of other New Jersey residents and commuters who had four days of this gridlock inflicted on them-- on purpose-- thanks to still-unexplained orders that came out of Gov. Christie's office, to all of the hundreds of thousands of people who were hurt here-- on purpose-- the New Jersey Republican Party would like you to know that the real outrage here is that this TV network [MSNBC] is reporting on what happened and trying to figure out the answers, but the Christie administration still won't provide.

They want you to know that we're the real outrage, and that they're the real victim. Not you.

They want the people of New Jersey to stand up! Not against this kind of corrupt and abusive outrage by their government. They want the people of New Jersey to stand up against us covering the story.

It's amazing, but it's good to know.


Chart: Taxes schmaxes. Three-Quarters of deficit reduction has been via spending cuts


taxes schmaxes

chart deficit cuts not taxes

With the state of the economy as it is today, stimulus is a good thing. Spending works when done right, but austerity is not what we need right now. Yet Republicans insist on austerity measures which, as we’ve witnessed and is painfully evident overseas, are one big fat fail.

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David Cay Johnston:

“They do not want him to succeed. There`s no question about that. They are assert that spending more money is wrong. We really need to be spending a lot more money, fixing up our infrastructure and creating jobs and making the economy run better.

Think Progress has way more than this so please link over:

When McConnell tried to claim on ABC’s This Week that revenue was off the table, anchor George Stephanopoulos wasn’t having it. And the numbers show he was exactly right.

I responded to McConnell's cut, cut, cut/stop spending gibberish here: VIDEO: Mitch McConnell is a lying, evasive GOP Sunday talk show hypocrite.


VIDEO: Which "dirty little tax secret" does Mitt Romney not want us to see?


via Mark Fiore, The San Francisco Chronicle

Hey, leader of the Republican party and presidential candidate Willard M. Romney, David Cay Johnston has five questions for you:

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Here is a whole lot of back story:

Will any journalist aggressively pursue Romney offshore assets story? Will any debate moderator? (regarding a Bermuda tax shelter that he failed to report)

Mitt Romney’s “fuzzy gray zones” that “look pretty strange for a presidential candidate” (regarding the August issue of Vanity Fair).

Come on, Willard, Americans from both parties are asking you for details about so many things you have(n't) said.

Now David Cay Johnston is making it easy on you by publicly giving out his phone number. Yes, you had a WaWa touchtone keypad epiphany, but even you know how to work a phone, right? Or do you have underlings do that for you, too?

And even your own party is frustrated enough to say things like, “Mr. Romney is jeopardizing his chance at becoming President… Campaign looks confused… politically dumb.”

Which brings me to an article at Business Insider in which Kenneth Thomas states what so many of us are thinking or have said right out loud, for that matter: It's Starting To Look Like Romney Has A Dirty Tax Secret Thomas's original post):

Romney's answer to any question about his taxes has basically been, "Trust me." But the guy's running for President, for Pete's sake. He owes us more than that. [...]

The standard answer of the Romney campaign to all this is that he always followed the law. As Jon Stewart had to point out since the major media did not, Romney did plenty to affect the law he was supposedly "just following," including his defense of the "covered interest" tax loophole that let him treat his fees at Bain as if they were capital gains (15% tax) rather than wages (35% tax). All perfectly legal and as Johnston points out in his book by that name, that is the real scandal. [...]

The easiest way for Governor Romney to put to rest what his campaign described to Shaxson as "unfounded allegations and insinuations" would be to release his tax returns. Yet he has not done so and shows no sign of changing his mind.

So, Willard, what's your dirty little tax secret? America can't simply "trust" you at this point, because you have yet to be straight with us.

What was it your hero Ronald Reagan said again? Oh yeah. "Trust but verify."

UPDATE (h/t: @BetNot), a bonus video just for good measure, "Bain Capital Executives' IRAs Swelled Under Unusual Investment Plan":

"The IRA accounts [that Bain set up]... saw a 1000-fold gain on their investment... that's 100,000%."