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Overnight:Canada:Montreal or Toronto - Better City to be Single?



Canada: an interesting look at the character of two Canadian cities - Montreal and Toronto based on street interviews. Which city is better for getting to know someone? I was surprised to see how different they are (or at least live up to their reputations) based on this relatively small sample.


Pure Sex


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Okay, it was only a matter of time for sudden urge to meet instant gratification.

Let's say you're out and about, feeling you want to do the "nasty" and you don't have time for your regular booty call. Or say you're traveling and want to make your visit something special, but you don't want to waste all that time with small talk, barroom chatter or even face rejection. Your urges have been answered with a new, proposed App which is in the works.

It's called Pure. This upcoming 'membership only' app promotes themselves as "the quick and safe way to find sex right now." If you visit their site, you'll find they advertise, "Get exactly what you want," "focus on sex," "straight to the point," "Leave no trace."

How can you beat that?

straight and same

So, you may be wondering how all this is going to work. Well, quite simply if you believe their claims to HuffPo:

Once you're a member and you decide you'd like to hook up, you submit a request. You say if you're looking for a man or a woman, and if you can host or travel. The app then presents you with some optional matches. Your photos are only visible to your matches, and no nudity is allowed on your profile photos. If you like a match, you choose him or her. If you both choose each other, you get connected.

Pure lets you find and meet up with someone to hook up while communicating very little, if you like. Just send pictures, say whether you're willing to travel or host, meet up, and do the deed. No chit-chat, no confusion, no time "wasted."

That sure seems easy enough -- at least on the surface. But do people, especially straight women, really want anonymous sex?  Isn't safety an issue here?

This was brought up with Cindy Gallup who runs a quasi-similar hook-up site called Make Love, Not Porn. Her conjecture is interesting:

"If I'm going to have sex with a stranger, I need to know that this is not a complete and total weirdo, that he's not going to rape and mutilate me," said Gallop. "Women need to know more about the stranger they're going to have sex with."

But it seems the people developing Pure have already considered that and gave it some serious thought.

"The idea that women are better protected with someone whom she already knows is proven wrong with the level of domestic violence," Sidorenko (creator of Pure app) told HuffPost in an email in response to Gallop's comments. "Historically, females have been most often victimized by someone they knew."

Somehow I find this all a bit shady, unseemly and dirty. I guess if others feel that way, this is bound to be a huge success. Move over Grinder, Tinder and Adult Friends Finder, there's a new kid coming to town. And he's got you in his/her sites.

I asked for permission and became a beta tester for a day. They had me list what I was looking for in a one night stand. I put down that I was a man, looking for a hot woman, meet at her place. I was looking for someone good at small talk, interested in politics and was wild in bed. I pressed send and instantly, look whose picture came up -- I guess they still have a few kinks to work out:

Michele Bachmann

Now I wouldn't "tease" you with all of this if I didn't have Pure app's official video. It should answer any further questions you may have about the purposefulness of the app. You  might want to watch it privately, though. You're bound to draw a crowd around your computer if you view it at work.


What's Wrong With This Picture?


I love to watch movie trailers and target films for future viewing.   My wife and I go twice a month with three other couples to dinner and a flick.  So, needles to say, we're always on the lookout for something different and fun.  Not easy to find.  The other night, after watching Man of Steel, we were talking about upcoming titles and someone mentioned Adore.  I hadn't heard of it but found the trailer.  How could I help but have my curiosity piqued.  It was written by Christopher Hampton, Oscar winning screenwriter.  It stars two-time Oscar nominee, Naomi Watts and multi-time Emmy and Golden Globe nominated actress, Robin Wright.  What could go wrong?  Watch this trailer and judge for yourself:

Sometimes a movie is provocative, coming from a better understanding of human nature.  Other times it deals with unusual circumstances that are often swept under the carpet or kept quiet for reasons of guilt or shame.  But generally there's an enlightenment.  What am I missing here?


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