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Video Mid Day Distraction- Courageous Woman Facing Double Mastectomy Throws Flash Dance Party in the OR


Brava!! Via Gawker-

As Deborah Cohan entered the operating room at San Francisco's Mt. Zion Hospital to undergo a double mastectomy, she would have been fully within her rights to go ballistic and throw stuff around.

Instead, however, she decided to throw an "flash mob dance party" to Beyoncé's "Get Me Bodied" with her entire medical team contributing their best moves.

Cohan, a mother of two and an OBGYN by trade, danced a step further, asking her friends and family to record their own "Get Me Bodied Flash Mob" wherever they happen to be at the time — "in the kitchen, the carwash, subway platform [Dan!], classroom, Labor and Delivery unit, wherever!" — and upload the result to YouTube.


Video Mid Day Distraction- Dancing Car Salesman


We all need a little boogie in our car buying experience! Via.


Video Mid Day Distraction- Dancin' Grammy Rocks It


I'm old, I'm jaded, and I rarely LOL. This woman had me gasping for breathe. God bless her and her life spirit. Hope I'm the same. Via.


Video Mid Day Distraction- Raw: George Takei Leads 'Chicken Dance' at Oktoberfest in Ohio


It's always a good time for The Chicken Dance. More here.


Video- Bill Nye the Science Guy to appear on 'Dancing With the Stars'



I laughed when I first read this, then I remembered a video from a while back of Nye at an after conference party. Looks like a punk baby to me.

He's got energy, and he knows how to do a choreographed dance. Got Bristol beat all to pieces already.

Bill Nye has a message for anyone who thinks he'll be easy to beat on the upcoming season of "Dancing With the Stars": He's The Science Guy, not Mr. Nice Guy.

"We're in this to win this," Nye said. "I mean, I went to a pretty tough engineering school and then I worked in children's television with 'Sesame Street' and 'Mr. Rogers.' I played in that league."

Besides, Nye said his scientific expertise is going to give him a leg up on his less scientifically methodical competition.

And, at least according to his professional partner, newcomer to the show Tyne Stecklein, it's not all just talk.

"He's a great student. He's very smart, obviously, which helps," Stecklein said. "He picks things up really quickly and he gets it and he enjoys it. And he works really hard."



What's Wrong With This Picture? Nothing. Make Dance, Not War


What's wrong

Public uproar is echoing all throughout Israel. Why?

This video is the cause. It shows two Israeli soldiers, joining in among a throng of Palestinians, dancing with them, not firing upon them. It's a peaceful gesture, not a warlike, confrontational one. Perhaps a bit more dancing and a lot less shooting would lead to something constructive in the way of peace in this long, war torn area.

What we have to ask is why being moved by mutual love of music is wrong, and a government-sanctioned, staged soccer game between Israelis and Palestinians is okay? Isn't using spontaneous rhythm better and than guns and grenades? How can peace be achieved if soldiers are relieved of duty and punished for furthering a peace "movement?"

According to HuffPo World reporting:

An Israeli military spokesman said today that it considered the incident on Monday as “serious”.

He added that “the soldiers exposed themselves to unnecessary danger and were disciplined accordingly”.

Reports said that those involved had been suspended from duty.

The television channel said that the club was frequented by members of a Palestinian clan known for its pro-Hamas tendencies.  Hebron has been a flashpoint of violence between Jews and Palestinians for decades.

I'm married to an Israeli woman. So if anyone pays special attention to the war zone, it's a Sabra (native born Israeli) and his/her family.

Our household finds the dancing together a hopeful sign of peace when the region is so wrought with fear and tension. It's not like the official and staged for publicity Palestinian-Israeli talks the government are having are producing better results. Maybe less Knesset, less Bibbi Netenyahu and more good ol' friendly neighbor-to-neighbor negotiations might be in order. Play on Psy. Maybe you'll get more than a Grammy. Maybe the Nobel Peace Prize is in your future.


Video Overnight Thread- Dancing London Police Officers Goes Viral


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