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Overnight: Flash Dance Mob in Chandigarh, India


Flash Dance Mob Chandigarh

From YouTube

Flash Mob at Elante Mall powered by Vodafone

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These are some amazing dancers!


Overnight: Gamelan Bali (Balinese Gamelan) - Traditional Music


Gamelan Balinese

You can find gamelan music all through Indonesia. This video is from Bali.

From YouTube:

Bali Island is one of the thousands islands constructing the Indonesian Archipelago that has long been famous as a leading tourist destination in South Pacific or even in the world for its exotic and vibrant art and culture, natural beauties and the hospitality of the people.

You can read more here.



Overnight: Kennett Timepieces Valentine's Day Flashmob in Glasgow


I love flash mobs!

There's a long, solo saxophone solo. Skip ahead to around 1:50 or, since it's almost Valentine's Day, to 2:14 when the magic starts.

The video is by Dominic Martin Photography.


Video Overnight Thread- Meet the flyest six year old dancer around


She reminds me of Michael Jackson at that age. Via.