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Image: Reuters

California wildfires in San Diego force evacuations

Crime Still Isn't Devouring Denver 4 Months After Legal Pot

It’s not the secular world that’s hyper-sexual

This GOP primary debate for Idaho governor is so bonkers, we don’t know where to start

‘Libtard’-hating ex-police chief is back with profane video rant and reality TV show deal

Turkish mine disaster: Unions hold protest strike

US fast food staff protests over wages spread globally


Video Mid Day Distraction- POV Footage of Legendary Stratos Jump




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Audio- Ted Cruz's Dad Suggests Obama Is A Muslim


Man, this dud does not deserve a platform. If I wanted to hear this shit, I'd just go hang out on Calle Ocho and lose at dominoes. Something about the acorn and tree. Via.


Video- Meet The Press: David Gregory Thumps Ted Cruz-'You Haven't Moved Anybody'



Cruz Refuses The "No Budget, No Pay" Bill.



Where's Rafael 'Ted' Cruz's resolve? Where's his spine, the conviction of his words? After his marathon speech the other day, Senator Barbara Boxer asked the Texas Senator to sign on to her Pay Your Bills or Lose Your Pay Act of 2013, legislation.

What it says, according to co-author Barbara Boxer is simple -- From the Barbara Boxer Senate Website:

legislation that would prevent Members of Congress from being paid should they fail to raise the debt ceiling and the government defaults on its bills.

“If members of Congress are willing to let America become a deadbeat nation by not paying our bills, we should not be paid our salaries,” Senator Boxer said. “Our legislation would help prevent a catastrophic default by putting pressure on lawmakers to do the right thing and honor our nation’s financial obligations.”

On MSNBC, Senator Boxer just said that she asked Senator Cruz to sign onto her bill. He refused. And what is his reason? There was none, because as you can see, he wouldn't be losing any money, only experience a delay in receiving it. It's an incentive to work toward a solution.

If the government fails to increase the debt ceiling, the legislation would require the salaries for Members of Congress to be placed in an escrow account until the debt ceiling is increased, or the end of the session, whichever occurs first. The measure is based on the “no budget, no pay” language signed into law when the debt ceiling was increased in January 2013.

I'm crazyAny sane person who's interest is in coming to a consensus on the budget and the debt ceiling would have no problem signing this pledge unless their intentions are to drag this on and take the country down. Where's Cruz's patriotism?


Video- Fox Legal Analyst Andrew Napolitano: UN Arms Treaty May Lead To World Government Controlling Us All


Just the screen grab makes me want to hurt someone. Via MM.


Senator Jim DeMented


Jim DeMint

Fortunately for us, we have people like Rachel Maddow who sometimes get the opportunity to go face to face with hate-mongers and ignorant people and lecture them, pointing  out the absurdity of their remarks and statements... This past Sunday, she did so quite eloquently in confronting Senator Jim DeMint who's claim to history is he's a woman hating, immigrant attacking, anti-education, doofus.  His outrageous stupidity in the senate make one ask what the people of South Carolina were thinking when they elected him and reelected him.  Then again, this is the same state who elected their corrupt, (both morally and legally) ex-governor as a U.S. Congressman.  And we wonder why public opinion of our House of Representatives and Senate is at record, all-time lows.

Well, for a good smack-down, listen to Rachel: