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VIDEO: "Mr. and Mrs. Lawmaker, if you want to write your Bible on my organs, you better be there when I am down on my knees pleading for relief from your morality."


I had never seen this before. Now it's tattooed into my brain.

Powerful, heart-wrenching, excruciating, beautiful.

on May 4, 2010

Lauren Zuniga performs a poem for the Oklahoma legislators that continually propose anti-choice legislation. The bill referred to here would require women to receive an ultrasound and listen to the baby's heartbeat before an abortion. It is still being challenged in court. Since 2010, various other bills including, "No Fetus in Food" and "Personhood" have been introduced as a way to circumvent Roe V. Wade and shame women. View more poems at


AUDIO: Media Matters Announces Ad Campaign To Run On Rush Limbaugh's Competitor Stations


Hey Rush, you're finally getting what you deserve. The following press release and audios were sent to me this morning:

Washington, DC -- Today, Media Matters for America announced a multi-city radio ad campaign aimed at educating listeners about Rush Limbaugh’s 46 personal attacks on Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke. Besides calling her a “slut” and a “prostitute,” the ad notes that over the course of three days, Limbaugh claimed Fluke is having so much sex “it’s amazing she can still walk” and said she should post sex “videos online so we all can watch.”

“At any other place of business, this type of language would earn, at the very least, a trip to human resources. Mr. Limbaugh's 46 smears were broadcast on hundreds of commercial radio stations, and he has yet to be held accountable by his syndicator or even issue a complete apology.” said Angelo Carusone, Campaign Director at Media Matters for America. "And, because neither Mr. Limbaugh nor his employer took responsibility, it fell upon the general public and business interests to act accordingly. These ads will empower listeners with the information they need to continue those efforts to foster a more accountable and responsible media." 

Learn more at


PhotOH! Dedicated to Darrell Issa and Rush Limbaugh + bonus VIDEO: Mass Advertiser Exodus In 60 Seconds


John Cole of Balloon Juice infamy found this on the Facebook machine.

Su. Perb:

Not a man in sight. Remember, this all started because of Darrell Issa's decision to bar a woman from his all-male panel testifying about women's contraception.

Note the meat tenderizer.

Sandra Fluke, look at the wonderful onslaught of attention to women's rights you unleashed.



RNC considers selling TV rights of presidential primary debates


If I tried I couldn't come up with anything more appropriate to define the Republican Party.

Washington (CNN) -- The Republican National Committee is considering sanctioning the GOP presidential primary debates and then selling the broadcast rights to news outlets, two Republicans with knowledge of the idea tell CNN.

The proposal was mentioned last week during a meeting of top RNC officials and a handful of political operatives representing potential GOP presidential candidates.


It is unclear if it is legal for the RNC to sell the broadcasting rights or whether it would constitute a prohibited political contribution in the eyes of federal law.

Also unknown is whether news outlets would pay to exclusively air a presidential primary debate. CNN and several other news organizations have already announced plans to hold presidential primary debates in 2011 and 2012.