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US Officials Rule That Monkey Selfies Cannot Be Copyrighted


Monkey Selfie

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online Bad news for the British photographer who allowed a curious monkey to take a selfie using his equipment – or, indeed, any of us looking to allow wild animals to borrow our smartphones or cameras to take self-portraits – US officials have issued new rules declaring that…


F-Word Beer: Cure For The New Years Hangover


Exit 6 Pub

C'mon, if you didn't have one too many on New Years Eve, chances are you had a bit to imbibe yesterday on New Years Day with the Rose Parade. Maybe you wanted to sober up with a stop at Starbucks and grab a fresh Frappacino. But, maybe in your slightly inebriated state you missed your destination by a block and instead stopped at  Exit 6 Pub and Brewery, in Cottleville, Missouri. Luckily for you, when you muttered the word Frappacino, the attendant poured you a fresh one from the tap. Yikes, it was beer and not coffee. You looked around and realized you were in an unfamiliar small independent bar and not the standard, uniform confines of the huge Starbucks chain. Gone was the Starbucks green circle with the queen mermaid in it (or whoever she is). No one asked if you wanted a Vente or Grande. They just brought you a glass -- not a paper cup. Damn, you were taken. You were fooled. It's as if you had just crossed over the line and found yourself in a modern day episode of the TWILIGHT ZONE.

Starbucks frappacino

Well, as silly as this sounds, check out the attached video. It seems everyone's favorite coffee shop, the Mega huge Starbucks, took umbridge and issued a cease and desist letter to the owners of Exit 6 Pub and Brewery. This single location bar's response to the demand letter is nothing short of hysterical -- snarkiness to the "nth" degree. The entire correspondence can be found here, courtesy of HuffPo. The back and forth between both Starbucks' lawyers and Exit 6 Pub's proprietor is priceless.

From now on, Frappacino Beer at Exit 6 Pub will be henceforth be known as 'F-word beer' to avoid any confusion. And so there's no hard feelings and in a show of good faith, Exit 6 Pub returned the entire $6 profit made from the mistake. Now if that teaser has you wanting to know more, check out the hysterical news coverage of this brew-haha (intentionally misspelled)  below:


Here we go again: "Friday Night Lights" creator asks Romney to drop show line from stump speech


Republicans often get into hot water with creative types. Here are a few examples:

Team Romney is no exception:

Now it's October 12, 2012, and the creator of the TV series “Friday Night Lights” is all over Willard for using the show's regularly-used phrase “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose” in the candidate's stump speech. He called it "plagiarism" but didn't threaten any legal action.

The L.A. Times:

“Your politics and campaign are clearly not aligned with the themes we portrayed in our series,” [show creator Peter] Berg wrote. [...]

Berg said use of the expression “falsely and inappropriately” associated the GOP campaign with the hit television show.

He said the only character on the show who might appropriately be associated with Romney would be the character of the car salesman, Buddy Garrity, who gives up on American autos to sell Japanese makes.


Closed eyes, full of crap, can lose.


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Here we go yet AGAIN: Producers pull "Romney Girl" video


Per Greg Mitchell, Universal Media Group has ordered the producers of the "Romney Girl" video to "cease and desist" using the song "Barbie Girl."

The video is now set to "private" on YouTube.

Let's recap, shall we?

Team Romney, what’samatta you?

February 2012: Rapper K’Naan seeking legal action against him for using his song

July 16, 2012: Oops! Team Romney campaign ad “no longer available due to copyright claim”

August 16, 2012: Team Romney busted again! L.A. band: “We don’t like people going behind our backs using our music without asking, and we don’t like the Romney campaign.”

And now… September 2012: 'Romney Girl' Ordered to Shut Up!

UPDATE: Please forgive my lack of clarity, I was not at my best when I wrote this post. The "Romney Girl" video in question is a not pro-Romney. My point should have been more obvious: Stop using songs without permission, period, no matter whose side you're on.

H/t: @phive0phor