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Who says size doesn't matter?


Link to tweet.

Livewire has a great post contrasting the Obama and Romney campaigns. Here's a teaser with a few direct quotes:

Size: At the first rally, in Ohio, President Obama and the First Lady attracted 14,000 supporters. There were about 18,000 total seats. Then a little later, in Virginia, 8,000 packed VCU, which was a capacity crowd. Per Livewire, "both crowds dwarfed anything Romney’s been able to draw so far." In fact, "Romney crowds are still usually measured in the hundreds."

Passive vs Active: Per Livewire, "Everywhere you turned, supporters were being asked to hand the Obama campaign a phone number, address or social media account handle... This is not the scene at a Romney rally...  Ann and Mitt Romney rarely if ever talk about voter registration."

Diversity: Guess.

Hint, quoting from Livewire:  "Romney’s crowds, by contrast, tend to be whiter and older. ... [F]or now, the diversity is found at Obama’s rallies."

In other words, exactly what you might have anticipated. Dinky, demographically challenged assemblies vs. major, motivated, ultra-mixed crowds.

Now go over and read all of it here. Today was a good day for Team Obama.


Yet another Obama vs. Romney VIDEO: "Wooot!" vs. "Zzzzzzz."


See the sleepy faces flanking Willard?

The embarrassing contrasts between President Obama and Willard M. Romney just keep on rolling in. In our last episodes, we pointed and laughed at Cool vs. Not Cool, shook our heads slowly at Commander In Chief Obama vs. “Not Worth Trying To Catch Bin Laden” Mitt Romney, and now here comes Woot! vs. Zzzzzzz.

If it weren't for voter suppression, gobs of super PAC cash, and hatred of the president, I'd say this was no contest.

Via the wonderful Benjy Sarlin at TPM, where there are more details:

I'll take cool, gutsy, and Wooot! over awkward, removed, and Zzzzzz any day, and apparently, so will young voters:

Mostly sticking to his go-to stump topics, Romney delivered a sleepy address to students at the Ohio school, some of whom seemed to struggle to stay awake. Sometimes it was a losing struggle. [...]

The reactions from students in attendance leaves something to be desired — especially when you compare their subdued, seated observance of Romney’s speech with the raucous reception Obama received this week.


Obama Will Triumph — So Will America


Here are a couple of good links for you:

I am a Republican and I stand for...

And Frank Schaeffer's Obama will triumph-- so will America.

During President Obama's excellent speech in Ohio a few minutes ago, I tweeted this:

Republicans scare, Democrats care.

He was inspirational tonight. Shades of 2008. Yes we can!