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The Price of Palin: $15 per Word Spoken During FOX Contract


I hope she invested wisely 'cause that's probably the last bit of grifting she'll be asked to do for a long time. The whole article is fascinating, so go read it.

Sarah Palin uttered more than 189,000 words over 150 appearances on various FOX broadcasts during her three years as an analyst at the network, or $15.85 per word

With the three-year contract now expired between FOX News and Sarah Palin, there is a wealth of commentary made by the former Alaska Governor and GOP Vice-Presidential nominee to dissect.

Palin, who was paid a reported $1 million per year as a contributor to FOX since mid-January 2010 when FOX announced her signing, may not have made quite the splash her employers had hoped during this three-year period, and would, on occasion go weeks between appearances.

So, did the network get their money's worth?


For those who were concerned, Rachel Maddow's contract has been renewed


Many many nervous tweets came my way from people who were very concerned that Rachel Maddow's recent, and prolonged, absence from the Tee Vee Machine meant that she was following in the footsteps of Keith Olbermann and Cenk Uygur and not returning. I had no such angst because MSNBC continued to air promos for her show, which they most likely would have replaced with those of a host with a secure job.

I'm happy to say I was right. Via TPM:

MSNBC has extended her contract well beyond the 2012 election, The Hollywood Reporter reports. [...]

As The Hollywood Reporter points out, Maddow's ratings continue to grow. And she is MSNBC's highest rated anchor, the Huffington Post reports.

However, she has a a $50 million lawsuit for slander and false light to contend with. MSNBC is blowing the lawsuit off, calling it "baseless."

MSNBC needs Rachel. Her reporting is top notch, and she often delves into topics that nobody else will touch or devote time to. While many were hoping she'd hop over to Current, it's better that we have at least two outlets for progressive views, as scarce as they are on the so-called "liberal" media.


Whistleblower "Bunny" Greenhouse wins nearly $1 million settlement in case involving Halliburton subsidiary, Kellogg Brown & Root


Today's Moment of Happy comes from WaPo. I'm not sure why it's being overlooked; this is the first I've heard about this outcome:

After years of fighting the government, Bunnatine (Bunny) Greenhouse, a whistleblower who was demoted after exposing problems with a sole source contract related to the invasion of Iraq, has won an almost $1 million settlement. [...]

Beyond the particulars of her situation, Greenhouse said her case makes it “loud and clear that federal employees need better laws” to protect them if they engage in whistleblowing.

The Greenhouse settlement with the Army Corps of Engineers closes a high profile government whistleblowing case that involved a Halliburton subsidiary, Kellogg Brown and Root. [...]

...Greenhouse said her working conditions had deteriorated to the point that someone rigged a trip cord in her office last year, causing her to fall ...

And this isn't making the rounds. Unbelievable. President Obama's "Look forward, not backwards" doesn't work in legal cases, considering every crime ever in the history of time was committed... in the past.


Bachmann Family Clinic may have violated contract: "No religious based counseling"


My original 2010 post about Marcus Bachmann and his "ungay" clinic. Others here.

Below is a screen grab of an excerpt from the Bachmann & Associates, Inc. clinic overview, the same clinic run by Michele Bachmann's husband, the same clinic that received "big government handouts", the same handouts that Michele denied she and Mr. Michele benefited from.

In the contract with the U.S. government was this provision:

XXIII.3 “GRANTEE agrees that no religious based counseling shall take place under the auspices of this grant.”

Now here is just one excerpt from the "program overview". There are others that are similar:


If she and her husband can't adhere to such a simple rule, and if Candidate Michele can't comprehend basic facts and/or rules in general, it's a safe bet to state unequivocally, right here and right now, that she is unqualified to hold the office of president, or vice president... or any other public office, for that matter.

Think Progress has more.


Firm tied to Blackwater gets Afghan contract


How many more contracts will be awarded to these murderers by our State Department, and how many times must we ask?

A firm affiliated with the former Blackwater security company has been awarded a contract to provide protection to U.S. consulates and diplomats in the Afghan cities of Herat and Mazar-e Sharif, a U.S. State Department official confirmed on Saturday. [...]

The deal is a one-year contract with an option to extend up to 18 months. If the contract is fulfilled for that entire period, it would be more than $120 million.

Come on, isn't there another group with a cleaner past?  There must be something in Blackwater's past history that would prevent them from bidding on contracts. It couldn't possibly be the best qualified company to work in Afghanistan!

The State Department official, insisting on anonymity, said past history with Blackwater did not prevent U.S. Training Center from bidding on contracts and that in this case the company was the best qualified for the work in Afghanistan.

Seriously, what are they thinking? While they're at it, why not hire BP?

Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Illinois) agrees. She's pushing to get rid of private contractors like Xe:

"Instead of punishing Blackwater for its extensive history of serious abuses the State Department is rewarding the company with up to $120 million in taxpayer funds [...] Though the name Blackwater has become synonymous with the worst of contractor abuses, the bigger problem is our dangerous reliance on such companies for the business of waging war."

The congresswoman has introduced legislation that would phase these thugs out, and with good reason. Her point about relying on them to fight our battles-- isn't that what our military is for? And if it's a question of low numbers, find a way. Our military is top notch, but hey, Blackwater pays better. You'd think we'd figure out a way to compensate, wouldn't you?


Report: David Shuster denies filming CNN pilot


UPDATE: David Shuster corrects the record.

Original post:

The Twitterverse misses David Shuster. Tee Vee fans miss David Shuster. I miss David Shuster. Nikki Schwab has some news about him, but just a little.

He still plays for the Metropolitan Media Softball League softball team, despite the kerfuffles. In fact, as long as he's technically employed by NBC, he can do that. He's on paid vacation until his contract is up, which I believe is in December.

Here's another newsworthy little tidbit:

[S]ources say, he has been telling friends that he never filmed a pilot with CNN but merely interviewed with them, which is within his right.

Apparently, however, that was still strike three.