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VIDEO: Gov. Chris Christie says "I hear you, boy, I hear you" to African American man during town hall meeting


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This exchange took place in a Paterson, New Jersey church during a town hall meeting. Governor Chris Christie said this in response to an African American man who yelled out, "Fix the public schools!"

"You can yell all you want about 'Fix the public schools.' Yeah, I hear you, boy, I hear you."

So was Christie calling the man "Boy," or was he saying, "Boy, I hear you" as in, boy oh boy?

You tell me. My feeling is that, even if he didn't mean to offend, he could have chosen his words more carefully to avoid any misunderstanding. What he did was insensitive and showed a need for more, erm, self-awareness, not exactly his forte.

HuffPo has more, including this:

At the same event, Christie referred to Democratic Speaker Sheila Oliver only by her race and gender, prompting the pastor at the church to demand an apology.

Meanwhile, please take another look at why Chris Christie really is, and never has been, the "moderate" people say he is: Enough about what a great Democrat Chris Christie would make, okay? and VIDEO: Chris Christie not conservative? Bull pucky. Check out his record and Think for yourself. Ask questions. Do your homework.

Boy oh boy, is he not Democrat material.

Via Raw Story and, h/t: reader Bruce.


VIDEO: Chris Christie not conservative? Bull pucky. Check out his record.


chris christie record conservative

In a previous guest post by our good friend @Anomaly100, CPAC Insider says Chris Christie ‘not a conservative’. Bull pucky. He's just better at appealing to a broader spectrum of voters than your typical right winger, and he has his Moments of Reasonable.

As I posted here in Think for yourself. Ask questions. Do your homework, Chris Christie is, indeed, a conservative, not some moderate Republican who should "switch to the Democratic party" as many of my more naive and/or trusting Twitter pals suggest. Just because he said “There is only one group to blame: the House majority and their Speaker, John Boehner” proves only that he occasionally contradicts his fellow Republicans with an eye toward his political future. As I said in my post:

Suddenly, because of one moment of justified outrage by this conservative, egocentric blowhard, I’m hearing how Democrats who couldn’t stand the guy are now saying they’re “fans.” That’s the word I’ve heard today, “fans.” And as I wrote in that very post, Chris Christie is indeed charismatic, even entertaining, and of course, blunt. But let’s not forget that he’s still rude, nasty, and this guy: Link. Link. ...

One good deed, one positive news cycle, one moment of clarity or leadership does not warrant unconditional praise or represent a 180 turnaround. Approval, yes. But being that easily impressed and elevating someone so undeserving to hero status is mystifying. Qualifying such a leap in adoration would be helpful.

To further drive the point home, here Christie is at last year's CPAC bragging about how he didn't work with the Democratic legislature to balance the budget (H/t: @Litzz11) (Relevant segment starts at about 2:15):

Here is the Ed Show segment from which the image was grabbed:

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 My favorite line came from E.J. Dionne:

"Well, I think the car of this CPAC conference is going to be the Edsel. I mean, this is a really backward-looking meeting when you look at the guests they have."


Oh snap! Sen. Sherrod Brown's wife, columnist Connie Schultz, bursts conservative blogger's self-righteous balloon


Connie Schultz is the Pulitzer prize-winning columnist who is married to Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown. You may have seen her on The Rachel Maddow Show:

She's sharp as a tack and shouldn't be messed with, especially by right wing ignorami:

I bet they've even engaged in mad sex... while using contraceptives.

by Dokuro

She still hasn't heard back from Mr. Name Deleted.

Link to the Facebook page.


H/t: Greg Ostravich

And now, because it's election season and we'll be extra busy, we GottaAsk:

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VIDEO, Poll-itics: Romney’s more "severely conservative" than Santorum, Pres. Obama more severely likable than Romney



DNC Video "Mitt Romney: More Severely Conservative than Rick Santorum"



Wisconsin's Justice David Prosser can kiss his re-election good-bye


If he wasn't already, he's toast now. Here's why, via JSOnline:

For background, all previous posts on Prosser here.

H/t: Rollingingraves


Scott Walker ally, WI Supreme Court Justice Prosser, loses endorsement of hometown paper


Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser

Remember Justice David Prosser who called the state Chief Justice a “total bitch” who he “will destroy. And yes, the very same one who announced he would “[protect] the conservative judicial majority and [act] as a common sense compliment to both the new administration and legislature,” and who has allegedly made “promises” (or threats, depending on your perspective) to veer far to the right both during and after the election if attacked by the “left” during the campaign? And who let corporate lobbyists write judicial ethics rules?

What a guy.

Apparently, a couple of newspapers are rescinding their endorsements of him, including his hometown paper:

So, what do we do? Let bygones be bygones?

We can't. The Post-Crescent endorses JoAnne Kloppenburg.


Conservative Republican mayoral candidate: Bombing abortion clinics "may cross my mind."


Mike Hogan and Rick Mullaney are both conservative Republican anti-choice candidates who are running for mayor of Jacksonville, Florida. They took part in a mayoral forum, and were discussing Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that allows abortions.

Hogan said "it was an awful decision by an awful court."

Then awful Hogan made the awful decision to say the following awful thing:

Hogan added that the only thing he wouldn't do was bomb an abortion clinic, then the law-and-order advocate added, with a laugh, "but it may cross my mind."

The audience applauded.

It crossed my mind that this ass is not qualified to run for anything.

Hang on, this just in. Mr. "Pro-Life" Hogan said it was all just a joke. Isn't he a laugh riot?

"If I've got to measure everything I say, I mean, I'm not going to be politically correct," Hogan said. "That was a joke. This was an audience for this. This is a Catholic Church. I guarantee you they are 110 percent pro-life."

"110 percent pro-life" like these people, Mike?

And by all means, mock political correctness and keep right on "joking" about the murder of innocent doctors doing their jobs after having been intimidated and threatened, having their patients' and their own professional and personal lives disrupted. Living in fear is so gosh darned gut-busting... literally.  Persecution and assassination are clearly right wing humor faves, so please, laugh your damn fool head off.

You know what they say in ConservativeLand: Love the fetus, ignore-- or feel free to kill-- anyone else. Then joke about it.