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VIDEO: Why Newt Gingrich never made that "congratulations" call to Mitt Romney


Newton Leroy is "very comfortable," not angry. Got that? 

Oh, and apparently Willard is the new Soros darling. Poor President Obama, he's been replaced!

Using that logic, the Koch brothers should start throwing their billions at the president's campaign, thus putting the "united" in Citizens United.

Via Mark Halperin, h/t: Taegan


Joe Miller Ends Fight, Concedes Alaska Race


What took you so long, Shmoe?

JUNEAU, Alaska -- Republican Joe Miller is ending his fight over Alaska's U.S. Senate seat, conceding the race to his bitter rival, incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

I guess he decided on his own terms how long he'd make a fool of himself. He sure showed us. He's his own ass, er, man.