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Good things come in small packages. Take local gun safety laws, for example.


good things come in small packages

I cannot begin to count the number of times that I've posted about how important it is to support and elect Progressive candidates from the bottom up, meaning local school boards, city councils, you name it. Eventually, they can, and often do, work their way up the political ladder to holding state and national seats.

But starting small works (albeit slowly), because good things come in small packages. Take Exeter, for example.

Via ABC:

Voters in a small Rhode Island town defeated an effort by gun rights activistsSaturday to recall four sitting town councilors who had proposed changing the way gun permits are issued.

The rare recall election was prompted by gun rights supporters who said the four Exeter council members ignored their objections to a failed proposal to allow the attorney general to oversee the town's concealed weapons permits. [...] Town election officials reported a higher than expected turnout, with 63 percent voting against the recall. [...]

Councilor William Monahan said he saw the results as more of a victory of local politics over outside interests. [...]

Added Councilor Cal Ellis, "None of us here in Exeter are trying to deny someone the right to own guns. What I would hope is the results of this election would send a message that there are people — a silent majority — who would support a change in the way that we process concealed carry permits."



Saturday, Dec 14th Will Be A Moment of Silence -- After A Year of NRA Imposed Congressional Silence


Newtown moment of silence

This coming Saturday, there will be a national moment of silence for those victims of  the Newtown shootings. It will be a year to the day. And in that time of tragedy and immediately afterwards, the brave families and friends of the Connecticut shootings pushed, pressed and pleaded with Congress to do something so this tragedy would never be repeated. Children and teachers would be safe in schools.

All sorts of ideas were floated about and most commonly agreed upon by the public was the need to install some stronger background checks on the new purchasers of guns and rifles. Polls showed a whopping 90% or more of the public approved this measure.

But it fell on deaf ears. Those ears of our elected officials who are in the pocket of the Second Amendment/NRA extremists and alarmists. Those are the frauds who don't understand what representation means. It's not stuffing their pockets with graft and corruption money, it's doing our bidding. How can you go wrong as a representative doing your job and representing your district's overwhelming wishes? You can't. But the 113th Congress has. Ninety percent approval by the national public and this wasn't good enough for the cowards in Congress to  move. The only sound they seem to recognize is "ca-ching" -- the lobbyist money coming into their coffers.

Maybe a friendly reminder -- this video below -- will get you and our elected officials off their asses and let justice and prevention shine. We didn't pull the trigger at Sandy Hook, but we are contributing to the risks in all future mass murders. Background checks are simple and they can save lives. Are you prepared to take a stand? Let your Congressperson know with a call, an email and your vote.

Here's the commercial from the group: Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense In America. 

Don't forget to pay your respects on December 14th. Email your Congressperson and demand they join you and then vow to take a stand for gun purchase background checks. It's easy to do. Just click here.


Sheriff Let's Drunk Driving, Pistol Packing Man Go -- Florida Justice Again


Nick finch arrested

So, driving while intoxicated (DUI) in Florida isn't a crime. Carrying a concealed weapon without a permit in Florida isn't a crime. And destroying evidence of a crime in Florida, isn't a crime. At least it's not if you're Liberty County, Florida Sheriff Nick Finch — who is accused of illegally acting on behalf of Floyd Parrish, an intoxicated driver, arrested on a concealed weapons charge.

Here's some background from the Raw Story:

Finch was arrested after it came to light that he helped Floyd Parrish, who had been pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving and was found to be carrying a concealed weapon without a permit. According to the arrest warrant, Sheriff Finch took the arrest file from Sgt. Lisa Smith, freed Parrish, and told Sgt. Smith not to file any charges.

What seems to be lost in whether or not this is a 2nd amendment issue at all is that Floyd Parrish was stopped for being intoxicated, crime one. Second: illegal gun possession. So as it turns out he was loaded in more ways than one.

The third crime here was the cover-up -- the destruction of police booking documents and evidence of the crime. And that's perhaps the most shocking. That's on Sheriff Finch.

And now he's going to be tried. I'm quite confident that in Florida, with their history of jurisprudence and justice lately, the sheriff will be acquitted, back in his office shortly after the jury's sworn in. Innocent and free to endanger his community again.

So why the people of  Liberty County backing the Sheriff in this situation is outrageous. They live in the area where the man was driving while impaired. He could have killed somebody. As it turns out, this man was in possession of two deadly weapons-- a car and a pistol and he was intoxicated. But does the public care about that? Evidently not.

Is there any concern that their sheriff destroyed evidence of other crimes? "That's nothing. We've got a gun charge here and we're gonna  make sure it don't stick. Nobody takes our guns and gets away with it."

Floyd Parrish could have used either one of his two deadly weapons to kill somebody that night, while intoxicated. Evidently that means nothing to these ignoramuses, including the sheriff. This isn't a second amendment issue. It's a personal and community safety issue. Drunk and driving don't mix. And neither does drunk and pistol packing. Why's that concept so hard to understand?

Oh, yeah, that's right. This is Florida.


Video- Ed Schultz Interviews Teacher Wanting To Carry Gun In Class Without Telling Parents


This interview was painful in how clueless the woman was. Via.


Gun sales skyrocket after Wisconsin legalizes concealed carry



This makes me want to scream. People own guns, that's fine (although I can't stand the sight of them), but why is this becoming so terribly urgent? Why must gun owners carry them around, hidden, on the ready? On the ready for what? Why are they so afraid?

Oh, that's right, the black guy in the White House is going to take their weapons away so he can rule the world and magically rid the United States of white people.

Check out the third paragraph, via

MADISON — Wisconsin's concealed carry law isn't even a month old, but thousands of your friends and neighbors already have permission to pack heat and they're buying up the hardware to do it.

Wisconsin became the 49th state to allow residents to carry concealed weapons this month. Questions about liability still linger, but gun sales have increased across the state and the state Justice Department has been deluged with so many permit requests it's already scrambling to keep up.

"Long time coming," said Matt Slavik, 58, of Brookfield. He hand-filed applications for himself and his wife at the Justice Department's Capitol office on the morning of Nov. 1, the first day the new law was in effect. ... "It's been wonderful, just to put the sidearm on as I start the day. I just keep it underneath my shirt and nobody knows. It's very comfortable."

Oooo, shhh! "Nobody knows" about his secret lethal firearm! How reassuring for the rest of us that he feels so euphoric and can start the day with a bang! smile knowing he's got that extra comfy feeling that he can kill someone first thing in the morning!

By the way, do any of these people who are convinced that they're keeping themselves and the rest of us so safe remember that an armed hero nearly shot an innocent man during the Gabrielle Giffords tragedy?


6 out of 7 GOP candidates for governor in Illinois will opt out of public option


By GottaLaff

I'm sure all those voters whose health and/or savings will be at stake based on your "opting out" politics will thank you. Way to play with the health and lives of fellow Americans:

All seven candidates, to varying degrees, competed to be the most conservative, the biggest "outsider," the most opposed to tax hikes, and the most opposed to increased government spending on health care.

"If I wanted to be part of socialized medicine, I'd move to Europe," said state Sen. Kirk Dillard (R-Hinsdale). [...]

Six of the seven candidates said that as governor, they would "opt out" of any new federal government-funded health care plan. Ryan said he'd want to see it first.

But wait! There's more!

Asked what the state could do to prevent disasters such as Thursday's mass shooting at Fort Hood in Texas, most of the candidates talked about better communication with the National Guard and the state's other law enforcement entities. Brady said a law allowing Illinois residents to carry concealed guns "would help to respond to incidents like this as well as the tragic incident that occurred on Northern Illinois University's campus."

Yes! Yes! By all means, more guns are needed to shoot more people who also have guns! What a healthy trend. And speaking of health...

Not only will people lose their lives due to lack of affordable health care, they'll also increase the likelihood of dying at the hands of a fellow gunslinger.

America just keeps on getting more civilized, doesn't it? Do unto others...

H/t: Windy City Watch