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When violence becomes ordinary, we "become numb and apathetic"


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Today's Los Angeles Times letters to the editor, because our voices matter:

Re "A rapid-fire surge in PG-13 violence," Nov. 12

In the entertainment media today, guns and gun-related violence, along with high body counts, proliferate without meaning or grieving. We've become numb and apathetic.

This is not acceptable.

Early on in NASA's rocket programs, there was plenty of awe, excitement and attention. Once launches into space became more common, the interest and attention died down.

Violence becomes ordinary by a similar process of increased exposure. We have come to accept the shootings and random deaths as commonplace and fail to realize the serious damage to our society as a whole. We have become what is promoted: death and destruction.

Guns kill, and whether it's real or just playacting, this violence is working its way into our psyche as a normal part of life. This is wrong. We need to enact tighter regulations to cease this random and gratuitous violence.

Enough is enough.

Beverly Franco

Monterey Park


Re "The NFL's bully boys," Opinion, Nov. 12

When considered in the context of an NFL team's locker room, bullying can arguably be considered as part of the bravado and machismo that accompany the pro football game. Unfortunately, this bullying is merely a reflection of a more subtle but far more serious machismo in government and elsewhere.

Who can forget George W. Bush's infamous "bring 'em on" taunt to insurgents in Iraq? Today, everyone in our military is regarded as a warrior, bestowing on him or her a degree of invincibility.

We try to impose some sanity into our antiquated gun laws, only to be shouted down by those who would rather fight than compromise. In some areas of the nation, individuals delight in walking into restaurants with their guns, as a display of aggression and manliness.

We all love our football and consider the accompanying machismo just part of the game. Beyond football, however, these qualities have graver consequences.

Bob Constantine



Democrats have already compromised by abandoning the goal of a single-payer system


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How many times have many of us on the left have openly wished for Medicare for All instead of a health care system centered around Big Insurance?

We get sick, they profit. We don't get sick, they profit. We kvetch, they profit. We vote for Progressives, they profit. We point and laugh at Fox and Friends, they profit. We endure endless Cialis commercials, they profit. We hold our ears and scream "Lalalalala!" they profit. We mock Miley Cyrus, they profit. Miley Cyrus mocks us, they profit. We write inane lists like this one, they profit.

In the Los Angeles Times, there's an op-ed by Jane Mansbridge, a professor at Harvard University's Kennedy School and a member of the Scholars Strategy Network. She reminds us of how much we've already given (given IN):

Fundamentally — and infuriatingly for the Democratic base — Obamacare is inherently a compromise because it is a health insurance reform law rather than an overhaul of the structure of our nation's healthcare system. [...]

Yet the single-payer system had already been compromised away when the final 2009-10 healthcare negotiations began. ... [M]any Democrats compromised, even those who considered the single-payer approach to be by far the best policy.

Instead of pushing for single payer, they rallied around another approach: the "public option." The public option would have preserved the current employer-based system of private health insurance coverage while providing a government-run healthcare insurance alternative as well as a safety net for the uninsured. Importantly, it would have also injected much-needed competition into an environment where private insurance plans are increasingly consolidated.

But even that wasn't good enough for Republicans and some ConservaDems. The most conservative Democrats were the ones who really got my blood boiling, but that's another post for another time.

For many Democrats, these compromises have been hard to swallow... Despite all these compromises and concessions, House Republicans still forced a government shutdown.

Indeed, now we have the Affordable Care Act, a law that is based on Romneycare, a Republican health insurance plan.

But Dems are the ones who aren't compromising. Got it. Jane Mansbridge called it a "shell game." She's right:

The Democrats have compromised over and over again. Now it's the Republicans' turn to play fair.

That last sentence? Great sentiment, impossible demand. Republicans don't know the meaning of the word fair.


Conservatives: Legislation = bad! "Tea-party logic simply regards the existence of compromise as disqualifying."


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This Jonathan Chait New York Magazine article, "Conservatives Hate All Legislation Now," reminded me of the old Life Cereal commercial in which little Mikey hates everything. Mikey, you've met your match:

One of the novel developments in conservative thought during the Obama years is a burgeoning hatred not merely for government but for lawmaking. Before the Obama era, the ends of crafting laws divided the parties, but the means did not. The process of corralling votes, placating hold-outs, and hammering out compromises was not something either side especially loved -- you've heard the classic line about watching the sausage get made -- but also not something that one side disliked more than the other. But a hatred for lawmaking has emerged in the Obama years, first as a Republican tactic, and then as an apparently genuine belief system. [...]

But tea-party logic simply regards the existence of compromise as disqualifying. The moral purity of opposition has become untethered from any political or policy objective, and appears to have sprouted into an actual freestanding principle [...]

[T]he hatred for legislating has gained a strong enough hold over the conservative mind as to render them unable to consider the merits of any bill at all.

And we thought baby Mikey was obstinate and poo-pooey? He's got nothin' on conservatives.

Without some ability to move on projects, enact legislation, reverse climate change, build up our crumbling infrastructure, educate and care for all Americans, make voting rights a given instead of some unattainable dream, treat immigrants as the caring people they are and women, gay Americans, and minorities as equals, this country will deteriorate faster than you can say What the frack? And I do mean frack.

So conservatives, which is it? Your hatred for lawmaking, or your so-called love for your country?

Waiiit a minute. Wait. A. Minute! Mikey's all grown up now. Who's to say he's not one of our current-- Dun dun dun-n-n!-- Republican Congress members?

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Here's what GOP extremism looks like... and these are just headlines from the past 24 hours


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It's truly mind-boggling that Republicans can't get past their own extremism, especially after being trounced in the November elections. But that would be rational, and the GOP simply can't go there, now can it? Why learn from mistakes when you can continue to make them over and over and over again?

Take a look at the following headlines and tell me how we can see even a glimmer of hope for a Congress (or state legislature) with members like these:

GOP Rep: ‘It’s About Time’ We Had Another Government Shut Down

Tea Party Senator: ‘I Don’t Think What Washington Needs Is More Compromise’

New Republican Senator Says Gun Safety Is ‘Unconstitutional’

Alabama Lawmaker To Introduce Bill Arming Teachers, Despite Opposition From School Officials

Conservatives Open New Congress With Unconstitutional Bill To End Birthright Citizenship

 Happy New Year.

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