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NYT's Maureen Dowd OD's On Marijuana And Blames The Candy


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There's nothing like trying something before writing about it. And that's what New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd did recently -- and not without some lingering effects. For an article she was writing on Colorado's legal marijuana culture, she decided to try some of the "edibles" which contain cannabis. So far so good.

So, she bought a caramel-chocolate flavored candy bar which she said looked so innocent, like the Sky Bars she used to love as a kid. After she took one bite, then another, she didn't notice anything happening. Perhaps she was disappointed but for whatever reason, she decided in her impatience to gobble down the rest of the bar.

She waited, and then it happened. The effects began. In her NYT article, she writes:

But then I felt a scary shudder go through my body and brain. I barely made it from the desk to the bed, where I lay curled up in a hallucinatory state for the next eight hours. I was thirsty but couldn’t move to get water. Or even turn off the lights. I was panting and paranoid, sure that when the room-service waiter knocked and I didn’t answer, he’d call the police and have me arrested for being unable to handle my candy.

Based on that experience, she's come to some conclusions. The biggest one being that the entire marijuana industry was set up for potheads, people who smoked frequently. This nascent business has to educate new or first time users prior to selling them the edible goods so people will know what to expect to feel.

That's not a bad idea. But her article goes on to condemn and point out the dangers of legalization, even trying to equate her unfortunate experience with people jumping off buildings and kids eating marijuana-laced goodies and ending up with irreparable harm. These are possible, but not probable. And the reason is, she OD'd because she lacked common sense.

The next day, a medical consultant at an edibles plant where I was conducting an interview mentioned that candy bars like that are supposed to be cut into 16 pieces for novices; but that recommendation hadn’t been on the label.

So in essence, she took 16 times the amount she should have taken. No wonder she got herself into a bit of a problem. If she had bought a fifth of scotch and drunk the whole thing, she would have gotten sick or drunk or both on that too. There's no suggested servings printed on a bottle of booze. So I find it a bit disingenuous that she faults the experience on her naivete. She's been around. She knows you don't go from one bite to the whole bar, just as you don't go from one shot glass of Glenlivet to the whole bottle.

Her suggestion that if this had been alcohol, she'd have known better doesn't really hold water. She claims in her article that people know you have to be careful in how much you drink, when only an idiot or the most simpleminded would think that taking too much of a marijuana laced edible wouldn't lead to some ill effects.

But that said, I do think the public has been so scared by lies and innuendos--the Reefer Madness syndrome--that more education of the public might not be such a bad thing. But Dowd's reckless accusations that it was the lack of full labeling or the implication that she needed more knowledge to safely ingest is a disservice to an industry. If she was new to this kind of purchase, why didn't she ask when she bought the candy bar how much she should take to feel some effects? The next day when she asked, she was told. A bad assumption on her part made an ass of her, not a better investigative columnist.


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GOP candidate with ties to white supremacy "didn't think things all the way through," drops out


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It finally dawned on a Republican candidate for Colorado State House Representative that having ties to a white supremacy group and having an arrest record were probably, you know, deterrents to being elected. So five days after he was nominated, he dropped out of the race.

Wait. He was actually nominated? It went that far? Colorado Republicans nominated this bottom feeder? Way to go GOP! This should do wonders for your already stellar reputation for inclusiveness and outreach.

Now-ex-candidate Nate Marshall, clearly a genius, said, "I didn't think things all the way through." Is he referring to his connections to  white supremacy movements (specifically The Aryan Storm) or his arrest record? Nope, he's referring to his idea to run for public office knowing he had a background that makes Chris Christie look angelic.

Did I mention he hates gays, Muslims, and the "lowlife uneducated" Occupy movement whom he said deserved to be shot by police? But he "wasn't hating on anybody," says he. He probably just didn't think things all the way through. Hate tends to obscure rational thought.

Oh those wacky, zany Republicans and their "family values." See how they've changed since the post-election "autopsy"?

Source: The Denver Post


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Lawmaker Leaves Loaded Gun in Colorado State Capitol

Loaded Gun Left in State Legislature

Photo via:

I bought a used car in California years ago from a man who told me that when he bought it, he found a loaded gun under the front seat. The previous owner could no longer be found.

That's how casually guns are handled in the US. Here in Mississippi where I live, a concealed carrier (a 'CCW'-er) ignored a 'no guns' sign and discharged his gun in church last year, wounding a fellow worshipper. How? I have no idea - I have a hard time imagining that anyone could be that stupid. (Story here if you're interested.)

Toddlers kill other toddlers (using a parent's gun) and legislators nearly kill other legislators in Colorado or at least leave loaded handguns (aka 'kill-em-easy-{deleted]-substitutes) lying around waiting to be fired.

The irony here is that the lawmaker in question, Rep. Jared Wright, (Republican of course), left his loaded weapon in a committee room where a debate on handgun permits had taken place.

Here's the story on Taegan Godard's The Political Wire

Feeling safe about concealed-carry promoters now?


Senator Bernie Herpin - A Real Rocky Mountain Low



Did you ever find yourself saying something stupid and it was too late? It had already slipped out. You then look for a way to talk your way out of it before others realize how nuts your remark was? I know I have countless times. That's the beauty of the do-over. If you're given the chance down the road to correct it, you take it.

Not so much with Colorado Republican State Senator Bernie Herpin. He made a statement that was as outrageous as a Ph D after Sarah Palin's name. And when called upon to think it over and see if he hadn't misspoken, the senator tried to justify his stand, digging the hole he stood in deeper and deeper.

Here you go. Watch how Sen. Herpin goes from outrageous  to total moron, right in front of your eyes:

Now giving the Senator the benefit of the doubt -- his ignorance, not his intelligence -- I am once again amazed at how little intellect it takes to get elected to office.

So according to the Senator, the fact that the Aurora shooter's gun jammed after 70+ bullets is somehow a good thing. I'd have thought it was a good thing if he never had a gun in the first place. But allowing for the Second Amendment arguments, perhaps if he had to stop and reload 6 or 7 times with a 10 bullet magazine there would have been enough time for some of the victims, wounded or dead, to have reached some sort of safety.

When you put your faith in something going wrong, the gun jamming, instead of something working right, limited bullet clips, then you're as looney as the Tunes.

The lesson here is that we all need to vet our candidates much better than we have. Look at Congress with a 9% approval rating. Yet how many of you are willing to vote out those phonies who you see are not doing your bidding?

Colorado, here's hoping you don't return the madman to your assembly. And boot out his supporters as well. This man is dangerous to you and your health. Perhaps if he had a loved one in the theater that day, he'd have a different story.

Let's cut down on wackadoos like Senator Herpin. Some bozo's will slip through the cracks, but lets start asking the candidates real questions and demand real answers in return -- not just their talking points.