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VIDEO: Stephen Colbert's super PAC returns, and it's "rolling seven digits deep!"



Livewire is reporting that Stephen Colbert's super PAC, Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, pulled in over a million smackeroos.

“Stephen Colbert, President of ABTT, has asked that I quote him as saying, ‘'Yeah! How you like me now, F.E.C? I’m rolling seven digits deep! I got 99 problems but a non-connected independent-expenditure only committee ain’t one!

"How You Like Me Now" has a fascinating little story of its own, by the way.

Colbert (all our posts about him here) has made a delicious mockery of all the campaign finance insanity, Citizens United, and most money-hungry politicians, all with his usual wicked humor and snarkitude. Ironically, he has educated voters far better than our so-called news [sic] media ever could.


Stephen Colbert-- now exploring bid for President of the United States of S. Carolina-- on ABC's "This Week" On Sunday


 Trevor Potter and Jon Stewart give new life to the Colbert Super PAC, and Stephen makes a major announcement.

Run, Stephen, run!

Via Livewire:

[Stephen Colbert] headline ABC’s This Week on Sunday. Texas Gov. Rick Perry will also be a guest on the program.

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VIDEO: Stephen Colbert's super PAC targets Rick Perry


Via Ben:

Stephen Colbert’s super PAC launches its first web ad, this time targeting Rick Perry and the super PAC money behind his soon-to-be candidacy.


Videos- Stephen Colbert Stops By The FEC



On his popular Comedy Central late-night show, it’s all part of Stephen Colbert’s shtick.

He’s the ego-maniacal conservative pundit with an eponymous news commentary show, and – just like some of the Fox News Channel pundits he so cuttingly parodies – he’s angling to start a political action committee with enough cash to be, as he put it on his show in March, “a political playa in 2012.”

But when Colbert appeared at the Federal Election Commission in Washington Friday afternoon seeking permission to use his show to promote the PAC, the joke took on the contours of an actual political cause – exposing what he sees as the ridiculousness of the nation’s loophole-ridden system regulating money in politics.

In a speech to a crowd of several hundred fans gathered outside the commission’s offices – including an activist in a panda costume – Colbert explained his move was motivated by his belief in “the American dream. And that dream is simple. That anyone, no matter who they are, if they are determined, if they are willing to work hard enough, someday they could grow up to create a legal entity which could then receive unlimited corporate funds, which could be used to influence our elections.”