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This wonderful photo is from this page:

This wonderful photo is from this page: - i.e., the Reef before the Abbott Point coal terminal dumps its dredge spoil into it

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority approves plan to dump Abbot Point spoil

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Whose Fault Are These Toxic Spills? Ask The Anti-EPA Advocates.


toxic blame game

Mitch McConnell approved this message as you'll hear at the end:

My heart goes out to anyone who's worked their entire life thinking their workplace environment was safe while. as it turns out, it was not. To hear this commercial and the little bit that's left of cancer victim Robert Pierce's voice, you'd think what Mitch McConnell did for Kentucky was a valiant thing. He rode in on a white horse to save the day, or in Pierce's case, his life.

But lets boil it down a bit and see how the Senate Minority Leader's actions were really nothing more than mopping up spilled milk after he was warned the container wasn't safely stored in the first place. This was an accident waiting to happen and McConnell (and other elected GOP officials) turned a blind eye toward it.

Here's why I find Mitch McConnell's ad disingenuous. HuffPo reports:

Other Paducah residents who suffered illnesses from poisoned wells and plant watchdogs who repeatedly warned of the hazards will likely disagree with Pierce's assessment.

For more than 15 years in office, as The Huffington Post chronicled in a profile of the senator, McConnell all but ignored the problems at the plant. Mark Donham, who had served as chairman of the Paducah Citizens Advisory Board, which monitored plant safety, told HuffPost, "McConnell never stood up and lobbied for an investigation" into the plant's hazards.

Sadly, people like Mitch McConnell are really just mops, not guardians of our safety. They're reluctantly willing, when it's politically expeditious, to step in but only after it's too late. Would Mr. Pierce have come down with throat cancer had the proper procedures been taken to ensure his safety? We'll never know. But warnings were given and McConnell ignored those calls.

Freedom Industries

Now we have a similar situation in West Virginia.

Two weeks ago chemicals leaked into the Elk River and the local drinking water reservoirs. A warning went out for the locals to not drink the water, shower in it or use it in any way other than to flush their toilets. People were becoming sick, some even ending up in the hospital. After a few days the people were told the water was safe to drink again. That was a lie. The perpetrators of this falsehood were Gary Southern and his Freedom Industries, the chemical leakers, who feared financial ruin. So they went into bankruptcy to save their offending company, and only after they received Chapter 11 protections, came out with the second warning that water really wasn't all that safe to use. Especially for pregnant women.

But it didn't stop there. Under bankruptcy protections they then revealed one thing they forgot to mention earlier. There was another chemical stored on their facility that also leaked into the water table.

Bloomberg Business Week:

So now we learn that there was a second coal-processing compound mixed into the West Virginia chemical spill that contaminated Charleston’s water system. The good news is that the experts think—maybe—the second chemical wasn’t any more dangerous than the first. Small comfort to the 300,000 people who lost their water and the 300 residents who had to seek medical help. The bad news is that the belated revelation reaffirms that the company behind the spill is truly out of control.

What was the official response when asked about the additional spill? Mr. Southern commented, "that it's a bad day for Freedom Industries."

Really? How about for the people in West Virginia and other states affected by the runoff of deadly chemicals?

Railing at Freedom Industries is no more responsible than railing at Kentucky's uranium plants. Anger needs to be placed at the feet of the elected officials who fought against any form of EPA enforcement or safety checks which could have nipped this in the bud. None of these plants had been checked in years. As a matter of fact, the state of West Virginia wasn't even aware that the second coal processing chemical was even stored at Freedom Industries. Why? The politicians claim this sort of monitoring and controls would cost jobs and money for the coal and uranium enrichment industries. No mention of the words, 'worker's safety.'

Well how much is this cleanup going to cost in lives, jobs and money?  Only time will tell. These disasters might have been prevented if politicians had done their jobs. And how interesting that most of these state politicians are Republicans. It does make you wonder how much they're really looking out for their constituents. Jobs are important. But so is job safety. McConnell and his kind have let down their states. Maybe this is what we should be reminding the Republicans in Washington who have made it their mission to eliminate and disembowel the Environmental Protection Agency.

Instead of thanking McConnell for making healthcare funds available to Mr. Pierce to fight his cancer, he should be asking the Kentucky senator why McConnell let this cancer happen to him in the first place.


Video- Sen Joe Manchin: Obama declared "War on America" with Climate Change Speech


I do believe they do alot of coal and fracking in Manchin's neck of the woods. Via.


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Last night was the Governor's last night with Current, so I thought I'd highlight an outstanding piece.