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Quickie: Conservative Club for Growth will punish members voting for Sandy flood aid


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Today's Quickie:

Via The Hill:

The conservative Club for Growth said Friday that it will punish House members who voted for a flood insurance measure aimed at helping pay for Hurricane Sandy’s damage.

How many of those Club for Growth members call themselves "pro life"?

Of those members, how many call themselves hypocrites?

pro life hypocrisy Via Sodahead

That was today's Quickie. Was it good for you?


Norquist's Club for Growth Not Happy with Freshman House Republicans


Truly depressing! If Grover can't run the House, then who can?

The class of 87 freshman Republicans who came in promising to be the most fiscally conservative bunch of congressman the Capitol had ever known have instead been sort of a letdown, one group is saying.

Club for Growth, a PAC committed to seeing strong fiscal conservatives in office, unleashed a report card that it hopes dispels the perception that the Class of 2010 was as pro-growth as it claimed to be.

"Actions should matter," says Barney Keller, the Club for Growth spokesman. "It is really irrelevant what you ran on as a candidate to us. What we have seen is the freshman Republicans are just like veteran Republicans. There is no difference between the freshman Republicans and the veteran Republicans except there are just more of them."


But even Florida Rep. Allen West, who has been hailed a Tea Party darling, ranked 54 out of 87 on the list--for voting to increase the debt ceiling and failing to vote for cuts to the Department of Agriculture and the Department of the Interior.

"You have seen the Republican Party in the House pass legislation that hasn't been fiscally conservative," Keller says. "Most of the Republicans voted to raise the debt ceiling, voted for the import-export bank...I think it is apparent that Republicans haven't learned their lessons from 2006 when the voters cast them out for abandoning their promises that they were going to cut federal spending."


Club for Growth is no fan of Newt's


By GottaLaff

It's time for another episode of Rushpublics Eating Their Own:

The Club for Growth "hitting back" at Newt Gingrich for criticizing the small government group during an appearance for Sen. Bob Bennett (R-UT), CNN reports.

"The Club is actively working to defeat Bennett, who is seeking re-election in November."

"Several Republicans are challenging Bennett from his right flank as he seeks a fourth term, largely because of his vote in favor of the Wall Street bailout in 2008. While the Club has said they will oppose Bennett, they haven't said which candidate they will support instead."

Children, children...


NRSC to back Bennett against conservative primary challengers


By GottaLaff

Rushpublics Eating Their Own can be fun... if you're a Democratic spectator:

The National Republican Senatorial Committee will back Sen. Robert Bennett (R-Utah) in his battle against the Club for Growth and conservative challengers. [...]

“The NRSC and Sen. Cornyn fully stand behind Sen. Bennett,” said Brian Walsh, spokesman for the committee. [...]

The Senate Republican campaign committee has pledged it would stay neutral in open-seat Republican primaries this election year.

The committee is backing Bennett because he is an incumbent. [...]

Supporting Bennett could subject the campaign committee to criticism from conservative activists, another reason why GOP officials may be hesitant to spend much money to protect him in a conservative primary.

And we wouldn't want to rile up them Tea Baggers. You know how they get when a bee gets under their Tea Bonnet.