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PhotOH! CA Republican Party convention's "popular" sexist anti-Hillary buttons


reinvention my ass

Via San Francisco Chronicle writer Carla Marinucci:

sexistHillary buttons GOP convention CALink

"2 fat thighs, 2 small breasts... left wing." Way to appeal to California's female voters, GOP! Great messaging!

Then, oops! They were busted. Republicans always get busted, and just like that old insanity saying goes, they just keep doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. They humiliated themselves once again and got called out once again, but we all know it won't make a lick of difference:

sexist Hillary buttons GOP convention CA tweetLink

busted cartoon girl

So much for their Very Special Republican makeover, or outreach, or rebranding, or whatever the hell they insist on calling it. These tone deaf, misogynistic bottom feeders continue to express hatred for anyone who sounds, looks, or acts differently from their ancient white male base.

Well guess what, good ol' boys? Your War on Women is creating the worst kind of repercussions in the polls among the very gender you try to control.

got votesGood luck with that in the coming elections.

H/t: Think Progress


"Last time I looked Bill Clinton wasn't passing bill after bill requiring women to have implements shoved up their vaginas"


stay classy

This is how CongressClown Tim Huelskamp shows his respect for the office of the presidency:

tweet huelskamp clinton immigration reform obama

This is how a pal of mine responded to an elected official like Huelskamp who has no business holding office or representing anyone with a functioning brain (who the hell voted for this vile excuse for a human being?):

tweet huelskamp clinton immigration reform obama tiedrich reply

It's one thing for Republicans to repeatedly put their tone deafness on display by doing everything they can to undermine meaningful immigration reform, thus completely contradicting their self-proclaimed "makeover."

It's quite another to express opposition by scraping the bottom of the deepest barrel one can imagine by spewing disgraceful messages about the president(s) of the United States.


Another Vitter pill: David Vitter calls Harry Reid an "idiot"


tweet vitter reid idiot

This from the genius who favors corporations over sexual assault victims; who wants to defund Planned Parenthood; who was subpoenaed by the D.C. Madam and who has a diaper fetish.

So much for Republican "family values" and "civility."

Via First Read:

Louisiana Sen. David Vitter (R), upset with Harry Reid saying Hurricane Katrina was "nothing in comparison" to Hurricane Sandy and the devastation caused to the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut area, lashed out on the social network calling the Senate majority leader an "idiot."

Yes, that's exactly how to respond when you disagree with someone. Reason and logic? Pfft! Common decency? Fugetaboutit. What a fine, genteel individual David Vitter is. A real role model. Stay classy, Vit.

Pot. Kettle. Idiot.

vitter pill


VIDEO: Controversial Linda McMahon Campaign Ad Exploits JFK


Connecticut GOP Senate hopeful Linda McMahon is infuriating the Twitterverse, among others. She will not take the above ad down, and now is thinking of airing it on TV.  As you can see, she is exploiting the memory of John F. Kennedy to make their fallacious "Bush tax cuts rule!" points.

Via YouTube:

Edward Kennedy Jr., the late president's nephew, sent a letter to McMahon this week asking the GOP candidate to pull the ad, arguing that it "falsely implies" that JFK would have supported tax cuts for the same reason she does. "Using President Kennedy's image in your ad gives your tax position false legitimacy," writes Kennedy, who lives in Connecticut and is supporting McMahon's Democratic opponent, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal.

Kennedy argues that the economic climate in '63 was "vastly different" from where the country stands today -- and that, in turn, means that JFK's push for tax cuts was "very different" from the GOP's. He accuses McMahon of trying to "capitalize" on his uncle's legacy.

But in a letter Thursday, McMahon refuses to stand down on the ad. In the letter, which the McMahon campaign distributed among political reporters, the GOP nominee argues that JFK would have, like her, supported an extension of tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans. "No school of economic thought advocates raising taxes in the environment in which we currently find ourselves," McMahon writes. "Therefore, I respectfully disagree that your uncle would support raising taxes in this economy."

How remarkable that Republican Linda McMahon is more knowledgeable about what JFK would have supported than his own nephew is. Who knew she was so in touch with the deceased?

Stay classy, Linda.

H/t: Slfriend79, wiccaspirits