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Does Speaker Boehner Really Hate The Pope?


Pope Francis

C'mon, you must be thinking, John Boehner's a Catholic. How could he hate Pope Francis? Even agnostic Bill Maher applauds the Pontiff from time to time. If you want to make of list of popular popes, you'd have to put Francis up there near or at the top.

So why then is Christian Republican Speaker John Boehner taking a stand against the pope? Why is he persecuting the Holy See?

There's a piece of legislation stuck in the House, bi-partisan in its origin, that simply congratulates Pope Francis on his March 2013 election and recognizes “his inspirational statements and actions.” There shouldn't really be any hesitation in passing this, should there? According to The Hill, all that's holding it up for the past 15 months is the "white smoke" of agreement by Speaker Boehner. He's not giving it.

Hmm. Something wrong with the leader of the Catholic church, Mr. Boehner?

The answer to that should be read as "yes." But to the Speaker's defense, he's not alone. It seems the entire Republican party, yes the GOP has a cross up their collective white asses when it comes to Pope Francis. You see, the Pope's teachings and the GOP's are diametrically opposed. In short, the Republicans are heathens.

Only 19 of the 221 co-sponsors are Republicans. The dearth of GOP members on the measure could be attributable to assertions that the pope is “too liberal,” according to a Republican backer of the legislation.

On the issue of the Pope being too liberal, the Vatican leader speaking from the teaching of the New and Old Testament, has come out in favor of redistribution of wealth, he's against "trickle down economics," for compassionate handling of the child refugees at our borders, aid to the poor, health care for all, and he's indicated an openness to civil unions.

Sorry GOP. Those stands aren't being liberal. They're being "Christian." And take that from a Jew. Oh, not me or Francis, I'm talking Christ.

Keep in mind, the GOP is the party of no Jews in the House -- with Cantor being voted out. Is that a coincidence, or has the party shown it's tendencies to be exclusive -- or should I say, anti-Semitic.

God will forgive Boehner, I'm sure. But He'll also expect some changes in order to allow Johnny-Boy through the Pearly White Gates. The first of those is contrition, followed closely by some bi-partisan legislating. There's still a chance for the Ohio congressman. I'm not so sure though for the Republican Party. Their destruction of the  ticking time bomb of the Tea Party may be too late to reverse.


VIDEO: Gay man handcuffed, forcibly removed from Missouri hospital for refusing to leave sick husband’s side


gay couple missouri kicked out of hospital

what's the matter with missouri


What's the matter with Missouri? This:

Roger Gorley went to visit his partner, Allen at Research Medical Center, 2316 E. Meyer Blvd., Tuesday afternoon.

He says when he got there, a member of Allen’s family asked him to leave.

But he refused, so hospital security was called and he was forced to leave... in handcuffs. Even though he and his partner have been in a civil union for nearly five years, Gorley says he "was not recognized as being the husband... wasn’t recognized as being the partner."

He wasn't "recognized" as being "family."

Here's the statement from Research Medical Center (which swearstogod it does not discriminate based on sexual orientation or race) that was shown in the video:

We believe involving the family is an important part of the patient care process. And, the patient`s needs are always our first priority. When anyone becomes disruptive to providing the necessary patient care, we involve our security team to help calm the situation and to protect our patients and staff. If the situation continues to escalate, we have no choice but to request police assistance.

Yes, according to the hospital, the "patient" (loved one, husband) had to be "protected" from the "situation" (loved one, husband).

Marriage equality makes a difference, equality matters. Civil rights matter. People matter. All of us, every person, we matter.

But in that hospital in that state, apparently, some of us don't.

Despite the fact that this man had a civil union with his partner and also share power of attorney, he was still discriminated against. He was still treated as less equal than a straight person.

Welcome to Lee's Summit, Missouri's 2013.

Source: Fox4KC.


Note: Edited. The article referred to the couple as "partners," but "husband" is more accurate.


VIDEO: Alaska Republicans think the idea of civil unions for gay couples is funny, burst out laughing


separate but equal gay marriage civil unions

The Republican-led House Majority Caucus in Alaska thinks civil rights are a real knee-slapper, especially for those icky gay people who have-- ew!-- sex and stuff. Because that's what this is all about: gay sex. Not lasting relationships, not commitment, certainly not equal rights, but-- ew!-- sex.

Towleroad has the appalling video:

Alaska's Republican-led House Majority Caucus really gave had themselves a good laugh on Friday, when Mark Miller from the Juneau Empire asked if their upcoming initiatives include civil unions or domestic partnerships to same-sex couples.


I’m looking at a recent Public Policy Polling survey of Alaska that found that only 30 percent of respondents believe there should be no legal recognition of gay couples’ relationships in Alaska. I was just curious, would the caucus support the idea of having domestic partnerships or civil unions open to same-sex couples?

(giggles, laughter)

House Leader Lance Pruitt:

"...We focused on the things that really allow people to have a great life... We didn’t have a discussion here about what happens inside your home. We had a discussion here about whether you can make money, whether there's a great economy, and whether or not you’re going to have the opportunity to live in Alaska with a great future. Now, your discussion on that, we didn’t talk about that. I'll be straight, we didn't talk about that particular issue... It wasn't something that came up in our discussion.

Ohhh, I see, they want to "allow people to have a great life"... unless they're gay.

In case you didn't catch the eleventy times Pruitt mentioned it, civil unions JUST DIDN'T COME UP.

And as he suggested (subliminally), he'll "be straight," see, because, in case you may have thought otherwise, HE'S NOT GAY.

Are Republicans trying to become obsolete, or are they truly so dense that they cannot recognize what's happening to their own party? The GOP can’t stop losing, and a big, thick, juicy, new, improved Civil War is infecting the Republican Party.


Gov. Lincoln Chafee: Rhode Island will recognize same-sex marriages performed elsewhere



PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Rhode Island’s governor on Monday declared that the state will recognize same-sex marriages performed elsewhere, giving gay couples the same rights as heterosexual ones when it comes to health insurance and a slew of other benefits.

The order signed by Gov. Lincoln Chafee in a Statehouse ceremony directs state agencies to recognize marriages performed out of state as legal and treat same-sex married couples the same as heterosexual ones.

Civil unions, not gay marriages, are legal in Rhode Island, but some gay couples married outside the state haven't been allowed some of the same basic rights as hetero couples. Now spouses of state employees and anyone covered by an insurance company regulated in Rhode Island will get health and life insurance benefits.

And both parents will get their names on their child's birth certificate.

And more.

Pretty basic, huh?

So thank you, Gov. Chafee, for treating people as people, not as second class citizens.

But then there are those who think like Reince Priebus, who believes that gay Americans who want marriage equality don’t deserve civil rights, dignity, or respect. Teh Gays are not as good as other people, apparently.

Actually, when you think about it, it's those who think like Priebus that aren't as good as other people.