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VIDEO: What the frack? Pennsylvania "butt-naked worker greets" citizen journo


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Yesterday I posted: VIDEO- #Keystone tar sands pipeline’s toxicity gets personal: “One of them just stood and urinated facing my house.”


In that post I included some reporting by Public Citizen. Citizen journalism in general is more important than ever these days, considering the budget cuts, bias, laziness, and ineptitude of some of the corporate media.

So when a citizen journalist and advocate for clean water, like Vera Scroggins for instance, does actual footwork on a story that the so-called "pros" won't touch, she is subjected to moments like this:

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Vera Scroggins Vera Scroggins:

Taped 5-30-13. This is the Mt. Valley Rd., Williams Compressor Station being built in Liberty Twp., Susquehanna County, Pa.. I was taping on the road and this worker decided to flash me with his butt for some reason !!

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