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NYC PBS Pres. Freaks Out Over Documentary Critical of Koch Bros., Offers David Koch Unprecedented Rebuttal


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Your Daily Dose of BuzzFlash at Truthout, via my pal Mark Karlin:

Thom Hartmann recently wrote an extremely widely read article on how the Public Broadcasting Service has evolved into a sometimes self-censored television network, in large part because major donors represent the 1% who would be the subject of discussion when it comes to economic concentration in the hands of a few.

Hartmann entitled his commentary, "The Corporate Dictatorship of PBS and NPR." The primary example Hartmann offers of how critical analysis necessary for formulating public policy is de facto censored concerns how PBS dropped the funding of a documentary called "Citizen Koch." [...]

Enter Alex Gibney, who won a 2008 Academy Award... Gibney filmed a documentary for WNET, "Park Avenue: Money, Power and the American Dream" that focused on one of the wealthiest residential buildings in New York City: 740 Park Avenue.

According to Jane Mayer, who had written about the Kochs before in a celebrated New Yorker article in 2010, it would be difficult to do a film about 740 Park Avenue without examining the Koch empire that created their wealth, as well as their political activities. What did WNET President Neal Shapiro do when he realized that "Park Avenue" might offend David Koch? Why, he called him and offered him a rebuttal, a roundtable discussion, a written response: anything that would appease a 1% donor who was on the board of the station (Koch has since quit) and was about to give a bundle to WNET. [...]

Gibney was told that the most pressing problem was Charles Schumer, the Democratic senator from New York. Schumer’s staff had called WNET, arguing that “Park Avenue” falsely accused the Senator of supporting tax loopholes for hedge-fund managers. Gibney double-checked his research and stood by his interpretation. [...]

[T]he WNET battle over "Park Avenue" clearly intimidated, according to Meyer's New Yorker Piece, other documentary makers in terms of what appeared to be a growing PBS bias to protect wealthy donors and board members from on-air criticism.

Please read the entire post here.


VIDEO: BIPARTISAN immigration reform announced. The deal is BIPARTISAN. Did I mention it's BIPARTISAN?


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"John McCain has been the glue in our group," oozed Chuck Schumer at the Mutual Admiration Society gathering BIPARTISAN press conference on immigration reform. 

As I tweeted earlier, let the jokes begin.

And of course, we can be assured that good ol' self-promoting McCain will be on every Sunday talk show... again. After all, he needs to stay relevant, and besides, we just can't get enough of him.

Oh, but I kid John Sidney McCain.

Here is the BIPARTISAN proposal. Did I mention it was BIPARTISAN?

And why do I keep using caps when I type the B word? Because at the presser, they must have used it a million times. Okay, not a million, a thousand.

In fact, it's so BIPARTISAN that Rep. Marsha Blackburn immediately appeared on MSNBC to declare her opposition to "amnesty."

 I'll post the entire video here when it becomes available.

UPDATE: The U.S. Border Is More Secure Than Ever Before

Here are two videos that add up to the entire presser:


Quickie- Chuck Schumer says he’ll support Chuck Hagel's nomination



I'm not sold on Hagel, but this will make PBO's life a little easier.

New York Sen. Chuck Schumer announced Tuesday he’d support Chuck Hagel’s nomination as defense secretary, removing a major obstacle to his nomination and greatly increasing the chances he’ll be confirmed, even as Hagel continues to face opposition from the right.

Schumer’s backing is a major sign that Democrats who have expressed squeamishness over his nomination are starting to come on board. And with Democrats now holding a 55-45 majority in the Senate, Hagel’s prospects greatly brightened with Schumer’s support for his nomination.

In a statement Tuesday, Schumer said Hagel addressed his concerns over Israel and Iran during a 90-minute Monday meeting at the White House, saying the former Nebraska senator had been “forthcoming and sincere.” Regarding Iran, Schumer said that Hagel rejected a containment strategy regarding the country and said that the U.S. would do “whatever it takes” to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons.


Quickie- Sen. Schumer Asks Gun Retailers To Stop Sales As Congress Debates



What is Chuck smoking? He thinks they'll do it voluntarily? Let's see, sternly worded letter versus oodles of cash...

NEW YORK — Sen. Charles Schumer says retailers that sell assault weapons should stop offering them for purchase while Congress discusses gun regulation legislation.

Schumer on Sunday released a letter he sent to major retailers asking for a voluntary moratorium.

The New York Democrat says consumer demand for guns has gone up in the weeks since the December mass shooting in Newtown, Conn.

Schumer says Congress is debating the issue, and if measures get passed that limit these type of weapons, it won’t help if more of them have recently been sold.


Raise your hand if you think the GOP is trying to sabotage economy to hurt Pres. Obama


Have you heard the one about John Boehner saying that when Congress ups the borrowing cap, he'll make sure to demand plenty of spending cuts to offset the raise? Sound familiar? Tax cuts BAD, spending cuts GOOD.

He knows how well that played out last time. So why is he trying to prove his own insanity is he doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result?

Is he, is the GOP, willing to sabotage the economy, despite the devastating effects that would have on millions of Americans, in an attempt to defeat the president?

Why, what reason would anyone have to believe such a thing!?

WASHINGTON (AP) — Are Republican lawmakers deliberately stalling the economic recovery to hurt President Barack Obama's re-election chances? Some top Democrats say yes, pointing to GOP stances on the debt limit and other issues that they claim are causing unnecessary economic anxiety and retarding growth. [...]

[T]here's evidence that unceasing partisan gridlock and the prospect of big tax increases and spending cuts in January are causing some companies to postpone expansions. Even small economic slowdowns are bad news for Obama, who is seeking re-election amid high unemployment.

Sen. Chuck Schumer says that another debt ceiling crisis would be inevitable, thanks to The Boehner:

"I hope that the speaker is not doing this because he doesn't want to see the economy improve, because what he said will certainly rattle the markets."

Nancy Pelosi agrees:

"It already can be damaging, just the fact that it's brought up," Pelosi told reporters Thursday.

Republicans say it's absurd to make such an accusation.

Pot. Kettle. Absurd.


John Boehner spokesman: "Sen. Chuck ‘Aesop’ Schumer and His Fables."


Sometimes I get to the point where the story I'm reading is so same-ol' that I end up focusing on one or two mindless excerpts to share with you. The GOP hypocridiots' little one-liners are often oddly inane and infantile, and stand out because they truly represent who the Republicans are in a very succinct and laughable way:

A spokesman for House Speaker John Boehner claimed Tuesday that Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) told "fairy tales" in his floor speech Tuesday morning regarding budget negotiations.

The email to reporters was titled "Sen. Chuck ‘Aesop’ Schumer and His Fables."

Aesop Schumer? Really? That's so ridiculous it makes PeeWee Herman look mature by comparison, and reduces The Boehner spokesman's accusations to bratty neener-nanneritude.

Or maybe he was just projecting.

The story behind the nonsense is at The Hill.


Chuck Schumer predicts "a lot of productivity" in Congress. Not kidding.


Chuck, you are such an optimist. Via Taegan:

Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) told MSNBC that he expects the next six months to be an unusually productive time in Congress.

Said Schumer: "My prediction: The next sixth months will be more like the lame-duck, where there was a lot of productivity, than like the previous two years, when there was a lot of dart-throwing."

If he's right, then according to him, the GOP will, in effect, help re-elect President Obama. Color me skeptical.