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Doonesbury, Iraq edition: "Eight years! You had EIGHT YEARS!"


Dedicated to BushCo and their fine handiwork. Merry Christmas and peace out...  from the Laffy family and of course, the razor sharp Garry Trudeau.


VIDEO: Walmart Black Friday carnage. Woman's pepper spray attack was "competitive shopping"


Cartoon by Wes Bausmith for. the L.A. Times


L.A. Times:

A woman who pepper-sprayed other shoppers Thursday night at the Wal-Mart in Porter Ranch had armed herself with the caustic spray to gain an advantage in the fight for merchandise at the Black Friday sale, a fire captain said.

Merry Christmas! Do unto others! It's the giving season, so what better way to engage in  Christmas spirit and spread holiday joy than a shot of pepper spray?

on Nov 25, 2011:

This video was taken at the Walmart in Porter Ranch, CA on November 24th, 2011 during the store's Black Friday sales.

What you're seeing is a clip taken of a group of shoppers ripping and tearing at each other and a kiosk to get their hands on discounted Xbox 360 games. During the mayhem, one woman thought she was going to be robbed, so she pulled out her pepper spray and blasted the crowd. From my understanding another girl was shot directly in the face with the spray.

You can see the Security guards escorting the girl in a white shirt away from the area at the end of the video.

All this for a few video games....

This video was shot by Melissa Sampson.


PhotOh! Ann Coulter's Christmas gift pick: Mohammed Legos


Hypocridiot Ann Coulter is already Christmas shopping, as has been documented by this tweet:

And what does that link lead to? Why, it takes you straight to an image of that very special something that Ann Coulter announces to the world, in her opinion, would be a great Christmas gift!

What a unique stocking stuffer! Fun for the whole family!

Christmas: A holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus and, supposedly, peace on earth and goodwill toward men.

So much for Christmas spirit.


Coulter says that she holds Christian beliefs, but has not declared her membership in any particular denomination; she has mentioned that her father was Catholic while her mother was not.[51] At one public lecture she said: "I don't care about anything else: Christ died for my sins and nothing else matters."[52]

"Nothing else matters." Apparently not.

H/t: 1kecko


VIDEO- Harkin to Vitter: "I just want people to know who's keeping us here"


By GottaLaff

GOP Obstruction version 34389734789237892:

Delay. Block. Or in the Old White Rushpublic partys' case, constipate:

Republican Senator David Vitter (Louisiana) objects to taking a vote on health reform at 6pm on December 23, forcing Senators to remain in session on Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas.