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How Hard Up Is The GOP? They're Thinking Of Running The Witch Again!



"Once a witch, always a witch,"  said Samantha Stevens on BEWITCHED.

Seems the GOP is so hard up for female candidates for their festival on ice -- the smoke and mirrors road show of "We're the Inclusive Party" -- that the best they can do is revisit Christine the witch.

Christine O'Donnell


Christine O’Donnell (R), the Tea Party candidate who memorably said she was “not a witch” in a 2010 Senate campaign ad, [This proclamation came only after she professed she was one]. is thinking about a 2014 rematch in Delaware.

O’Donnell told The Hill on Tuesday she is “not saying no” to challenging Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.), who defeated her by 16 points in their last campaign.

I guess when you consider that the margin of defeat was only double digits, you have to keep the door open.

But O’Donnell said her final decision depends on a number of factors — including her parents’ health and the results of an ongoing investigation into a potential breach of her tax information.

There's nothing like waiting for the results of an investigation into your tax reporting conduct. This is especially relevant when you're a tea party candidate and the investigation is being run by the IRS.

“If enough people are asking me, and my parents are healthy, and this investigation has exposed a lot of the corruption … I’ll look at it,” she said.

House on top of a witch

That's the fighting spirit, Christine. Never say die. And why should you?  It's not easy to kill a witch. You need like a bucket of water or a house falling on you -- something like that. What's the chances you'll face either of those happening to you during the rainy season in Delaware?

But her late timeline could rankle some Delaware Republicans, who believe O’Donnell’s indecision could be preventing other Republicans from entering the race.

The GOP's got lots of back-up choices if she doesn't run. Let's see, there's Glinda, Sabrina, Wendy, Samantha, Tabatha, and rumor has it that even Endora might be coaxed out of retirement to make a run. So the GOP's got lots of options. So hurry up Christine. The Delaware Republican Party chapter of Sorcery and Witchcraft professionals are waiting with baited breath.


Christine "I'm Not a Witch" O'Donnell may run for Senate again. VIDEO Flashback time!


According to the Wilmington News-Journal, which is inaccessible to non-subscribers, Christine O'Donnell-- yes, that Christine O'Donnell-- may run for Senate again in 2014 after losing in 2010. Taegan has the quote:

"I think I owe that to my supporters, to at least consider a run. People sacrificed. Not only came out of their comfort zone -- sacrificed to work hard in order to win the primary. And I think that I owe it to them to give it every consideration."

I personally sacrificed every time I was forced to watch one of her ads or see her on old Bill Maher "Politically Incorrect" clips.

on Sep 20, 2010:

Christine O'Donnell says:

Scientists are creating human-animal hybrids and have already successfully given a mouse a human brain.

She wouldn't lie to Hitler if he were at her door and she were hiding Jews in her attic during World War 2.

She used to dabble in witchcraft and one of her first dates was on a satanic altar.

Masturbation is adultery, even if you're single.

Too much Government funding goes to AIDS.

She wants to get back to the homeland of her security.

Gays are trying to change our language and that makes them just like Hitler.

She won in 2 our of 3 counties when she ran against Joe Biden in 2008, and lost.

Karl Rove's accusations of her are "unFactual".

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No, she is definitely not, and never will be, us:


Video- Real Time: Bill Maher Takes On Christine O'Donnell


Via the lovely and talented Heather.


VIDEO- Mitt Romney: I'm Severely Conservative, dammit!


Just a little something I felt compelled to throw together. It's about 35 seconds long, for those with attention spans like mine.