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VIDEO: Pat Robertson wishes Facebook had a "Vomit" button for pictures of gay couples


pat robertson delete

Pat Robertson makes me wish I had a "Vomit" button for this and every other video of his despicable upchuckitude that we've ever posted here. Unfortunately, as he spewed below, "they don't give you that option."

However, we do have the option to respond.

RWW Blog (RightWingWatch) provided the above video of Pat Bigotson explaining to his devotees why Christians shouldn’t “Like” (as in, the Facebook "Like" option) images of loving same-sex couples expressing their mutual affection for each other.

He'd prefer a "Vomit" icon instead.

Clearly, he fervently believes in rehashed familiar, heartfelt messages like "love thy neighbor," "do unto others," and all that other Golden Rule-y, compassionate, welcoming Bible advice that he swearstogod he lives by... religiously.

Maybe he should consider pulling an Oprah and lavishing his flock with generous quantities of Compazine.

Pat Robertson:

What you’re saying is, “Yes, I like this kind of thing.” You’ve got a couple of same-sex guys kissing. You “Like” that. Well, that makes me want to throw up. To me, I would punch “Vomit,” not “Like”… They don’t give you that option on Facebook.

No, but after hearing what Robertson had to say, we gladly give you that option here at TPC:

nauseous woman


Elizabeth Smart on abstinence-only teachings: Rape victims "filthy." “Why... worth screaming out? Your life still has no value.”


(AP Photo/The Scranton Times-Tribune, Butch Comegys)(AP Photo/The Scranton Times-Tribune, Butch Comegys)

When Elizabeth Smart was only 14-years-old, she was kidnapped from her Salt Lake City, Utah home and held prisoner by her kidnappers for nine months, forced into a polygamous marriage, and raped on a daily basis. She's 25 now. It's hard to imagine the horror she felt and the pain and confusion she suffered. It's physically sickening to even think about, and yet she survived. And now she's speaking out.

Think Progress is reporting on a speech Smart gave at Johns Hopkins about human trafficking and sexual violence. In that speech she answers the question about why she didn't try to escape when she was brought outside to public venues by her captors. And that answer was that she, like other human trafficking victims, stay put because they feel worthless after being raped, especially after being influenced their whole lives by conservatives who push abstinence-only and sexual purity:

Smart said she “felt so dirty and so filthy” after she was raped by her captor, and she understands why someone wouldn’t run “because of that alone.”

Smart spoke at a Johns Hopkins human trafficking forum, saying she was raised in a religious household and recalled a school teacher who spoke once about abstinence and compared sex to chewing gum.

“I thought, ‘Oh, my gosh, I’m that chewed up piece of gum, nobody re-chews a piece of gum, you throw it away.’ And that’s how easy it is to feel like you know longer have worth, you know longer have value,” Smart said. “Why would it even be worth screaming out? Why would it even make a difference if you are rescued? Your life still has no value.”

"Pro life" but not "your life has value." Got it.

Think Progress takes it from there. Please link over and read the rest.


VIDEO: Pat Robertson thinks I "want you to be miserable."


This from Pat Robertson, the man who censored the words "toilet paper" in one of the hundreds of squeaky clean jokes I wrote for a space alien character for his squeaky clean Family Channel:

"It's, well, Christmas all over again. The Grinch is trying to steal our holiday. It's been so beautiful, the nation comes together, we sing Christmas carols, we give gifts to each other, we have lighted trees, and it's just a beautiful thing. Atheists don't like our happiness, they don't want you to be happy, they want you to be miserable. They're miserable, so they want you to be miserable. So they want to steal your holiday away from you."

Funny thing about that, Pat. I'm an atheist who loves to celebrate the holidays any number of ways, including Christmas trees, pie, chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at my nose, those yummy cookies covered in powdered sugar, plenty of wine, piping hot cider, matzo ball soup, and holiday love for all! Go figger.

Nor am I miserable in the least or wish misery on anyone else (well, maybe a select few who cause others harm). As for "stealing" anyone's holiday, I'm not sure how that's even possible. In fact, I've always shared holidays, having been brought up Jewish and somehow still enjoy diversely decorating our house with Chanukah dreidels, twinkly lights, fragrant firs and wreaths, snowmen, and Stars of David galore.

If anyone has had holidays "stolen" from them, it is those who fall into the growing category of America's religious minorities, those who are discriminated against and/or hated for believing something different from the Christian majority, those who don't believe at all (and currently have a snowball's chance in hell of ever becoming a U.S. president), or those who would like to be permitted to have their own public religious displays instead of being excluded in favor of endless Nativity scenes, tree lightings, and Santas. Or people like President Obama who are told they are not Christian at all, but Muslim, as if that's bad thing.

But this isn't a war, and Christmas is alive and well and warm and lovely and sparkly. And a little too commercial, but hey...

Or maybe non-inclusive Pat the Grinch with all his "Christian values" was projecting. After all, his words don't sound very joyous to the world or do-unto-othersy, do they?


VIDEO: Four year-old gets standing O for singing "Ain't No Homos Gonna Make It To Heaven" in church


Children singing in Church to enthusiastic... by f100001838231867

(Apostolic Truth Tabernacle in Greensburg, Indiana.)

Awww, just listen to all those Very Christian supporters of bigotry cheer their little cherub as he warbles his misguided little heart out. Look, Mom, no gays!

Family values, my ass, teaching an innocent child to condemn "homos" to hell. Who could ask for a more loving, do unto others crowd?

Via Joe. My. God.

H/t: Wonkette