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Voter Suppression Continues to Confound and Infuriate non-Republicans


Once in a while old Tweety, aka Chris Matthews, knocks one toward the cheap seats, and Wednesday was one of those episodes of 'Hardball'.

I have the biggest crush on Fugelsang, full disclosure. I married for humor, but hotness was also included.

Here he and Joy Reid helped Matthews with a large and thorny issue,

Then to compliment the Tweety goodness, Ezra Klein subbing for Chris Hayes got the actual author, the hard hitting fellow who did the Voter ID Study that's sweeping to great acclaim. And horror.


What are voter ID laws even for?
A new investigation finds just 31 credible incidents of voter impersonation over 14 years and one billion ballot

Well that's post-Tea Party DefCon Amurrika, right thar' … we didn't think we as a country could Go Dumber than we did in 2000 for an endless, ubër-mockable, embarrassing, humiliating, eight years o' Dubbayhah.

We are SO better than this as a country. A democratic country. We supposedly monitor less worthy cow entries elections with a spyglass, but our own citizens face voter impression.

Humiliating, is what these efforts are - embarrassing and shameful also come to mind. It seems our GOP, The Tea Years, is bent on having only old white men and their Stepford Spouses count at the polls. Truly heart-sickening.

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Video- Hardball: President Obama's Full 12/6/13 Interview




Video- Meet The Press: David Gregory- ACA Problems "Comparable To Iraq"


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The NBC embed is confusing so if I didn't get it started in the right place the psycho babble is at 6:58.

Have to put up this wonderful comment by Baud at BJ-

Obama lied to us about weapons of mass uninsured.


Video- Bill Maher, Chris Matthews Get in Epic Brawl with GOP Guests Over Obamacare: GOP ‘Sabotaging a Law!’


Heh. Via Mediaite.


Have Republicans Gone 'Big Government?'


Who Are You

Let's play "Who Are You?"

Who's currently pushing for immediate funding in big government? The programs in question-- Military, Veterans, national parks, Head Start, Women and Children in Poverty (WHIP), National Institute for Health (NIH), SNAP, Air Travel Safety, food safety?

That's such and easy-peasy question. The answer is the Democrats.

Well, we'll give you part credit for that answer. The real answer is currently, it's the Republicans. Now that the government shutdown, which they caused is having frightful repercussions, the results of their reckless and perilous game is causing huge backlash.

NBC claims to be "SHOCKED" by the horrible numbers in a recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll. And that hasn't been lost on the GOP and even the Tea Party (yes, they really are two parties but that's a different discussion). What should be shocking NBC more is the list of what this desperate, out of touch, old white man's party are now backing. It's as if Professor Backwards was delivering the new Republican platform.

Professor Backwards

Everything the GOP has fought against, they're now for -- and when do they want it? Now!

Ted Cruz turning over in his grave with this bevy of spending bills hasn't been lost on MSNBC's Chris Matthews. Last night's segment of HARDBALL featured this clip:

The Republicans, in the light of public outcry are both being shown to be selfish elitists and big government. They shut down the government. You'd have to be living in a hole underground not to know that. And there's still some who live down there, but most have come to the surface. After years of being lied to and sold a bill of goods, cut down the government, they don't do anything for you as a mantra, the truth is being realized. While they were in their subterranean bunkers, the Democrats and Independents were above ground working for everyone's benefit.

The Republicans and Tea Partiers, not so much, as the clip above shows.

When this shut-down and debt ceiling fiascoes subside and our short memories return, the battles will rage once again. But hopefully there will be some who remember how they were effected by this shutdown. Whether it was parks, military funerals, food for the poor, business, medical clinics or whatever, the sting might last long enough and snap public opinion around a bit, so we can reinstate and improve both the efficiency of the government as well as respect and acknowledge what part it really plays in our lives.

The only one's who won't forget are sadly those who return to a live in a vacuum life, a bubble, or the Tea Party. They'll resurface another day, armed with wackadoo thinking and plotting to bring down our government. Hopefully intelligence and this current experience will defeat them and their representatives.

Doesn't this shutdown make you wish there was an election right now where you could shout out with your vote how displeased you are with the current crop of Republican elected officials?


Could Tip And The Gipper Teach Boehner And The Big O?


Tip and the Gipper

Tip and the Gipper: When Politics Worked by Chris Matthews. Tweety, as author and a former junior assistant to the Speaker of the House, tells of numerous occasions where the two leaders of opposing parties would argue and fight, but when it came to crunch time, doing what's right for America, they joined forces and made concessions. They knew that their jobs were, by necessity, mutually inclusive.

Now flip forward all these many years and you have John Boehner and President Obama. The two men couldn't be much more different from one another. Yet, like Reagan and O'Neill, they do understand their mutual needs.

And so, despite their differences, today, at 5:30 EST, the President has called together congressional leaders from both parties and both houses to the White House to discuss an end to the government shutdown and potentially increasing the debt borrowing ceiling. Negotiations on both of these matters is something Obama has repeatedly stated he won't do.

So why the meeting?

Some might say, capitulation. Other's might surmise it's just publicity. Even others might think the President is bowing to public pressure to end this standoff and government shutdown. He's doing what is best for the country.

I have a different thought in mind. What if the president was taking a page out of history, the Reagan-O'Neill book? What if Obama's actually tossing Boehner a lifeline?

Here's the way I see it. Boehner, who's in a tough position made even tougher by his own weakness. He's allowed the Tea Party to prevail over the Republican caucus in the House. Boehner's lost control. He has no way out but one. He's totally ego consumed, not unlike Ted Cruz, that his only way free is to get a concession from Obama in order to save face. The Republican brand is taking a real hit with the shutdown, despite all of their lame and ineffective efforts to put the blame on the Dems.

This is spelled out in poll after poll. Voice of America sums it this way:

WASHINGTON — Public opinion polls suggest that congressional Republicans will get most of the political blame in the wake of the partial shutdown of the U.S. government.  The data also shows that Americans are growing tired of what they see as crippling political polarization and dysfunction coming from both major parties.

The latest poll found that 72 percent of Americans oppose the government shutdown and a growing number put most of the blame on Republicans in Congress

So, as Tip and the Gipper would do, they secretly talked. I believe Boehner secretly got word to Obama that he's willing to cave, but needs help. Congressman Boehner begged Obama to hold a "negotiating" meeting, this one tonight, and then he could go back to his caucus and say they won. They forced Obama to the bargaining table.

Why would Obama agree? For the same reasons that Tip and the Gipper struck deals. Obama has always put America first.

Obama will make no concessions tonight, but it'll allow Boehner to strut to the floor tomorrow or the next day and propose a clean continuing resolution (CR) for two weeks. Then discussions on the debt ceiling between the House and the Senate will commence.

It's not pretty. It's not meant to be. It's politics.

And as Tip would say to Ronnie, "You owe me one." That will be the understanding between the president and the speaker. Boehner owes Obama one for saving his ass from his own morass. Hey, don't they say politics makes strange bedfellows?

How timely and perhaps prescient Chris M's book might turn out to be. Don't be surprised, should my prediction come true, to see Chris Matthews, on HARDBALL, taking credit for this salvation. The thought of it sends shivers up my leg.


Chris Matthews Goes Ten Rounds With Scott Perry



It's fun to watch a good heavyweight championship fight. There have been some memorable bouts which included Ali-Frazier, Holmes-Norton, Bowe-Hollyfield, Forman-Frazier II, Tyson-Spinks. There have been surprises and shockers along the way. Some quick knockdowns and disbelieving knockouts, even something called 'rope-a-dope to go with a 'phantom punch'.

As of last night, you can add to that list of pugilistic punishments two more names - Matthews and Perry. The event will be known as the Hawker at the Talker. The Mowdown at the Showdown. The Last Word Massacre. The Bird vs the Turd. The Yapper in the Crapper.

Matthews Perry

On MSNBC's HARDBALL last night, Chris 'Tweety bird' Matthews took on Keystone State's U.S. Representative Scott Perry. Both men had trained hard for this bout. The bell rang and with the lights bearing down on them, they sized each other up for a few rounds, then the blows started to land.

Slightly favored Perry, trained under the tutelage of the Ted Cruz and Micheal Lee, landed some early shots, stunning the ever avuncular, soft-punching annoyer-turned-destroyer, Matthews. Barbs and taunts were volleyed back and forth. Most blows landed softly or were counter-punched with bombastic overtalk. Not much was landing.

Then, as the fight wore on, so did the patience of hometown favorite, Tweety. He seemed momentarily stunned and slowed early on by the surprise pounding and rapid speed of his counter-punching challenger-- but then it happen. The unthinkable. The referee was called in to stop the fight. The Keystone Kid, Perry, had thrust a low-blow to his adversary. He had struck below the belt. He questioned Matthews integrity and challenged him where it hurts most -- in his family jewels -- his journalistic integrity.

Waving off the ref who wanted to stop the fight and give Matthews the TKO, Tweety took to a final assault. With just seconds left, Chrissy Boy summoned everything left in his tank, reared back, and threw a final roundhouse,  landing squarely on the challenger's chin. Scott was knocked to the canvass, resulting in a ten-count K.O.

If you want to see the replay, this is one fight you'll remember and tell your kids. It's the night Tweety Bird beat the favored challenger, the Keystone Kid. Warning, this is a brutal and bloody battle. You might want to clear the kids from the room. It's not for the squeamish.

So as famed ring announcer Michael Buffer would yell, "Lets get ready to ruuuuuuuummmmble!!!"

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