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Monday Links


Images from the conflict in Donetsk, Ukraine (from le monde)

Fahrenheit 1989: China Erases Memories of Tiananmen

'We'll Get You': An Albanian Boy's Life Ruined by Blood Feuds

Nucla becomes Colorado's first and only town mandating gun ownership

Syria Chemical Weapons on the Road to Destruction

Israel Plans More Settlement Units in the West Bank

Gunmen kill 11 at Karachi's Jinnah International Airport

Several Thousand in Paris March in Memory of Anti-Fascist Hero Clement Meric


Afternoon-Evening Links


links Vietnam China

Vietnam anger rises over South China Sea

Spain replays Muslim-Christian wars - for fun

North Korea: Sanctions, luxury and aid

Turkey mine disaster: Three face charges over deaths

Mexico arrests criminal gang "Los Rojos" boss

The Lab;: A unique insight into the world of Israeli arms dealers selling weapons and experience around the world

Israel and Palestine: Two states and the extra step


Thursday Links


links Bundy

Back at the Bundy Ranch, It’s Oath Keepers vs. Militiamen as Wild Rumors Fly

Democrats Assail G.O.P. After Filibuster of Proposal to Raise Minimum Wage

Most young voters plan to sit out midterm elections, new poll finds

Why some English words are controversial in China.

On the Money: Political Mad Men

Ukraine crisis: Russian military attache held for 'spying'

Prisoner in China's plea for help found in Saks bag

How Piketty’s Bombshell Book Blows Up Libertarian Fantasies

GOP Governor’s Ugly Bloodlust: Why Oklahoma's Mary Fallin Should Account For State-Sanctioned Torture


Thursday Links


linksThursday Links from The Political Carnival

One Photo Which Says Everything about the US and China These Days

On Ukraine, Merkel Finds Limits of Her Rapport With Putin

Oddballs of the Geneva motor show

Cycling in cities: the search for the world's most bike-friendly metropolis

Saving BBC3 'would have meant cutting funds for dramas such as Sherlock'

Finnish Girl Speaks Gibberish with Perfect Accents to Show what Languages Sound like to Foreigners