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links Bundy

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Most young voters plan to sit out midterm elections, new poll finds

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Jobs: "There's a reason the U.S. eats China's dust."


doonesbury jobs smaller

Jobs, income inequality, minimum wage, and the economy in general are expected to be major topics that will likely be covered extensively by the media and in campaign ads in 2014.

Speaking of which, are any of you fans of Jeff Danziger's political cartoons? I love his stuff, both artistically and politically. Why, here's one on income inequality now!

danziger cartoon minimum wage income inequality jobs

Which leads us to his op-ed in today's Los Angeles Times on "where the jobs are." Please read the whole thing, because he has a lot to say and managed to say it in a relatively short piece.

Danziger simplified the issue so that even a Republican could understand it. He offered some real-life examples of how the "global economy" has affected all of us, including stories of people he knows personally or has simply encountered in his daily travels. And some of those people were woefully ignorant.

Here's an excerpt from the post, but again, this one deserves a read, so please follow the linky:

Over the last 20 years, countries around the world have ditched their communist governments, or at least turned their backs on strict communist economic principles. At the same time, India and other Asian nations have rapidly moved into global trade. This has meant billions more workers around the world competing with American workers to make stuff and offer services. At the same time, shipping has become more efficient and economical, and international communication has become cheap, instantaneous and simple. And since the international workers are willing to accept extremely low wages, they have the advantage. Around the world, subsistence farmers have transformed themselves into subsistence factory workers.

And during this entire period, what did the United States government do to meet this challenge? Nothing.

Happy New Year, Big Corporate Biz! Underpaid workers, among others, thank you, as do dying American industries.

As Danziger notes, "Perhaps unemployment is how we learn economics." That's us, alright, always learning the hard way.


Obama Exiles Opponent With Ambassadorship


Mr. Magoo

The political game of chess continues and the bishop to King's pawn move is on the clock.

One of the most vocal opponents of the Affordable Care Act comes from the Democratic side. It's often loud-mouthed, twisted logic Montana's very own Mr. MaGoo, Senator Max Baucus. If only Jim Backus was still alive, he could play him in the Baucus Raucus Caucus Lampoon movie. Slappy Maxie is kind of the Senate's version of Leslie Nielson -- from Police Squad. You never know what's going on in his head.

Now following in his earlier steps to remove a political adversary by making him the ambassador to China (John Huntsman), Obama is returning to his playbook. He's nominating Max B to the ambassadorship of China -- a place where he can do little harm and be as far away from the furthering battles over the Affordable Care Act which Baucas opposes.

There's also a little bit more to this game plan. Obama knows that the current governor of Montana, Governor Steve Bullock will most likely appoint Lt. Gov. John Walsh to replace Baucus in the Senate. Walsh is already an announced candidate to fill the Baucus seat and his presumed opponent is Rep. Steve Daines. Leading into this recent move, this contest was considered to be one of the most competitive Senate races in the country.

This move with Walsh will give him added bona fides in his race as he will run as a sitting senator. It's a small thing, but it's certainly a great opportunity to increase his name value and recognition both statewide and nationally.

The chess game continues. This is one move that I can't find any shortcomings in. Democrats need to keep control of the senate, and this is going to help. It's no guarantee, but I like the chances of holding this seat democratic.

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